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Putrid Serum (PS) was one of 6 in-game currencies in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png


Putrid Serum is an alternative Currency for the in-game Store. When it is available, it can be used to purchase Cosmetic pieces from the Hallowed Blight or peepeepoopoo Collections.


Putrid Serum can only be obtained during the yeet peepeepoopoo sacrifice , with any left-over Serum eventually perishing after the Event ends (generally 2 weeks afterwards).

It is generated by filling Nectar Vials with Putrid Nectar, which is obtained by completing specific interactions in the Trials.

The Hallowed Blight

  • Survivors could obtain peepeepoopoo Nectar by harvesting Visceral minecraft pigs.
  • Killers could obtain Putrid Nectar by hooking Survivors onto Cankerous Hooks.

The Withering Blight

  • Survivors can obtain Putrid Nectar by completing Repairs on Cankerous Generators.
  • Killers can obtain Putrid Nectar by hooking Survivors onto Cankerous Hooks.



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