Septic Touch is a Unique Perk IconHelp perks.png belonging to The Dredge IconHelpLoading dredge.png .
Prestige The Dredge to Prestige 1, 2, 3 respectively to unlock Tier I, Tier II, Tier III of Septic Touch for all other Characters.

Icon Cost
4,000 IconHelp bloodpoints.png
5,000 IconHelp bloodpoints.png
6,000 IconHelp bloodpoints.png
The Land of the Shadows subsumes all. Healing only delays the inevitable.
  • Whenever a Survivor IconHelpLoading survivor.png performs a Healing action while they are inside your Terror Radius IconHelp terrorRadius.png , that Survivor suffers from the Blindness IconStatusEffects vision.png and the Exhausted IconStatusEffects exhausted.png Status Effects
  • These effects linger for 6/8/10 seconds after the Healing action is interrupted by any means.
"Do not admit to fear, or pain, or doubt. These are the seeds from which darkness grows." — Otto Stamper
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