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Retardant Jelly is an Uncommon Add-onIconHelp addonsIconHelp addonsIconHelp addons for MapsIconItems mapIconItems mapIconItems map.

Icon Description Cost
IconAddon retardantJelly
A slimy, translucent substance with a ghastly lavender shade.
This jelly from unknown origin is highly resistant to heat.
  • Reduces the Depletion rate by -20 %.


IconHelp bloodpoints


  • Retardant Jelly reduces the item's consumption rate from 1.0 c/s to 0.8 c/s, resulting in adding an additional 5 seconds of usage to the Map.
    • When paired with the Map AddendumIconAddon mapAddendumIconAddon mapAddendumIconAddon mapAddendum Add-on, the durability of the Map is increased by 6.25 seconds, granting a combined total of 31.25 seconds.