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The Pillar is a Prop that only spawns for the duration of Dead by Daylight's Anniversaries.
It was originally introduced with the Fourth Year Anniversary and was known as the Crown Pillar, due to the type of Reward it spawned.

The Pillar received a redesign for the Twisted Masquerade Event series, which originated during the Sixth Year Anniversary.
This iteration is also known as the Masquerade Pillar.

The Pillar and its associated mechanics have been reused for every Anniversary since its original introduction.


During the main Anniversary Event, the Pillar spawns automatically in every Trial, it does not require a special OfferingIconHelp offeringsIconHelp offeringsIconHelp offerings.
However, using the associated Event Offering usually makes it easier to find the Pillar, by either revealing its Aura or revealing it at a greater range.

All Players can interact with the Pillar in order to obtain the Anniversary Reward.

General Behaviour[]

The Pillar spawns in a random location in the environment and will remain there for 90 to 120 seconds, if left alone, after which it will respawn in a different location.
If a Player interacts with it, it will also respawn in a new location, regardless of how much time has elapsed.

The Pillar despawns during the Endgame CollapseIconHelp endGameIconHelp endGameIconHelp endGame.


So far, there have been 2 iterations of the Pillar:

Crown Pillar[]

IconHelp crownPillar4A
This iteration spawned during the Fourth Year Anniversary and the Fifth Year Anniversary.

The Crown Pillar was a pillar made of black stone with golden inlays, which created a webbed pattern and originated the look of the Fourth and Fifth Year Anniversary Cosmetics.

Hovering above the Crown Pillar, and emitting an audio cue, was an Entity Crown, which was originally called "Crown of Entity the Great", but later renamed to the current name.

Interacting with the Crown Pillar with any Character would dissolve the Crown into the Character, giving them a special visual effect that emanated from their torso for the remainder of the Trial.
Acquiring the Crown would cause the Crown Pillar to immediately respawn in a new location with a new Crown atop it.

Escaping with the Crown as Survivor or finishing the Trial with it as Killer would unlock the Crown as a Cosmetic piece for said Character, given it was an Original Character.
Licensed Characters could also interact with the Crown Pillar for bonus Bloodpoints, but they would not unlock any special Cosmetic piece.

This mechanic uniquely incentivised Players to play every single one of their Original Characters during the Event.

Masquerade Pillar[]

Invitation Pillar Aura
This iteration spawned during the Sixth Year Anniversary and the Seventh Year Anniversary.

The Masquerade Pillar is a redesign of the Crown Pillar, due to the introduction of the Twisted Masquerade Event series, which accompanies the Anniversary since the Sixth Year celebrations.
The Pillar now consists of several masks twisted into a pillar-like structure.

Mechanically, the Masquerade Pillar works identically to the Crown Pillar, but instead of a Crown, an Invitation Scroll hovers atop it.

Collecting an Invitation Scroll unlocks one of several special Masks associated with the Twisted Masquerade.

With the Seventh Year Anniversary, the Invitation Scrolls now also unlock special abilities for the Players, called the Twisted Skills:

Twisted Skills[]

Main article: Twisted Skills

EventIcon invitationScroll

Collecting an Invitation Scroll from a Masquerade Pillar unlocks the Twisted Skills.

The Twisted Skills can be activated at the Player's discretion, depending on the selected skill.



  • Interaction duration: 1 second
  • Teleportation timer: 90-120 seconds




Change Log[]

Fifth Year Anniversary[]

  • The Crown Pillar now spawns the fifth year version of the Entity Crown.

Sixth Year Anniversary[]

  • Redesigned the Crown Pillar to fit the Twisted Masquerade theme, renaming it to the Masquerade Pillar.
  • Survivors now must collectively open at least one Exit Gate instead of escaping the Trial in order to secure their Reward.

Seventh Year Anniversary[]

  • Interacting with a Masquerade Pillar now grants 1 Token towards the Twisted Skills special ability.
  • Players must have at least 1 Token remaining towards their Twisted Skills when either the Exit Gates or the Hatch are open.


The Demogorgon interacting with a Masquerade Pillar


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