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Portable TV is a Rare Add-onIconHelp addonsIconHelp addonsIconHelp addons for Playtime's OverIconPowers playtimesOverIconPowers playtimesOverIconPowers playtimesOver.

Icon Description Cost
IconAddon portableTv
Small enough for any room.
Just keep it out of the bath.
  • Extends the duration of Slice & Dice to 170 % of its default duration once the Exit GatesIconHelp exitGatesIconHelp exitGatesIconHelp exitGates have been powered.


IconHelp bloodpoints


  • Portable TV references a kill from the fourth movie, Bride of Chucky.
    • Chucky killed Tiffany by causing the TV to fall into the bath tub, while she was in it, electrocuting her, after which he transferred her soul into the Good Gall doll.