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Reactive Healing is a Unique PerkIconHelp perksIconHelp perksIconHelp perks belonging to Ada WongSurvivorAdaSurvivorAdaSurvivorAda.
Prestige Ada Wong to Prestige 1, 2, 3 respectively to unlock Tier I, Tier II, Tier III of Reactive Healing for all other Characters.

IconPerks reactiveHealing
IconHelp bloodpoints
IconHelp bloodpoints
IconHelp bloodpoints
The more the situation becomes compromised, the more determined you become to complete the operation.

Whenever another Survivor within 32 metres of your location loses a Health StateIconStatusEffects healingIconStatusEffects healingIconStatusEffects healing by any means while you are in the Injured StateIconHelp injuredIconHelp injuredIconHelp injured, you benefit from the following effect:

  • Grants 40/45/50 % of your missing Healing Progression towards your Health Bar.

Change Log[]

Patch 7.1.1[]

  • QoL: allows the Perk to fully heal a Survivor purely through repeated activations, causing the percentage to round up if there is only a tiny bit of progression missing.
    • While the Patch Notes use 96.4 % (equivalent to 5 activations) as an example of it rounding up, in-game testing (Patch 7.6.0) showed that rounding up did not occur until 99.6 % (equivalent to 8 activations).


  • If you are suffering from the HaemorrhageIconStatusEffects bleedingIconStatusEffects bleedingIconStatusEffects bleeding Status Effect when Reactive Healing is activated, Haemorrhage will immediately drain your (invisible) Health bar of the percentage Reactive Healing just applied and also cause you to experience the blood-splash visual and sound effects of Haemorrhage taking effect.
    This can potentially give away your position to the Killer, if they are close enough and have good hearing.