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The Onryō
K27 TheOnryo Portrait
Name Sadako Yamamura
Game Alias(es) "山村 貞子"
Gender Woman (Intersex)
Origin Japanese
Power Deluge of Fear
Power Attack Type Basic Attack
Weapon Ring of Fury
Movement SpeedIconHelp movementSpeedIconHelp movementSpeedIconHelp movementSpeed 115 % | 4.6 m/s
Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadiusIconHelp terrorRadiusIconHelp terrorRadius 24 metres
Lullaby Radius 24 metres (Otherworld)
Height IconHelp heightIconHelp heightIconHelp height Short
DLC CHAPTER 23: Sadako Rising
Voice Actor None
Cost 500 Auric CellsIconCurrency auricCellsIconCurrency auricCellsIconCurrency auricCells
Menu Music
Terror Radius Music

Sadako Yamamura (Japanese: 山村 貞子) or "The Onryō" is one of 36 KillersIconHelpLoading killerIconHelpLoading killerIconHelpLoading killer currently featured in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo.

She was introduced as the Killer of CHAPTER 23: Sadako Rising, a Chapter DLC released on 8 March 2022.

She originates from the 1991 Horror Novel franchise, Ring (Japanese: リング, Ringu).


New Store Onryo
Quotes left Capable of condemning Survivors to death through a powerful cursed videotape, Sadako’s wrath is inevitable. Her presence conjures several televisions, through which she can teleport and emerge with malevolent purpose. The fleeting glimpse of her approach ensures that a chilling fate is not far behind. Quotes right

The Onryō is a vengeful ghost imbued with the power of Nensha, The Onryō is able to silently and invisibly traverse the Realm, manifesting when she is ready to strike.

Her personal Perks, Scourge Hook: Floods of RageIconPerks scourgeHookFloodsOfRageIconPerks scourgeHookFloodsOfRageIconPerks scourgeHookFloodsOfRage, Call of BrineIconPerks callOfBrineIconPerks callOfBrineIconPerks callOfBrine, and Merciless StormIconPerks mercilessStormIconPerks mercilessStormIconPerks mercilessStorm, allow her to expose hidden Survivors, survey Generators, and hamper Repair progress.

Difficulty Rating: Hard

(These Killers use mechanics that are specific to them and require more practice to be effective)


Onryo Lore1

A powerful and lethal onryō, Sadako Yamamura was the daughter of a famed seer from Izu Oshima, Japan.

Her mother left many questions unanswered. In her hometown, sailors disliked the way her mother would spend days on the beach, her eyes fixed on the foaming waves of the sea. Some said, frolic in brine, goblins be thine--if you keep playing in the water, the monster will come for you.

Nine months later, Sadako was born. As a child, her immense powers seemed impossible to control and flared in anger. This became apparent when she was unable to control her rage during a public demonstration of her mother’s powers. When a journalist called her mother a fraud, Sadako’s powers surged, and the journalist collapsed on the floor, struck dead.

Then everything went wrong. Her mother passed away and shortly after Sadako was lured to an old, crumbling well. As she leaned over the rim, a long shadow fell over her. She turned and a sudden jolt of pain hit her over the head, cracking it open. Her vision dimmed and her mind swirled into unconsciousness. She felt two hands pushing her over the rim.

Pain exploded in her skull as she hit the cold ground. A grinding noise came from above and the well darkened, all light obscured like a midday eclipse.

Every inch of her body screamed in pain. Looking up, she saw the only way out. She dug her nails into the muddy ground and slowly crawled toward the cobbled wall. She gripped the stones to climb but had neither hold nor strength. Each time she clawed up a few inches, her nails slid against the wet wall and she slipped down. Her fingers gushed with blood as the coarse cobblestone tore off her nails and lacerated the flesh underneath. And yet she tried, again and again.

Decades later, the meadow became a resort, and a log cabin was built above the well. When a visitor rented the cabin, Sadako found an opportunity for revenge. She summoned all her nensha power and projected a terrible curse on a videotape that killed its viewer after seven days.

Her wrath was like the tides of a stormy sea, violent and unforgiving. As she plunged into a fury, a dark fog coiled at her feet. The sound of crashing waves echoed through the old stone well.

Suddenly, a tidal surge came crashing down on the cabin's walls, wrecking its logs into a torrent of mud and filth. The black current flooded the well underneath and swallowed Sadako at once.

When she opened her eyes, she stood on a desolate beach facing a vast, stormy ocean. A thick, black fog caressed the water's surface.

Sadako walked into a coming wave and slowly disappeared into the opaque fog.


Unique Perks

The Onryō comes with 3 PerksIconHelp perksIconHelp perksIconHelp perks that are unique to her:

IconPerks callOfBrine
Call of Brine Your psychic abilities influence technology in devastating ways.

After performing the Damage Generator Action on a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generators, Call of Brine activates for 60 seconds.

  • The damaged Generator regresses at 115/120/125 % of the normal Regression speed and its AuraIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras is highlighted to you in yellow.
  • Receive a Loud Noise Notification each time a Survivor hits a Good Skill CheckIconHelp skillChecksIconHelp skillChecksIconHelp skillChecks on the affected Generator.

IconPerks mercilessStorm
Merciless Storm Your horrible trauma is felt by everyone.
  • Whenever a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generators is repaired to 90 %, Survivors repairing it are faced with continuous Skill ChecksIconHelp skillChecksIconHelp skillChecksIconHelp skillChecks.
  • If they miss one or stop repairing, the Generator becomes blocked for 16/18/20 seconds.

Merciless Storm can only trigger once per Generator per Trial.

IconPerks scourgeHookFloodsOfRage
Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage You form a psychic connection with The EntityIconHelp entityIconHelp entityIconHelp entity and alter the rules of the Trial.

At the start of the Trial, 4 random Hooks are changed into Scourge Hooks:

  • The AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of Scourge Hooks are revealed to you in white.

Each time a Survivor is unhooked from a Scourge Hook, the following effects apply:

  • The Auras of all other Survivors are revealed for 5/6/7 seconds.


Prestiging The Onryō will automatically add Tier I of her Unique Perks to the inventories of all other Killers and unlock the ability for their higher-tiered versions to spawn in their BloodwebIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodweb.

Prestige The Onryō twice more to automatically add Tier II and Tier III respectively into the other Killers' inventories.

Weapon: Ring of Fury

K27 W01

The Ring of Fury is the Primary Weapon of The Onryō.
Her thirst for vengeance remained and nothing could stop her flooding rage.

Power: Deluge of Fear

IconPowers delugeOfFear
IconPowers delugeOfFear demanifested

"Through the medium of a mysterious videotape, Sadako spreads her curse to unwitting viewers and causes their untimely deaths."

The Onryō starts the Trial in the Demanifested State, which has the following effects:

  • Grants the UndetectableIconStatusEffects undetectableIconStatusEffects undetectableIconStatusEffects undetectable Status Effect.
    • This effect lingers for 1 second after Manifesting.
  • Fully invisible to Survivors who are farther than 24 metres away from her.
  • Intermittently invisible to Survivors who are within 24 metres of her.
    • This effect lingers for 4 seconds after Manifesting.
  • Removes the ability to attack or interact with Survivors.
    • The Onryō is still able to interact with Props.
  • The Onryō cannot be stunned by PalletsIconHelp pullDownIconHelp pullDownIconHelp pullDown.

Press the Power button while Demanifested to Manifest and be able to attack and interact with Survivors.
Press the Power button while Manifested to Demanifest again.

TVsIconHelp tvIconHelp tvIconHelp tv spawn randomly throughout the environment.
They are turned off at the start of the Trial, but turn on automatically after 30 seconds.
They become turned off for 70 seconds after a Survivor inserts a VHS TapeIconItems vhsTapeIconItems vhsTapeIconItems vhsTape or for 45 seconds after The Onryō projects through it.

TVs have an Area of Effect of 16 metres around them within which they apply Condemned and any other applicable effects.

Press the Secondary Power button while Demanifested to project yourself to any powered TV in the environment.
If the Power Gauge is full when projecting, all Survivors within the Area of Effect of any powered TV receive +1 Stack of Condemned.

After a Projection, her Movement speed is increased to 6.9 m/s for 2 seconds.

Interacting with the Power of The Onryō causes Survivors to gain Condemned, slowly filling their Condemned Meter.
Hooking a Survivor locks in some of their Condemned making the affected Stacks impossible to remove:

  • The first time being hooked locks in all current Condemned up to 3 Stacks, leaving a minimum of 4 Stacks empty.
  • The second time being hooked locks in all current Condemned up to 6 Stacks, leaving a minimum of 1 Stack empty.

Once the Condemned Meter is full at 7 Stacks, they are in mortal danger from the Inexorable Stare.

Upon reaching full Condemned the affected Survivors triggers Killer Instinct for 6 seconds.
Press the Secondary Power button while standing over a downed and fully Condemned Survivor to execute them on the spot, performing a Mini-Mori.

Survivors can walk up to any powered TV and interact with it to retrieve its Cursed Tape, which temporarily turns it off and prevents The Onryō from projecting to it.

Inserting the Cursed Tape into a different TV spreads the message of The Onryō and removes -3 Stacks of Condemned.

Power Trivia

Movement Speeds:

Main Article
  • Walking while Manifesting: 4.0 m/s
  • Walking in general: 4.6 m/s
  • Walking while Demanifesting: 4.6 m/s
  • Walking after Projection: 6.9 m/s for 2 seconds


  • Activation threshold: 7 Stacks
    • At this point, Survivors will have filled their Condemned Meter.
  • Stacks gained from hooking a Survivor with a Cursed Tape: +1 Stack
    • This only applies to the other Survivors and only when using the Ring DrawingIconAddon ringDrawingIconAddon ringDrawingIconAddon ringDrawing Add-on.
  • Stacks gained from Projection: +1 Stack
    • This only applies to Survivors who are within 16 metres of any powered TV.
  • Stacks gained from turning off a TV: +1 Stack
  • Stacks gained from retrieving a Cursed Tape from a TV: +0 Stacks
  • Stacks lost from inserting a Cursed Tape into a TV: -3 Stacks
  • Duration of Killer Instinct when fully Condemned: 6 seconds

Passive Condemned (unused mechanic):

  • Stacks gained passively while carrying a Cursed Tape: +0 Stacks per second
    • Paused while being chased.
    • Pause-Buffer after a Chase: 16 metres
      • If the Killer remained within that range after ending a Chase, Passive Condemned would remain paused.
    • Delay timer after Pause-Buffer is exceeded: 6 seconds
      • If the Killer remained outside the Pause-Buffer for this long, Passive Condemned would resume.


  • Minimum distance for the farthest TV: 32 metres
  • Maximum distance for the farthest TV: 76 metres
  • Area of Effect radius: 16 metres
    • This radius (around powered TVs only) is used to apply global Condemned after Projection as well as apply any other effects from Add-ons.
  • Turned-off duration from Survivors: 70 seconds
  • Turned-off duration from Cursed Tape insertion: 70 seconds
  • Turned-off duration at start of Trial: 30 seconds
  • Turned-off duration from Projection: 45 seconds
  • Turn-off Interaction time: 0.5 seconds
  • Retrieve/insert Cursed Tape Interaction time: 1 second
  • Distance to play Cursed Tape VFX: 16 metres
    • This refers to how close a Survivor must be for the TV to start playing the Tape.
  • Distance threshold to Generators: 16 metres
    • If a TV spawns within this threshold, the Game will attempt to spawn the next TV further away than usual.
  • Repower all TVs if the last one is turned off: disabled feature
    • This mechanic would work similarly to how The PlagueIconHelpLoading plagueIconHelpLoading plagueIconHelpLoading plague automatically receives Corrupt Purge if all Pools of DevotionIconHelp poolsOfDevotionIconHelp poolsOfDevotionIconHelp poolsOfDevotion become corrupted.


  • Interaction time: 0.3 seconds
    • The Onryō must press the button to activate Projection for this long to commit to a teleport.
  • Teleport duration: 2.7 seconds
  • Cancellation Cool-down duration: 0.5 seconds
  • Maximum angle: 45 °
  • Lingering Undetectable Status Effect duration: 1 second
  • Power Gauge Recharge time: disabled feature
    • This mechanic had 2 iterations. The first iteration was used during Patch 7.1.0 to Patch 7.4.2 in which it would simply disable the use of Projection before the Power Gauge is fully recharged. The second iteration was briefly used during Patch 7.5.0 in which it would allow the usage of Projection for mobility even if the Power Gauge is recharging by not applying any Condemned after a Projection as a trade-off.
      • The Recharge time was 10 seconds for both iterations.


  • Charge time for Manifestation and Demanifestation: 1.5 seconds
  • Cool-down duration of Demanifestation: 1.25 seconds
  • Lingering Flicker-State duration: 4 seconds
  • Maximum Visibility distance for Survivors: 24 metres
    • Beyond this range, The Onryō is completely invisible to Survivors.


  • Otherworld Visible duration: 1.5 seconds
  • Otherworld Invisible duration: 1.2 second
  • Lingering Visible duration: 0.5 seconds
  • Lingering Invisible duration: 0.75 seconds

Add-ons for Deluge of Fear

Icon Name Description
IconAddon cabinSign
Cabin Sign The cabin where both Tomoko and Reiko watched the tape.
Carries the memory of those first curses.
  • Reduces the time it takes for TVsIconHelp tvIconHelp tvIconHelp tv to turn back on after Projection by -4.5 seconds.

IconAddon mothersMirror
Mother's Mirror A mirror from Sadako's mother's house.
A reminder of what Sadako has lost.
  • Increases the duration of your intermittent Invisibility after Manifesting by +2 seconds.

IconAddon oldNewspaper
Old Newspaper It tells of a local woman who predicted a volcanic eruption, evidence used to initially find Sadako.
  • Increases the duration of your full Invisibility after Manifesting by +33 %.

IconAddon videotapeCopy
Videotape Copy A copy of the deadly videotape imprinted upon by Sadako.
It dampens the desire for vengeance.
  • Extends the radius around TVsIconHelp tvIconHelp tvIconHelp tv within which Survivors gain Condemned from Projection by +2 metres.

IconAddon clumpOfHair
Clump of Hair Once beautiful and long, Sadako now hides behind her ragged, matted locks.
  • Reduces the threshold for full Invisibility while Demanifested by -4 metres.

IconAddon reikosWatch
Reiko's Watch The watch that Reiko left her son Yoichi.
A distracting and constant reminder of one's impending doom.
  • Increases the duration of your full Invisibility while Demanifested by +25 %.

IconAddon seaSoakedCloth
Sea-Soaked Cloth The hood worn by the mysterious figure in the tape.
Makes those near it unable to trust what they see.
  • Survivors suffer from the BlindnessIconStatusEffects visionIconStatusEffects visionIconStatusEffects vision Status Effect when within 8 metres of powered TVsIconHelp tvIconHelp tvIconHelp tv.
    • This effect lingers for 7 seconds after turning off a TV.

IconAddon wellStone
Well Stone A piece of the well where Sadako was trapped, an image burned into the mind of all those who have watched the tape.
  • Reduces the time it takes for TVsIconHelp tvIconHelp tvIconHelp tv to turn back on after Projection by -7 seconds.

IconAddon yoichisFishingNet
Yoichi's Fishing Net The net Yoichi used while fishing with his grandfather.
A reminder that death comes to us all.
  • Survivors suffer from the BlindnessIconStatusEffects visionIconStatusEffects visionIconStatusEffects vision Status Effect after acquiring at least 4 Stacks of Condemned.

IconAddon bloodyFingernails
Bloody Fingernails Sadako's bloody fingernails, lost as she tried to claw her way out of the well.
Evidence of her single-minded need to kill.
  • Increases the Speed Boost duration after Projection by +50 %.

IconAddon mothersComb
Mother's Comb The comb Sadako's mother used in the tape.
Sadako's psychic abilities are enhanced when she focuses on it.

IconAddon ricketyPinwheel
Rickety Pinwheel A pinwheel found in the caves of Izu Oshima.
It spins even when there is no wind, disorienting those who see or hear it.
  • Survivors suffer from the ObliviousIconStatusEffects obliviousIconStatusEffects obliviousIconStatusEffects oblivious Status Effect when within 8 metres of powered TVsIconHelp tvIconHelp tvIconHelp tv.
    • This effect lingers for 7 seconds after turning off a TV.

IconAddon ringDrawing
Ring Drawing A drawing of the view from inside the well, as drawn by a young Yoichi.
Helping those cursed by the tape can only bring misfortune.
  • Hooking a Survivor carrying a VHS TapeIconItems vhsTapeIconItems vhsTapeIconItems vhsTape causes all other Survivors to gain +1 Stack of Condemned.

IconAddon wellWater
Well Water Water from the well where Sadako was left to die.
Murky and black, it obscures everything around it.
  • Increases the duration of the UndetectableIconStatusEffects undetectableIconStatusEffects undetectableIconStatusEffects undetectable Status Effect by +2 seconds after Manifesting by any means.

IconAddon distortedPhoto
Distorted Photo Those who have watched the tape find all photos of themselves distorted, a reminder of their impending doom.
  • Causes all Survivors within 16 metres of your location who witness your Manifestation to scream and reveal their AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras for 4 seconds.

"Why is it only you were saved?" — Sadaoka Yamamura

IconAddon tapeEditingDeck
Tape Editing Deck The editing deck used by Reiko and Ryuji to analyse and copy the tape.
Copying and sharing the tape is the only way to survive the curse.
  • Causes all Survivors start the Trial with a VHS TapeIconItems vhsTapeIconItems vhsTapeIconItems vhsTape.
    • All Survivors must bring their VHS Tape to the TVIconHelp tvIconHelp tvIconHelp tv that is farthest from their current location.
  • The AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of Survivors inserting a VHS Tape into a TV are revealed to you for 6 seconds.

"Frolic in brine, goblins be thine." — Message hidden in Sakado's Tape

IconAddon telephone
Telephone After watching the video, victims receive a phone call.
They are frozen in fear as they realise they have seven days left to live.
  • Survivors suffer from a -3 % HinderedIconStatusEffects hinderedIconStatusEffects hinderedIconStatusEffects hindered Status Effect for 3 seconds when Manifesting within 7 metres of them.

"I saw a weird video the other day... after it ended, someone called us. Some kind of prank call." — Tomoko Oishi

IconAddon vcr
VCR The original VCR that played Sadako's Tape.
It is still warm to the touch.
  • Causes all TVsIconHelp tvIconHelp tvIconHelp tv to play the Projection Effects when using Projection.

IconAddon iridescentVideotape
Iridescent Videotape The original tape containing Sadako's curse.
  • Projection no longer turns off TVsIconHelp tvIconHelp tvIconHelp tv, but also no longer applies any Condemned.
  • Increases the time required for TVs to turn back on after having been turned off by Survivors by +20 %.

"That video... It's not of this world. It's Sadako's rage." — Ryuji Takayama

IconAddon remoteControl
Remote Control A remote for the VCR at the cabin.
It allows Sadako to focus on those enemies at a distance.
  • The AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of all Survivors within 12 metres of powered TVsIconHelp tvIconHelp tvIconHelp tv are revealed to you for 7 seconds after using Projection.

"She killed a man just by willing him dead. That's power of a different order from her mother." — Ryuji Takayama


Main article: Achievements

There are 2 Achievements related to The Onryō:

Icon Name Description
Ach adeptOnryō Adept Onryō Playing as The Onryō, achieve a Merciless Victory using only their 3 Unique Perks: Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage, Call of Brine, and Merciless Storm

Cosmetic Options

Players can choose from a variety of Cosmetic options to customise The Onryō:


Icon Name Body Rarity Description
K27 Head01 Sadako Yamamura CategoryIcon head Common A powerful and unforgiving onryō, Sadako Yamamura sought revenge for her tragic end.
K27 Body01 White Gown CategoryIcon body Common A white dress soiled by mud and water.
K27 Weapon01 Ring of Fury CategoryIcon weapons Common Her thirst for vengeance remained and nothing could stop her flooding rage.


Icon Name Body Rarity Description Additional Notes
K27 Head01 P01 Bloody Sadako CategoryIcon head Rare A deadly and terrifying onryō, Sadako Yamamura sought revenge for her tragic end. Prestige Level 6 Reward
K27 Body01 P01 Carnage Dress CategoryIcon body Rare A white dress soiled by blood and water. Prestige Level 5 Reward
K27 W01 P01 Ring of Blood CategoryIcon weapons Rare Her thirst for vengeance was insatiable. Prestige Level 4 Reward
Perk Charms
Prestige Level 7 Reward Prestige Level 8 Reward Prestige Level 9 Reward
K27 PCharm001 K27 PCharm002 K27 PCharm003
A keepsake gained upon mastery of a particular skill.

IconHelp store In-Game Store

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Collection Name
Release Date
K27 outfit 007
IconHelp cosmetic sets
CategoryIcon head
CategoryIcon body
CategoryIcon weapons
Swollen Excrescence
24 October 2023 (Tuesday)
Boils spread beneath her rotting skin due to over-injection.
1080IconHelp auricCells
⇓ Expand ⇓
CategoryIcon head
Cranial Growth
A golden protuberance emerged on the side of her head.
CategoryIcon body
Torn Membrane
Her skin was oozing with excess serum.
CategoryIcon weapons
Infected Ring
The serum corrupted the ring, creating incandescent ripples on its edges.
Collection Name
Release Date
K27 outfit 006
IconHelp cosmetic sets
CategoryIcon head
CategoryIcon body
CategoryIcon weapons
Rotten Remains
08 March 2022 (Tuesday)
She dug her nails into the muddy ground and slowly crawled toward the cobbled wall inside the well. She gripped the stones to climb but had no hold or strength.
1485IconHelp auricCells
⇓ Expand ⇓
K27 Head006
CategoryIcon head
Mucky Hair
A pile of muddy, grime dripping hair.
K27 Body006
CategoryIcon body
Decomposing Dress
A muddy and moldy dress in tatters.
K27 W006
CategoryIcon weapons
Ring of Vengeance
A grinding noise came from above and the well darkened, all light obscured like an eclipse in midday.


Main article: Downloadable Content

The Onryō is part of 1 DLC:


Up to Patch 7.1.0

  • Survivors would passively gain Condemned from carrying Cursed Tapes (see Passive Condemned in Power Trivia).
  • Survivors could close any powered TV, but it would increase their Condemned by 1 (reinstated in Patch 7.5.0).
    • Only inserting the tape into the highlighted TV would reduce their Condemned (reinstated in Patch 7.5.0).
  • Survivors would only gain Condemned when within 16 metres of a TV being teleported to during Projection.

Up to Patch 7.5.0

  • Survivors would receive +¾ Stacks of Condemned from Projection anywhere on the Map if they did not carry a Cursed Tape, which would shield them.
  • There was a Cool-down of 10 seconds to using Projection.
  • Survivors could insert Cursed Tapes into any nearby TV to lose Condemned, unless a specific Add-on was equipped that forced them to insert it into a specific TV.
  • Hitting Survivors holding a Cursed Tape destroys it and gives +2 Stacks of Condemned.

Change Log

Patch 6.6.0

  • QoL: removed the HUD elements when using the Inexorable Stare to allow for a more cinematic experience when killing Survivors this way.

Patch 7.1.0

  • Rework: reworked Deluge of Fear to make The Onryō more terrifying to deal with.
    • Buff: Projecting to a TV now applies Condemned to all Survivors not holding a VHS Tape instead of them being near a powered TV.
    • Buff: reduced the Cool-down duration of TVs turned-off from Projection from 100 seconds to 45 seconds.
    • Buff: injuring a Survivor carrying a VHS Tape destroys the tape and applies Condemned.
    • Buff: The Onryō cannot be stunned by any means while Demanifested.
    • Nerf: Projecting to a TV only applies 0.75 Stacks of Condemned instead of an entire stack.
    • Nerf: Projecting to a TV now has a base Cool-down of 10 seconds.
    • Nerf: increased the Cool-down duration of TVs turned off by Survivors from 60 seconds to 70 seconds.
    • Nerf: Survivors no longer acquire or passively gain Condemned when retrieving and carrying a VHS Tape.
    • Nerf: VHS Tapes can now be inserted into any TV to lose Condemned.
  • Change: received an Add-on Pass, which brings her strongest and her weakest Add-ons in line with the rest.
  • Change: added a static visual effect after killing Survivors with Inexorable Stare.
    • Change: chases no longer trigger while The Onryō is Demanifested, allowing her to be harder to track, but at the cost of no longer building BloodlustIconHelp bloodlustIconHelp bloodlustIconHelp bloodlust.

Patch 7.1.1

  • Change: added a static visual effect and SFX when avoiding Pallet stuns while Demanifested.

Patch 7.5.0

  • Rework: reworked Deluge of Fear again to partially restore her original, more strategic gameplay, while keeping Condemned more prominent:
    • Buff: Condemned is now partially locked-in upon being hooked, making the locked-in part of the meter impossible to remove.
      • First time being hooked locks in all current Condemned up to 2 Stacks.
      • Second time being hooked locks in all current Condemned up to 4 Stacks.
    • Buff: increased the duration of full Invisibility while Demanifested from 1 second to 1.2 seconds.
    • Buff: Survivors are now forced to bring their Cursed Tape to a specific TV.
    • Nerf: Condemned gained from Projection is no longer global, but restricted to a radius of 16 metres around all powered TVs.
    • Nerf: added a Cool-down to the Power Gauge that does not affect Projection itself, but its ability to apply Condemned when used.
    • Nerf: reduced the Interaction time with TVs for Survivors from 2 seconds to 1 second.
    • Nerf: TVs now have VFX indicating their range when powered.
    • Reversal: removed the previously added Cool-down to using Projection.
    • Reversal: Cursed Tapes no longer offer protection from Condemned while holding them.
    • Reversal: Survivors no longer gain Condemned if hit when holding a Cursed Tape.
    • Reversal: Projection once again applies 1 Stack of Condemned.
    • Reversal: chases once again trigger while The Onryō is Demanifested, as it made it too obvious when she transitioned states mid-Chase.

Patch 7.5.1

  • Buff: increased the number of locked-in Condemned by +1 Stack each:
    • First time being hooked locks in all current Condemned up to 3 Stacks.
    • Second time being hooked locks in all current Condemned up to 6 Stacks.
  • Buff: increased the duration of the Movement Speed boost after Projection from 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds.
  • Buff: increased the Movement speed while Manifesting from 3.68 m/s to 4 m/s.
  • Reversal: removed the previously added Cool-down to the Power Gauge that affected the application of Condemned when using Projection.


  • The Onryō can still be blinded by Survivors when she is Demanifested.
  • Score Events that require a recent Manifestation to trigger track that state for 8 seconds
  • The Onryō is the first Killer to be of short height, with the previous shortest Killers being considered of average height.
  • The Onryō's last name, Yamamura (山村), consists of the characters yama (山), meaning "mountain", and mura (村), meaning "town" or "village". As such, her last name can be roughly translated to "Mountain Village".
  • The Onryō is the first and to date only Killer to not injure Survivors with a physical weapon or her bare fists, instead conjuring a Kanji glyph which she projects forward to injure Survivors with.
  • The Onryō is the second Killer to not physically interact with the environment or Survivors, relying solely on her telekinetic abilities or her Kanji glyph.
  • The Onryō is the second Killer to use telekinesis to perform interactions.
  • The Onryō is the fourth Killer to have a Lullaby, which is active whenever she is Demanifested.
  • The Onryō has a unique breathing sound which resembles ocean waves. This is a reference to her supposed biological father, a malevolent entity which lives in the ocean.
  • According to Nicolas Cage during Summer Game Fest 2023, The Onryō is one of the reasons Nicolas Cage became interested in a collaboration with Behaviour Interactive, with horror being his favourite genre.
  • Purchasing the "Sadako Rising" DLC or The Onryō through the in-game store will start a hidden one week timer. After this timer is up, a special video will play when loading up the game, referencing the cursed video from the films.
  • The Onryō is one of just a few Killers with the base-kit ability to kill Survivors using her Power.
  • The Onryō is the third Japanese killer added to Dead by Daylight


  • The Onryō's Lullaby has directional audio, which is unique as most Lullabies are non-directional.[1]
  • Although coded as a Lullaby, it acts as a directional audio cue for when she is Demanifested and Undetectable.

Kanji Characters

  • The Kanji glyph in her default outfits is , meaning "Curse".
  • The Kanji glyph in her Rotten Remains outfit is , meaning "Resentment".
  • The Kanji glyph in her Blighted outfit changes is , meaning "Grudge, Resentment, or Jealousy".
  • The Kanji glyph in her Deadly Equinox outfit is , meaning "Flower".

Lobby Jump-Scare

  • When idling in the menu or levelling up her Bloodweb, The Onryō will occasionally jump-scare the Player by swiftly teleporting up close to the camera and staring at the Player.
  • If the Player turns The Onryō around to prevent the jump-scare, she will instantly turn herself back to face the camera for the jump-scare, then return to the position the Player left her facing.

Cursed Video

  • The Cursed Video plays on a TV whenever a Survivor is within 16 metres of it, otherwise it just plays static.
    This can be used to gauge a Survivor's whereabouts if they are stealthy.


  • The Onryō, in a technical sense, is the fifth Killer to have two Memento Mori animations.
  • The Onryō is the second Killer to have two entirely different Moris.
    • The Onryō's default Mori features her lifting the Survivor up with telekinetic powers, breaking their right arm, then left leg, and dropping them to the ground as she stares into their eyes.
    • The Onryō's Inexorable Stare features her simply staring into the Survivors eyes and giving them a heart attack.
  • The Onryō's Inexorable Stare is a reference to how she kills her victims in the films.
  • The Onryō is the second Killer with a Mini-Mori ability.

Gender Identity

  • The Onryō is the first Intersex Character introduced to Dead by Daylight.
    • In the original novel, Sadako is described as suffering from Testicular Feminisation Syndrome, which causes a genetic male (XY chromosomes) to remain unaffected by male hormones due to abnormalities on the X chromosome.
      This results in their body not forming male genitalia and remaining with a female phenotype (observable outside characteristics of an organism).
    • This fact is absent from most adaptations of the original source material and Sadako is presented as female.
    • Her name provides a hint to her being intersex, as it translates to "chaste child" (Japanese: sada ko), likely referring to her infertility due to TFS, but also explaining her obsession with procreation in the later novels.


  1. Post on the Dead by Daylight forums confirming Onryō's directional Lullaby to be intentional.


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