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| Blight Serum =
A small amount of Compound Thirty-Four, the final serum The {{IconLink|Blight}} worked on before his transformation. Causes extreme mutations in high doses.
* Unlocks '''{{clr|2|1 Token}}''' to use on the ''Blighted Rush'' ability.
Press the ''Power button'' to initiate a ''Blighted Rush'', allowing you to quickly dash forward, consuming '''{{clr|6|1 Token}}'''.
* Cannot attack during a ''Blighted Rush''.
* '''{{clr|8|1 Token}}''' is recharged whenever a Survivor is hooked.
* When used by The {{IconLink|Blight}}, instead increases available ''Rush'' Tokens by '''{{clr|4|1}}'''.
<!--Bear Trap-->
| 4-Coil Spring Kit =
''{{clr|9|"Another nearly empty battery."}}''
| Broken Bulb =
A damaged bulb that causes a spooky flickering effect.
* Causes the ''Flashlight'' to flicker.
* '''{{Values|Moderately increases|+30 %}}''' ''Flashlight'' Beam brightness.
* '''{{Values|Moderately increases|+15 %}}''' Blindness duration.
* '''Moderately increases''' the spookiness.
A thing wide lens in perfect condition. Designed to spread the Flashlight beam at the cost of reducing its range of effectiveness.
* '''{{Values|Moderately increases|+25 %}}''' ''Flashlight'' Beam width.
* '''{{Values|Slightly decreases|-25 %}}''' ''Flashlight'' Beam range.
* '''{{Values|Moderately increases|+15 %}}''' Healing speed.
* Grants '''{{clr|2|100 %}}''' Bonus Bloodpoints for ''Great Skill Check'' Score Events when Healing.
| Refined Serum =
A refined version of the {{IconLink|Putrid Serum}} that's mostly safe for human consumption. Mostly.
Press the ''Secondary Action button'' while healing with the ''Med-Kit'' to use the ''Refined Serum''.
* '''{{Values|Moderately increases|+? %}}''' Movement speed for '''{{clr|2|16 seconds}}'''.
* Creates a Blight trail behind the Survivor.
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