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| Kaiun Talisman =
A Talisman to get luck on your side.
* '''{{Values|Moderately increases|+201 %second}}''' ''Yamaoka's Haunting'' duration.
| Katana Tsuba =
The handguardhand-guard of an ancestral blade. Crafted for the Yamaoka family.
* '''{{Values|Slightly increases|+0.2 seconds}}''' ''Yamaoka's Haunting'' Reappearance duration.
* '''{{Values|Slightly increases|+5 %}}''' ''Yamaoka's Haunting'' Reappearance Movement speed.
| Katsumori Talisman =
A Talisman that brings swift success.
* '''{{Values|Considerably increases|+301.5 %seconds}}''' ''Yamaoka's Haunting'' duration.
| Origami Crane =
One of the one thousand orizuruOrizuru for your wish to come true.
* '''{{Values|Slightly increases|+80.03 %c/s}}''' ''Yamaoka's Haunting'' Recovery rate.
| Rin's Broken Watch =
A wristwatch with a shattered glass. The name ''"Rin"'' is scribbled on the wristband.
* '''{{Values|Moderately increases|+120.05 %c/s}}''' ''Yamaoka's Haunting'' Recovery rate.
| Rusty Flute =
A rusty transverse flute with a haunting sound.
* '''{{Values|Considerably increases|+200.083333 %c/s}}''' ''Yamaoka's Haunting'' Recovery rate.
| Shiawase Amulet =
A Talisman that makes one happy and enthusiastic.
* '''{{Values|Slightly increases|+100.5 %seconds}}''' ''Yamaoka's Haunting'' duration.
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