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Patch 1.0.1[]


  • Fixed various chainsaw sounds
  • Fixed various hook sounds
  • Adjusted visual for the match results text
  • Fixed an issue that could cause eye popping during a hook rescue
  • Fixed various issues that could result in floating chests and barricades
  • Fixed an issue that could cause drastic framerate drops when healing fellow survivors
  • Fixed an issue that could cause bloodpoints to display a negative value when players earned more points than their previous total
  • Fixed an issue that cause the killer to play a "carrying attack" animation after hooking a survivor
  • Fixed various issues that could occur if a player sabotaged a hook while a killer hooks someone
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the killer to get stuck in objects when interrupting survivor actions
  • Added missing shadows to the campfire
  • Adjusted certain fire materials
  • Adjusted certain emissive materials
  • Adjusted certain effects on Meg's hair
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from disarming traps when holding a toolbox
  • Modified a certain hill tile to prevent certain collision issues
  • Fixed an issue that could cause escaped players' outlines to be shown to hooked players
  • Fixed certain issues that could occur when a hooked player disconnects
  • Item addons will now function properly if the item is given to another player
  • Adjustments to male and female run animations
  • Fixed an issue could cause the "Zealous" achievement to be awarded incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to become stuck if the player healing them taps the input rather than holding it
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a broken lobby transition when accepting a private lobby invitation while watching a tutorial video
  • Fixed various UI issues in the Kill Your Friends lobby
  • Rapidly pressing on "Loadout" and "Switch Role" will no longer result in the loadout background to be displayed without the menu
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when pressing alt-F4 during the intro video
  • The "Saboteur" perk was missing its skill check difficulty adjustment. It has been fixed.
  • The "Spine Chill" and "Premonition" perks were not working correctly. They have been fixed.
  • Fixed a graphical issue that could occur when a player leaves the match during the sacrifice sequence
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to incorrectly lose rank pips when in the tally screen
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the host player to crash when leaving a public match
  • Fixed an issue that could cause daily rituals to behave incorrectly for new players
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the category of maxed out score events to be replaced by "none"
  • Fixed an issue that could leave a lobby in a state unable to receive new players
  • Fixed an issue where healing a survivor would reward the points to the survivor that got healed, rather that the healer.

Hotfix 1.0.1a[]


  • Added art book for owners of the Deluxe Edition

Patch 1.0.2[]


  • Adjusted cooldown of "Sprint Burst"
  • "We'll Make It" now only affects healing others, and its maximum bonus has been reduced
  • Various balance changes to healing build perks, survivalist build perks and healing items
  • Adjusted spawn location weights for chests and generators
  • Adjusted various score values
  • Crows will now notify killers of survivors who bore the Entity by being too still for too long
  • The Wraith now has better things to do than cloak and uncloak repeatedly for points
  • Adjusted window vaulting mechanics for killers and survivors


  • "Spies from the Shadows" will no longer be triggered when the killer disturbs the crows
  • Added a 5 second delay before joining a new game after leaving lobby
  • Killers are now awarded sacrifice points if a survivor leaves the game
  • Killers are now awarded bonus points if a survivor disconnects
  • Unspent blood points are now capped
  • Adjusted certain matchmaking values
  • Various changes to basement, mine and blood lodge
  • Adjusted distortion effects during the sacrifice sequence
  • Adjusted smoke and materials when spawning characters
  • UI updates to the tally, loadout and inventory screens
  • The tally screen should now display the proper status for players that left or disconnected
  • Increased penalties for disconnecting or leaving a game
  • Animation polish


  • Fixed an issue which could cause "No One Escapes Death" to grant an incorrect attack cooldown reduction
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the killer's camera to clip when picking up a survivor
  • Fixed an issue that could cause loud noise indicators to be seen in the tally screen
  • Fixed an issue that could stop a survivor from running when pressing the item use button when no interactions are available
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the trapper's addons to only affect his starting trap
  • Fixed a matchmaking issue that could cause some players to be unable to play as the killer
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the survivor's HP (bleed out) bar to not update properly on the survivor's screen
  • Fixed an issue that could cause The Wraith to flicker when dissolving
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong animation to play after picking up a survivor
  • Fixed an issue which could cause players not to derank after achieving rank 1
  • Fixed an issue which could block movement when The Hillbilly destroys an obstacle with the chainsaw
  • Fixed an issue where survivors couldn’t run away while getting healed
  • Fixed an issue which could cause players to get stuck on the hill
  • Various audio fixes
  • The Entity now manifests at the sacrificial hook in its proper glory

Hotfix 1.0.2a[]


  • Fixed jittery walking animations for survivors

Hotfix 1.0.2b[]


  • Fixed placement of bear traps near windows
  • Fixed picking up of crawling survivors near windows

Hotfix 1.0.2c[]


  • Capped blood points at 500,000
  • Fix Wraith point farming when cloaking / uncloaking next to injured survivors
  • Fix for some killer add-ons not working (Wraith, Trapper)
  • Fixed PIP penalties for leaving a game

Hotfix 1.0.2d[]


  • Fixed an issue that could slow down or break matchmaking for some killers

Patch 1.0.3[]


  • Fixed entity visible at the start of the hook sequence
  • Fixed interruption on hatch causing the survivor to turn invisible


Survive With Friends (V1)

This initial implementation of Survive With Friends will allow for a group of survivors to be created and to matchmake into a ranked lobby together. It should be used in a similar fashion as the Kill Your Friends Mode:

  1. Have a survivor (host) created click Survive With Friends from the Main Menu
  2. As the host, invite other survivors to the lobby.
  3. Once the party is formed, have all players ready-up. This will triggered the matchmaking process and transition the party to an online lobby.

Note: After playing a game, the survivor group will be automatically disbanded and all members will be returned to their single player survivor lobby. We are working on maintaining the party between games, and you can expect this to come in a follow up patch.

Hotfix 1.0.3a[]


  • Matchmaking changes to prepare for Survivor Groups

Hotfix 1.0.3b[]


  • Added support for Survivor With Friends (V1)

Patch 1.0.4[]


  • Additional Survivor customisation Items (one set per Survivor)
  • Survivor Gestures (1 & 2 on Keyboard, D-Pad Up & D-Pad Down on Controller)
  • Russian & Chinese Localisation
  • New Coldwind Farm Map (Fractured Cowshed)
  • Increased support for catching players tampering with game files


  • Level design & art adjustments to reduce infinite window loops
  • Added dynamic spawning of window blockers
  • Removed the possibility to place bear trap really close (or on top) of each other


  • Fixed escaping of the level when running towards the exit and caught in a bear trap
  • Fixed hatch noise being audible even if the hatch is invisible
  • Fixed locker interior being visible in the distance
  • Fixed locker blocking placement of bear traps
  • Fixed some issues with objects appearing too clearly through fog and in low-end
  • Fixed issue with chainsaw add-ons making it impossible to fully heal a survivor
  • Fixed some cases where the survivor used killer customisation parts when entering a private lobby
  • Fixed returning to a lobby from a private match causing an infinite load for the Host
  • Fixed countdown not occurring in private lobby if a party member leaves while readied-up
  • Fixed some cases where bear traps could be farmed for points by survivors
  • Fixed some cases where players would not lose pips (disconnect penalty) while exiting an active game
  • Fixed scoring event localization
  • Fixed hatch appearance frequency on certain maps
  • Fixed black nodes appearing on the blood web (and force regenerate invalid blood webs)

Patch 1.0.5[]


  • Fixed an issue which could cause Steam Stats & Achievements to get reset
  • Fixed an issue preventing the trapper from placing traps near sabotaged traps
  • Fixed an issue which could cause killer prestige weapons to flicker in game
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Saboteur perk to decrease sabotage speed when using a toolbox
  • Fixed an issue which could cause survivors to lose pips when the killer leaves the game (known issues with the Tally not properly displaying the pips & blood points status in such cases)
  • Fixed an issue which caused the perk "Whispers" to trigger when near dead or sacrificed survivors
  • Fixed an issue which could render a downed survivor unable to interact or be interacted with if a pickup interaction would fail


  • Removed the ability for a survivor to disarm or sabotage traps while walking or running
  • Added a penalty to the wiggle build-up when a killer puts a survivor down

  • Bloodhound: Fresh blood marks can be for 2/3/4 seconds longer than normal (up from 1/2/3)

Our data indicates that Bloodhound is underpowered. In order to make this perk more viable, we have chosen to increase the duration of how long the blood marks are visible. With a longer blood trail, there are more chances you’ll pick up the scent and be able to start your hunt. We kept its powerful synergy with Sloppy Butcher in mind:

  • Sloppy Butcher: Increased the frequency of bleeding for tiers I and II. Decreased the frequency of bleeding for tier III.

We rebalanced the amount of blood spawned when affected by sloppy butcher. We feel the new balance is closer to the intended gameplay: being able to track a survivor. The injured survivor needs to use the environment to break the line of blood splatter using grass and other techniques to obscure their trail until they are healed (or killed). Overall this perk should be more a more viable option for killers’ loadouts at all levels. A good killer at this point should be able to follow the blood trail on most maps.

  • Brutal Strength: Increased barricade destruction speed bonus to 20%/30%/40% (up from 10%/20%/30%)

Brutal Strength is a good perk that is being picked, but not as often as the more popular perks. We have decided that a slight boost should allow for more dynamic play and enough of a boost to merit equipping this perk.

  • Insidious: Decreased time taken to become stealthy to 4/3/2 seconds (down from 6/4/3)

This is one of our favorite perks. However, in its current form, it can be too slow to use with the current pace of the game. The idle time required is often too high a price to pay, especially at level I. We have lowered time required to become stealthy for all tiers of the perk. Survivors, take your time to look around before you do you anything risky!

  • Iron Grasp: Fixed description and decreased wiggle reduction effect to 20%/40%/60% (down from 25%/50%/75%)

We want to add a bit more challenge for the killer when transporting a victim with Iron Grasp. As it currently stands (due mostly to sneaky sabotaging survivors!) we chose not to reduce the time required to struggle out. However, we did reduce the wiggle force reduction to allow survivors to fight back a bit better. We also updated the description of the struggle time effect to match the values that were already in-game.

  • No One Escapes Death: Added a time limit of 120 seconds and reduced movement speed bonus to 3%/4%/4% (down from 3%/5%/5%)

No One Escapes Death is probably one of the game’s most controversial perks, and certainly one of the most often picked. By adding a time limit to the perk, we’re encouraging killers to try a “berserker blitz” where they have to hunt and find survivors as fast as possible, rather than camp strategic points. The very slight movement speed decrease will help some survivors get away during these 2 terrifying minutes. With these changes in place, we believe that this perk will no longer be a “must-have” for every killer loadout, but still be a viable option.

  • Shadowborn: Reduced the field of view bonus for all tiers

This perk has was so strong that it was a no-brainer to always use it, especially given the rarity of flashlight experts out there. The FOV difference should still be high enough to be noticeable and give an advantage to those who use this perk, without being an automatic pick.

  • Spies from the Shadows: Increased odds to trigger the effect to 50%/50%/75% (up from 25%/50%/75%) and increased range to 16/24/36 meter (from 12/24/36)

We believe this perk is fine at tiers II and III but the first tier of this perk could use a boost. Increasing the chance that the crows give a visual cue and increasing the range should make this perk viable even at tier I.

Even though the numbers appear unchanged, they are now added to the base chance rather than acting as a multiplier on them. This will greatly increase the probability of skill checks being triggered when in the terror radius of the killer.

Hotfix 1.0.5a[]


  • Integrate additional analytics to investigate failures to join lobby & matchmaking

Hotfix 1.0.5b[]


  • Fixed an issue that caused Unnerving Presence to cause skill-checks on some non-skill-check based charge interactions (recover, open door, ...)

Patch 1.0.6[]


  • Adjust PIP reward zones to 0 / 7000 / 10000 / 20000 for receiving -1, 0, 1 and 2 pips respectively.