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Scratch Marks are an essential Game Mechanic featured in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.


Scratch Marks are created whenever a Survivor is running across the Trial Grounds (or when reaching at least 60 % of their default Movement speed while the sprint button is pressed).

Scratch Marks trail after Survivors and spawn in chunks. They betray the general location of a Survivor and the direction they are headed in to the Killer, who can see the Scratch Marks at all times.
Survivors cannot see their own Scratch Marks unless they use the Perk Self-Aware IconPerks fixated.png.

Scratch Marks are the main mechanic by which a Killer can track a Survivor's movement. There are few means to prevent Scratch Marks from spawning, only to alter their behaviour.

Scratch Marks start to fade in their brightness after a few moments and disappear completely after a few seconds, meaning that if the Killer sees Scratch Marks around, there will definitely be a Survivor close-by.


Scratch Marks can spawn on all surfaces as long as they are within the spawn radius. If a Survivor runs close enough to a wall, a tall rock, a structure or even just the trees spawning throughout the Map, the Scratch Marks will spawn on their surface, which makes them visible from a considerable distance away for the Killer, allowing an attentive Killer to spot a Survivor's general location from across the Map.


  • Scratch Marks last for 10 seconds by default.
    • Full brightness is reached after 1 second.
    • Full brightness is maintained for 8 seconds.
    • Fade-out takes 1 second to complete.
      • However, on lighter surfaces, Scratch Marks appear to start the fading process up to ~4 seconds sooner, due to the fact that the initial fading is more noticeable in effect on light textures.
        The fading time remains the same.


A couple of Perks can affect the behaviour of Scratch Marks:

Babysitter Babysitter

While you have a reputation for being self-centred, you risk it all to help those in need.

When you unhook a SurvivorIconHelpLoading survivor.png, the rescued Survivor will leave neither Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarks.png nor Pools of BloodIconStatusEffects bleeding.png for the next 4/6/8 seconds.

  • Both you and the KillerIconHelpLoading killer.png see each other's AuraIconHelp auras.png for 4 seconds.

"I promised to keep you shitheads safe, and that's exactly what I plan on doing." — Steve Harrington

Boon: Shadow Step Boon: Shadow Step
A Boon that conceals the truth.

Press and hold the Active Ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon TotemIconHelpLoading totem.png.
Soft chimes ring out within a radius of 24 metres.

Survivors inside the Boon Totem's range benefit from the following effects:

  • Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarks.png are suppressed.
  • AurasIconHelp auras.png are hidden from The Killer.
    • Both effects linger for 2/3/4 seconds after leaving the Boon Totem's range.
You can only bless one Totem at a time.
All equipped Boon Perks are active on the same Boon Totem.

"Stick to the shadows and cover your tracks." — Mikaela Reid

Dance With Me Dance With Me
When performing a rushed action to vault a WindowIconHelp window.png, PalletIconHelp pullDown.png, or leave a LockerIconHelp lockers.png, you will not leave any Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarks.png for the next 3 seconds.

Dance With Me has a cool-down of 60/50/40 seconds.

"Another show's off and runnin',
Dance with me, cuz there's a storm a commin'
Follow my boots, try to keep up,
Dance with me, until sun up." — Kate Denson's "Dance with Me"
Deception Deception
Your adventurous lifestyle requires moments of crafty misdirection.

Interact with a LockerIconHelp lockers.png while holding the Sprint button to trigger a Loud Noise Notification for the killer at your location instead of entering the Locker.

  • You will not leave any Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarks.png or Pools of BloodIconStatusEffects bleeding.png for the next 3 seconds.

Deception can only be triggered once every 60/50/40 seconds.

Distortion Distortion
You start the trial with 4 Tokens.

Whenever the KillerIconHelpLoading killer.png attempts to read your AuraIconHelp auras.png, Distortion activates and a Token is consumed:

  • Your Aura will not be shown to the Killer and you will not leave any Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarks.png for the next 6/8/10 seconds.

Distortion does not activate when you are in the Dying StateIconHelp dying.png or in a Killer Trap.
"Death Fooled by the Cloak of Falcon Feathers.
Sketch inspired by a few sleepless nights during winter. Exploration of Norse mythology: bravery can conceal your flaws, even when you are at your most vulnerable." — Jeff, pencil on tone paper, 12x12

Diversion Diversion
Activate-able perk.

Standing within the Killer's Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadius.png while not in a Chase for 40/35/30 seconds activates Diversion.
Once Diversion is activated, press the Active Ability button while crouched and motionless to throw a pebble, creating a distraction for the Killer at a distance of 20 metres.
The distraction consists of the following:

Diversion's timer resets once the ability has been activated.
"There's what is easy and then there's what is right. If you confuse the two, there's no telling what you become." — Adam Francis

Fixated Fixated

When you have a goal in mind, there is no turning back; better to ask forgiveness than permission.

You walk 10/15/20 % faster and can see your own Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarks.png.

"I wanna finish what we started. I want to kill it." — Nancy Wheeler
Guardian Guardian
You risk it all to help those in need.

When you unhook a SurvivorIconHelpLoading survivor.png, the rescued Survivor benefits from the following effects for 4/6/8 seconds:

  • Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarks.png and Pools of BloodIconStatusEffects bleeding.png are suppressed.
  • 7 % HasteIconStatusEffects haste.png Status Effect, boosting their Movement speed.
Guardian reveals the Killer's AuraIconHelp auras.png to you for 8 seconds.
Lightweight Lightweight
Your running is light and soft, making your tracks harder to follow.
  • Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarks.png begin to fade 1/2/3 seconds sooner.
"Take it slow, he knows where you have been... just like I have always said: 'live slow and die old'." — Dylan, The Lost Tapes
Lucky Break Lucky Break
You have had your share of scrapes and bruises, but luck is always on your side.

Whenever you are in the Injured StateIconHelp injured.png, Lucky Break activates:

  • BleedingIconStatusEffects bleeding.png and Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarks.png are suppressed for a maximum of 40/50/60 seconds, after which Lucky Break is disabled for the remainer of the Trial.

Lucky Break deactivates when you are HealthyIconHelp healthy.png or in the Dying StateIconHelp dying.png.
"That's not enough to beat me. Not even close." — Yui Kimura

Poised Poised
Achieving goals boosts your confidence.

After a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generators.png is completed, you will not leave any Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarks.png for the next 6/8/10 seconds.

"Ok, stay calm. Don't overthink it and just keep moving forward: you got this." — Jane Romero
Predator Predator
Your acute tracking ability allows you to hone in on disturbances left by running Survivors.
  • The Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarks.png left by SurvivorsIconHelpLoading survivor.png spawn slightly/moderately/considerably closer together.

"Never stop moving and hope you're always two steps ahead of the beast." — Unknown, Notebook

Self-Aware Self-Aware
You know your weaknesses and refuse to hide from them.
You walk 10/15/20 % faster and can see your own Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarks.png.
Self-Preservation Self-Preservation
Life is unforgiving.

The more confirmation you get of that, the more prepared you become.
Whenever another Survivor is hit with a Basic Attack or Special Attack within 16 metres of you, Self-Preservation activates:

  • Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarks.png, Grunts of Pain when injured, and BleedingIconStatusEffects bleeding.png are suppressed for the next 6/8/10 seconds.

"Something I learnt in the industry: when the axe is swinging, keep your head down." — Yun-Jin Lee


  • While it is possible to reach walking Movement speeds above 60 % when using Perks, Scratch Marks will not be created due to the additional sprint-button requirement.


General Spawn behaviour Spawn behaviour in the distance
Spawn behaviour with Lightweight IconPerks lightweight.png III Spawn behaviour with Predator IconPerks predator.png III
Default spawn behaviour