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The Paper Lantern is an Interactable that was added as part of the Moonlight Burrow Event during the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.


During the Moonlight Burrow Event, the Paper Lantern spawns in randomly chosen, unused TotemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totem spots, and can be interacted with by both Survivors and the Killer.

The Paper Lantern rewards Players interacting with it with a set of buffs for a brief duration.
The buffs include faster Movement speed and faster Vaulting speed.

After a Player interacts with a Paper Lantern it respawns in a new location.
It also automatically respawns if no Player interacts with it for a while.


  • Haste Speed boost: +20 %
  • Vaulting Action Speed boost: +20 %
  • Effects duration: 10 seconds
  • Interaction time: 2 seconds
    • This applies to both Killers and Survivors.
  • Automatic Respawn timer: 45 to 60 seconds
    • The Paper Lantern picks a random value within this boundary each time it respawns.

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