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{{Perk Table Teachable}}
{{Perk Table Teachable}}
[[it:Hit di successo]]
[[it:Hit di successo]]

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Smash Hit is a Unique Perk IconHelp perks.png belonging to Yun-Jin LeeSurvivorYun-Jin.png.
Prestige Yun-Jin Lee to Prestige 1, 2, 3 respectively to unlock Tier I, Tier II, Tier III of Smash Hit for all other Characters.

Icon Cost
4,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png
5,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png
6,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png
When your rival makes a mistake, you seize the opportunity.

After stunning the Killer with a PalletIconHelp pullDown.png, break into a sprint at 150 % of your normal Running Movement speed for 4 seconds.
Smash Hit causes the ExhaustedIconStatusEffects exhausted.png Status Effect for 60/50/40 seconds.
Smash Hit cannot be used when Exhausted.

"I have dealt with psychopaths in suits. You're just uglier and worse dressed." — Yun-Jin Lee

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