There are 56 perks in Dead by Daylight, and additional perk slots are unlocked at the levels 5, 15 and 25.

Unique Perks

Each character has three unique perks which can be "taught" to the other killers in the blood web after reaching level 30.

Killer Perks

The Shape Perks:

The Huntress Perks:

The Nightmare Perks:

The Cannibal Perks:

The Pig Perks:

The Clown Perks:

The Doctor Perks:

The Wraith Perks:

The Hillbilly Perks:

The Trapper Perks:

The Nurse Perks:

The Hag Perks:

The Spirit Perks:

Non-Unique Perks:

Survivor Perks

Ace Visconti Perks:

Adam Francis Perks:

Claudette Morel Perks:

Dwight Fairfield Perks:

David King Perks:

Detective Tapp Perks:

Feng Min Perks:

Jake Park Perks:

Kate Denson Perks:

Laurie Strode Perks:

Meg Thomas Perks:

Nea Karlsson Perks:

Quentin Smith Perks:

Non-Unique Perks: