Dead by Daylight Wiki

PUBG X Dead by Daylight was a cross-over Event around Halloween 2022 which featured a unique Dead-by-Daylight-style game mode in the Game PUBG: Battlegrounds, better known as simply "PUBG".

Playing at least one Trial would reward Players with a code for a unique PUBG-themed Cosmetic Set for Dwight FairfieldSurvivorDwightSurvivorDwightSurvivorDwight.


Nobody knows where it came from, just that one day it arrived and consumed the Battlegrounds, changing everything. We called it The Fog, not even remotely comprehending what it actually was. All we knew was that when the The Fog rolled in, people disappeared.

We deployed expeditions into The Mist to try and understand some of its mysteries, taking every precaution to ensure the teams could find their way back out. What they found was a world strikingly similar to our own, yet somehow unnervingly different.

One such expedition came across what appeared at first to be the writings of a madman scrawled across the side of a building.

Quotes left Despair and fear and hope
It breathes and drinks and swipes
And feeds upon the Battlegrounds
Where all these things are ripe

Quotes right

The more we studied, the more we found these mad scratchings to be true. The next step? Learn our enemy.

Time to play its game.

Game Mode

The special game mode was featured in the PUBG LABS and worked on the same core principle as a regular Trial in Dead by Daylight, naturally with some differences (highlighted in purple).

While the Survivors would be regular PUBG Characters, the Killer was fashioned after The DeathslingerIconHelpLoading deathslingerIconHelpLoading deathslingerIconHelpLoading deathslinger, wearing a cowboy outfit and carrying a gun (Win94).

Survivor Rules

  • Each Trial features a maximum of 3 Survivors.
  • Survivors must repair GeneratorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generators to power the Exit GatesIconHelp exitGatesIconHelp exitGatesIconHelp exitGates and escape the Trial Grounds.
    • The number of Generators required to be repaired is equal to the number of Survivors starting the Trial + 1.


  • Items can be acquired from a Crate mid-trial or before it starts.
    They can be used to fend off the Killer:
    • Stun Grenade: hit the Killer to disorient and effectively blind him for a short time.
    • Toolbox: destroy a Blue Zone Locker to prevent Survivors from being sacrificed in a Trial (takes 7 seconds to complete and prevents sacrifices for 30 seconds).
      Also speeds up Generator repairs.
    • Med-Kit: enables a Self-Heal Speed boost and increases the speed at which you can heal other Survivors.
    • Smoke Grenade: blocks the Killer's vision or hides the Survivor.
    • Sticky Bomb: can be attached to walls and activate on a button press, injuring nearby Survivors.

Killer Rules

  • Put Survivors into a Blue Zone Locker to offer them as a Trial Sacrifice.
  • Make sure Survivors do not repair enough Generators to escape.
  • You will receive a Loud Noise Notification when Survivors attempt to escape (vaults, completed repairs on Generators, powered the Exit Gates, etc.).
    Determine where these events have occurred and go after the Survivors.
  • Use your gun to lock aim and fire.
    Better for long range fights.
    Reload at a Blue Zone Locker.
  • Use your machete to attack your target in a close-range chase.
    This weapon cannot be thrown.

Blue Zone Lockers

Unlike in Dead by Daylight, but reminiscent of its early sacrifice concepts, the Killer would use the LockersIconHelp lockersIconHelp lockersIconHelp lockers found in the Trial Grounds to sacrifice Survivors in.
Caught Survivors could only bang on the Locker doors from the inside, trying to grab the attention of the other Survivors.

The Locker's outside would slowly turn blue from the bottom to the top until the sacrifice process was completed, after which the Entity's spider-legs would grab it and pull it beneath the ground, killing the Survivor inside it.