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Snowmen are Props that were added as part of the Bone Chill Event during Christmas 2021.


During the Bone Chill Event, 6 Snowmen will spawn during the Trial which Survivors can enter.
If a Survivor is hit while inside a Snowman, or if a Killer destroys a Snowman with a Survivor inside they receive a random Event Cosmetic or Charm after the Trial.

Snowman Effects[]

  • Survivors are immune to damage, including double-damage from Powers or the Exposed IconStatusEffects exposed.png Status Effect.
  • Survivors are unable to run.
  • Survivors walk 15 % slower.
  • Survivors are undetectable by any Aura-reading abilities, including those of the Killer or other Survivors.
  • Survivors suffer from the Blindness IconStatusEffects vision.png Status Effect.
  • Survivors can voluntarily exit a Snowman.

Snowman Trivia[]

  • Enter Interaction time: 1.5 seconds
  • Minimum Use time: 1.5 seconds
    • This refers to how long Survivors must stay inside a Snowman before they can leave it.
  • Destroy Interaction time: 1.5 seconds
  • Respawn Time: 20 seconds
  • Spawn Restrictions:
    • minimum distance from Survivors: 10 metres
    • minimum distance from Snowmen controlled by Survivors: 25 metres
    • minimum distance from Pallets and the Hatch: 3 metres

Interactions with Killer Powers[]

  • When a Survivor is inside a Snowman:
    • The Nemesis Nemesis T-Type}}' Zombies can destroy and infect or damage the Survivor.
    • The Deathslinger IconHelpLoading deathslinger.png's Harpoon will ignore the Snowman and directly hit the Survivor.
    • The Trickster IconHelpLoading trickster.png's Blades will destroy the Snowman after 6 Blade Hits (these Hits will be counted for the Event Meter).
    • The Plague IconHelpLoading plague.png's Corrupt Purge will injure the Survivor.
    • The Huntress IconHelpLoading huntress.png' Hatchets will destroy the Snowman but will not damage the Survivor.
    • The Legion IconHelpLoading legion.png's Feral Frenzy will destroy the Snowman but will not injure the Survivor.
    • The Doctor IconHelpLoading doctor.png's Shock Therapy Attack will destroy the Snowman and shock the Survivor.
    • The Clown IconHelpLoading clown.png's Afterpiece Tonic Bottles will destroy the Snowman and intoxicate the Survivor on a direct hit.

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