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Release Dates[]

Patches Release Dates
PTB 8.1.0 25 June 2024
8.1.0 16 July 2024
8.1.1 TBA
8.1.2 TBA

Public Test Build 8.1.0[]


  • New Survivor - Lara Croft
    • Perks:
      • Finesse
        • This perk activates while you are healthy. Your fast vaults are 20% faster. This perk goes on cooldown for 40/35/30 seconds after performing a fast vault.
      • Hardened
        • After you unlock a chest and cleanse or bless a totem, this perk activates. Anytime you would scream, reveal the Killer's aura for 3/4/5 seconds instead.
      • Specialist
        • Each time you open or rummage through a chest, gain 1 token, up to 3/3/3. When you do a great skill check on a generator, consume all tokens. Then for each token consumed, reduce the maximum required generator progress by 2/3/4.


  • Darkness Revealed
    • Increased the duration of the aura reveal to 6/7/8 seconds. (was 3/4/5 seconds)
  • I'm All Ears
    • Decreased the cooldown to 60/45/30 seconds. (was 60/50/40 seconds)
  • Trail of Torment
    • Decreased the cooldown to 60/45/30 seconds. (was 80/70/60 seconds)
  • Oppression
    • Decreased the cooldown to 60/50/40 seconds. (was 120/100/80 seconds)
  • Dragon's Grip
    • Decreased the cooldown to 60/50/40 seconds. (was 120/100/80 seconds)
  • Machine Learning
    • Increased the Undetectable and Haste duration to 40/50/60 seconds. (was 20/25/30 seconds)
  • Autodidact
    • Decreased the initial progress penalty to 15%. (was 25%)
  • Empathic Connection
    • Increased the speed at which you heal others to 30% faster. (was 10%)
  • Iron Will
    • Increased the grunts of pain reduction to 80/90/100%. (was 25/50/75%)
  • Resurgence
    • Increased the healing progress gained to 50/60/70%. (was 40/45/50%)
  • Solidarity
    • Increased the heal conversion rate to 50/60/70%. (was 40/45/50%)
  • Babysitter
    • Increased the Haste bonus to 10%. (was 7%)
    • Increased the duration to 20/25/30 seconds. (was 4/6/8 seconds)


  • The Knight
    • Power
      • Added the ability to cycle between guards using the Secondary Ability button.
      • Decrease the camera push distance when entering path creation mode to 80 cm. (was 160 cm)
      • The Knight must create a patrol path of at least 10 meters before being able to spawn a Guard. It's possible to cancel early by using the Secondary Ability button.
      • Adjusted the Guards' detection to reduce the likelihood of being detected through walls.
      • While The Knight is within 8 meters of a Guard that is actively hunting, the hunt timer will deplete at 3x the normal speed.
      • While drawing a patrol path, its length applies a modifier on the base total hunt time:
        • 1-15 meters: 1x
        • 16-25 meters: 1.25x
        • 26+ meters: 1.5x
      • Decreased The Carnifex's hunt duration to 12 seconds. (was 24 seconds)
      • Increased The Jailer's hunt duration to 24 seconds. (was 12 seconds)
      • Decreased the time it takes for each Guard to perform the Order action:
        • Carnifex: 1.8 seconds (was 2 seconds)
        • Assassin: 5 seconds (was 6 seconds)
        • Jailer: 5 seconds (was 6 seconds)
      • Increased each Guard's detection range:
        • Carnifex: 10 meters (was 8 meters)
        • Assassin: 10 meters (was 8 meters)
        • Jailer: 16 meters (was 14 meters)
    • Map of the Realm
      • Increases the Guard's detection range by 2 meters. (was 4 meters)
    • Pillaged Mead:
      • Decreases the Break or Damage action of Guards by 10%. (was 15%)
    • Battleaxe Head:
      • Decreases the cooldown after calling upon The Carnifex by 20%. (Rework)
    • Treated Blade:
      • Decreases the cooldown after calling upon The Assassin by 20%. (Rework)
    • Cold Steel Manacles:
      • Decreases the cooldown after calling upon The Jailer by 20%. (Rework)
    • Sharpened Mount (was Chain Mail Fragment):
      • Increases the time it takes for the Standard to spawn by 15%. (Rework)
    • Grim Iron Mask:
      • When a Guard detects a Survivor during a Patrol, the Survivor suffers from the Blindness Status Effect for the next 75 seconds. (was 60 seconds)
    • Broken Hilt:
      • Guards inflict the Haemorrhage and Mangled Status Effects when damaging a Survivor. (was only Mangled)
    • Ironworker's Tongs:
      • If a Guard fails to damage a Survivor during a Hunt, the Survivor suffers from the Oblivious Status Effect for 60 seconds. (was 20 seconds)
    • Town Watch's Torch:
      • While a Guard is actively Hunting a Survivor, gain the Undetectable Status Effect. (Rework)
    • Blacksmith's Hammer:
      • Guards inflict the Broken Status Effect for 60 seconds when damaging a Survivor. (Rework)
    • Flint and Steel:
      • After summoning The Carnifex, the auras of all Survivors within 24 meters of any unbroken dropped Pallets are revealed for 8 seconds. (was 5 seconds)
    • Healing Poultice:
      • After summoning The Assassin, all Survivors within 8 meters of The Assassin's spawn location have their auras revealed for 8 seconds. (Rework)
    • Jailer's Chimes (was Lightweight Greaves):
      • After summoning The Jailer, Survivors that cross The Jailer's Patrol Path have their auras revealed for 8 seconds. (Rework)
    • Knight's Contract:
      • After giving an Order, the Guard will remain for an extra 8 seconds, triggering a Hunt should they detect a Survivor. (Rework)
    • Iridescent Company Banner:
      • Drawing a Patrol Path through Windows blocks them for all Survivors for 25 seconds after summoning a Guard. (was 15 seconds)
      • The Exit Gates are blocked by the Entity Spikes for the Hunted Survivor.
      • All Windows vaulted by the Hunted Survivor are blocked for all Survivors for the remained of the Hunt.
  • The Singularity
    • Power
      • When tagging a Survivor from a Pod (and Slipstream is not completed), the Tagging progress goes down gradually over 0.5 sec (was instant)
      • Tag depletion starts after 0.25 seconds after Slipstream has been accumulated. (but not completed) (was 0.3 seconds)
      • When taking over an inactive pod, the reticule will center on the closest Survivor in range and line of sight. (new)
      • When destroying a pod while controlling it, hold down M1-Attack Button for 1.25 sec to destroy it. (new)
      • New Killer Instinct Effect for 3.0 sec. on Survivors receiving Slipstream from another Slipstreamed Survivor or from a Bio-Pod.
      • Added Aim Assist effect when aiming at a Slipstreamed Survivor
      • Decreased Tagging cooldown for Pods after Slipstreaming a Survivor to 3.0 sec (was 3.5 - allows less downtime after shooting a Survivor)
      • Decreased distance that Survivor can see Supply Crate aura when not Slipstreamed to 28M (was 32)
      • Added Hindered Icon to show the slow down when Survivors charge the EMP tool
      • Killer Wake Up time after controlling a Pod decreased to 0.5 seconds (was 1.0).
      • Killer Wake Up time near a Hooked survivor decreased to 1.5 seconds (was 5) to account for the anti-camp feature.
      • Increased the Lock-On time to Slipstream a Survivor while controlling a pod to 0.8 seconds (was 0.6).
      • Decreased World Detection of the aiming radius to reduce collisions and interference for shots.
      • Overclock Duration no longer scales based on the number of Slipstreamed Survivors. Base value has been increased to 5.7 seconds (was 4.7)
      • Increased readability of the Survivor-in-range indicator - Highlight is On = can be tagged / Highlight is Off = cannot be tagged
      • After exiting a Pod, the aura of the last used Pod is displayed in yellow for 10.0 seconds (was 5)
      • Soma Family Photo Addon +3% Haste effect for the duration of the Overclock is now base kit.
      • UltraSonic Sensor Addon sound effect is now base kit. Killer can hear sounds through a controlled Biopod after 0.20 seconds by default.
      • Made valid location target placement easier (increased placement timing from 0.1 seconds to 0.2 seconds)
      • After using an EMP, Survivors are invincible to Slipstream for 1.0 second (was 2.0)
      • EMP Range effect has been increased from 8M to 10M.
      • EMPs stop printing when reaching 97%. Survivors now need to complete the last 3% manually. Supply Crate auras are shown in yellow when maximum progress has been reached.
      • No longer forced to pick up EMPs after opening Supply Cases
    • Perks
      • Blast Mine and Head-on now both apply the Overheat effect when affected by a stun during Overclock.


  • Added 2 new Map variations to the Mount Ormond Resort
  • Added 1 new Map variation to the Family Residence from the Yamaoka's Estate Realm
  • Added 1 new Map variation to the Sanctum of Wrath from the Yamaoka's Estate Realm
  • Gameplay pass on the Forgotten Ruins map to add pallets on at the ground level
  • Added variations to the maze tiles in the pool of tiles for the Coldwind Farm Realm
  • Added lockers in the existing maze tiles in the Coldwind Farm Realm


  • Disconnect Bots
    • Disconnect Bots will now be able to spawn if a player disconnects during loading. This should allow for games that used to be cancelled for not having enough players to continue on.
  • Hook respawn
    • Hooks broken by a Sacrifice will now respawn after 60 seconds.
  • UX - Knight Guard's Chase
    • Added a visual feedback when you have successfully distracted a guard by passing near a Window or downed Pallet.
  • UX - Lobby Update
    • Cosmetics and Character selection are merged into a single section. As in the store, players can use subtabs to navigate between options, including Characters' bio pages.
    • Perks widget is added to the Lobby, available when looking at the Characters Menu, allowing players to view Perks and Powers while selecting Characters.
    • Filter option allows for players to show locked cosmetics if they want to do so.
    • As long as players are not waiting for a match to start, they can unlock Characters and Cosmetics directly on the Lobby.
    • Now Moris can be previewed in the Lobby.
    • Merged certain functionalities of the Killer and Survivor lobbies to make it easier to maintain in the future.
  • UX - Singularity's Podding and Controlling
    • Biopod & Killer reticule was updated to better communicate states:
      • Green state: Idle, Firing Biopod, Slipstreaming Survivor
      • Purple state: Teleport to Survivor
      • Grey state: On cooldown
      • Red state: Destroying Biopod, Disabled Biopod
    • Biopods will now indicate to Survivors when they are about to be reactivated


  • Audio
    • The Voice-Over of the Lich is now correctly playing in the Mori Preview.
  • Bots
    • The Trapper Bot in the Survive with Friends Tutorial now correctly looks at the target it is chasing.
    • The Trapper Bot in the Survive with Friends Tutorial should be better at not stepping into his own traps.
    • Prevented multiple Bots in the same Trial to accidentally spawn with the same digits at the end of the name.
  • Characters
    • Fixed an issue that caused female survivors to remain stuck in the trapped position animation even after freeing themselves.
    • The Good Guy’s Hidey-Ho Mode cooldown now begins at the end of a Slice & Dice attack.
    • The Onryo’s intermittent invisibility when within 24 meters of the Killer now happens in sync between the Survivors’ and Killer’s POV.
    • The path leading to the Highlighted Control Station can no longer be seen when outside of tunnels when playing as the Xenomorph.
  • Environment/Maps
    • Fixed an issue where players could get body blocked on the Forgotten Ruins in Decimated Borgo. The door frames have been updated.
    • Fixed a collision issue in Toba Landing map
    • Fixed an issue where the killer gets blocked on the Blood Lodge Map
    • Updated the pallet count on the Forgotten Ruins map
    • The Pig stays in Stealth when using the Passages in Forgotten Ruins.
    • Players may no longer get stuck in Passages if multiple players try to use them at the same time.
  • Perks
    • Survivors no longer randomly fail Merciless Storm skill checks when hitting in the success zone.
    • The Mirrored Illusion illusion correctly despawns when the Killer goes through it.
    • The Trapper’s Bloody Coil Add-On, The Plague’s Vile Purge, and the Skull Merchant’s Claw Trap now activate the Dissolution perk.
  • UI
    • Fixed an issue where some perks' descriptions have an improper number format
    • Fixed an issue where the account name is displayed in the main menu when turning on or off the "Hide your name" setting
    • Fixed an issue where the Auric cell packs purchase screen can be accessible when starting the final countdown.
  • Misc
    • Fixed an issue that could soft-lock loading into a Trial due to a player's Loadout bringing an invalid Item.


  • The Knight can spawn a guard while another guard is already summoned.

Patch 8.1.0[]

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Hotfix 8.1.1[]

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Hotfix 8.1.2[]

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