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| Drop-Leg Knife Sheath =
A sheath allowing for a full motion range: ideal to inflict quick and powerful wounds while moving freely. Stolen from a patrol officer the night Danny left Philadelphia.
* '''{{Values|Considerably increases|+08.0844 m/s%}}''' Movement speed when crouched.
''{{clr|9|"Gotta get ready like a scout — without the stupid patches. What I get is much better." — The Ghost Face}}''
| Leather Knife Sheath =
A quiet and flexible sheath to carry your blade. Movement is easier when things are fastened into place.
* '''{{Values|Moderately increases|+05.0566 m/s%}}''' Movement speed when crouched.
| Reusable Cinch Straps =
Black straps that keep everything in place while on the prowl.
* '''{{Values|Slightly increases|+02.0288 m/s%}}''' Movement speed when crouched.
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