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Dbd-journal-offerings.png Quotes left.png I found something odd during today’s nightmare. A wreath made of animal bones. Nothing in nature creates something like this. At the camp fire, I could finally get some light so that I was able to investigate it further. But I fumbled and dropped it into the fire. And it quickly disappeared. To my surprise, the fire can burn things. But why this and why not my hand? The next day something had changed. The world differed. My only conclusion is that I was supposed to find this. A simple offering? But to whom? And who made it? Are these offerings my way out of here? Quotes right.png
~ Benedict Baker's Journal

This Article lists all Offerings featured in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.


There are currently 7 rarities of Offerings featured in Dead by Daylight:

  • 23 Common Offerings
  • 32 Uncommon Offerings
  • 30 Rare Offerings
  • 10 Very Rare Offerings
  • 8 Ultra Rare Offerings
  • 5 Event Offerings

They are used to influence The Entity IconHelp entity.png in how it will shape the Maps and/or grant a special ability or reward.

Burning an Offering

Offerings are burnt at The Campfire and thus offered to The Entity unless there are Offerings that conflict with each other.

There are two scenarios for conflicting Offerings, depending on their Rarity (see Video):

  • Two different Rarities: the rarer Offering will be burnt, the more common one will bounce and be returned into the owner's inventory.
  • Same Rarity: both Offerings will bounce.

Unlike Perks IconHelp perks.png, Offerings are permanently lost after they are used. Each Character IconHelpLoading players.png can receive Offerings from their Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.png.

List of Offerings

Bonus Bloodpoints

These Offerings grant Bonus Bloodpoints in their associated categories. They usually just affect the player who equipped them, but some can affect multiple players.

Bonus Bloodpoints Offerings all stack amongst each another.
Offerings with the tag Personal only give Bonus Bloodpoints to the one who burnt the Offering.

Patch 1.9.4 increased the Bonus Reward of the Sachets and Wreaths Offerings by 25 % and to 25 % in case of the Bound Envelope.
Survivors +25 % +50 % +75 % +100 % Special percentage
DailyRitualIcon objectives.png Objectives FulliconFavors bogLaurelSachet.png Bog Laurel Sachet (Personal) FulliconFavors freshBogLaurel.png Fresh Bog Laurel (Personal) FulliconFavors fragrantBogLaurel.png Fragrant Bog Laurel (Personal)
DailyRitualIcon survival.png Survival FulliconFavors crispleafAmaranthSachet.png Crispleaf Amaranth Sachet (Personal) FulliconFavors freshCrispleafAmaranth.png Fresh Crispleaf Amaranth (Personal) FulliconFavors fragrantCrispleafAmaranth.png Fragrant Crispleaf Amaranth (Personal)
DailyRitualIcon altruism.png Altruism FulliconFavors primroseBlossomSachet.png Primrose Blossom Sachet (Personal) FulliconFavors freshPrimroseBlossom.png Fresh Primrose Blossom (Personal) FulliconFavors fragrantPrimroseBlossom.png Fragrant Primrose Blossom (Personal)
DailyRitualIcon boldness.png Boldness FulliconFavors sweetWilliamSachet.png Sweet William Sachet (Personal) FulliconFavors freshSweetWilliam.png Fresh Sweet William (Personal) FulliconFavors fragrantSweetWilliam.png Fragrant Sweet William (Personal)
DailyRitualIcon objectives.pngDailyRitualIcon survival.pngAll CategoriesDailyRitualIcon altruism.pngDailyRitualIcon boldness.png
FulliconFavors sealedEnvelope.png Sealed Envelope (Personal) FulliconFavors escapeCake.png Escape! Cake (Personal)
FulliconFavors boundEnvelope.png Bound Envelope (All Survivors)
Killers +25 % +50 % +75 % +100 %
DailyRitualIcon brutality.png Brutality FulliconFavors tanagerWreath.png Tanager Wreath (Personal) FulliconFavors devoutTanagerWreath.png Devout Tanager Wreath (Personal) FulliconFavors ardentTanagerWreath.png Ardent Tanager Wreath (Personal)
DailyRitualIcon deviousness.png Deviousness FulliconFavors ravenWreath.png Raven Wreath (Personal) FulliconFavors devoutRavenWreath.png Devout Raven Wreath (Personal) FulliconFavors ardentRavenWreath.png Ardent Raven Wreath (Personal)
DailyRitualIcon hunter.png Hunting FulliconFavors spottedOwlWreath.png Spotted Owl Wreath (Personal) FulliconFavors devoutSpottedOwlWreath.png Devout Spotted Owl Wreath (Personal) FulliconFavors ardentSpottedOwlWreath.png Ardent Spotted Owl Wreath (Personal)
DailyRitualIcon sacrifice.png Sacrifice FulliconFavors shrikeWreath.png Shrike Wreath (Personal) FulliconFavors devoutShrikeWreath.png Devout Shrike Wreath (Personal) FulliconFavors ardentShrikeWreath.png Ardent Shrike Wreath (Personal)
DailyRitualIcon brutality.pngDailyRitualIcon deviousness.pngAll CategoriesDailyRitualIcon hunter.pngDailyRitualIcon sacrifice.png FulliconFavors hollowShell.png Hollow Shell (Personal) FulliconFavors survivorPudding.png Survivor Pudding (Personal)
All Players +100 % +103 % +104 % - -
DailyRitualIcon objectives.pngDailyRitualIcon survival.pngDailyRitualIcon altruism.pngDailyRitualIcon boldness.png
All Categories
DailyRitualIcon brutality.pngDailyRitualIcon deviousness.pngDailyRitualIcon hunter.pngDailyRitualIcon sacrifice.png
FulliconFavors bloodyPartyStreamers.png Bloody Party Streamers (All Players) FulliconFavors gruesomeGateau.png Gruesome Gateau (All Players) FulliconFavors ghastlyGateau.png Ghastly Gateau (All Players)

Event Offerings

These Offerings are only available for use during their associated special Events and have a special Rarity class. They are accompanied by introducing new (temporary) Game Mechanics for the Players.
Icon Associated Event
Survivors & Killers FulliconFavors redEnvelope.png Red Envelope Howling Grounds & Moonrise
Survivors & Killers FulliconFavors bbqInvitation.png BBQ Invitation Scorching Summer BBQ
Survivors & Killers FulliconFavors pustulaPetals.png Pustula Petals The Hallowed Blight & The Withering Blight


These Offerings are unique to Survivors.
They can all stack amongst each other and increase the luck of just one or all Survivors.
Slightly Moderately Considerably
The Survivor FulliconFavors chalkPouch.png Chalk Pouch FulliconFavors creamChalkPouch.png Cream Chalk Pouch FulliconFavors ivoryChalkPouch.png Ivory Chalk Pouch
All Survivors FulliconFavors saltPouch.png Salt Pouch FulliconFavors blackSaltStatuette.png Black Salt Statuette FulliconFavors vigosJarOfSaltyLips.png Vigo's Jar of Salty Lips

Map Modifications

These Offerings influence The Entity IconHelp entity.png to make alterations to the Map itself or the amount of a given Prop that may spawn throughout it.


These Offerings affect the spawn location of the Basement IconHelp basement.png.
Killer Shack Main Building
Modifier: 1 Modifier: 1
IconHelp basement.png Basement FulliconFavors bloodiedBlueprint.png Bloodied Blueprint FulliconFavors tornBlueprint.png Torn Blueprint


These Offerings affect the numbers of Chests IconHelp chests.png that will be spawned throughout the Map.
-2 -1 +1 +2
Dbd-gameplay-crate.png Chests FulliconFavors cutCoin.png Cut Coin FulliconFavors scratchedCoin.png Scratched Coin FulliconFavors tarnishedCoin.png Tarnished Coin FulliconFavors shinyCoin.png Shiny Coin

Dark Mist

These Offerings affect the thickness and amount of fog on the Map.
Moderately thinner Slightly thicker Moderately thicker Considerably thicker
Modifier: -50 % Modifier: 25 % Modifier: 50 % Modifier: 75 %
IconFavors murkyReagent.png Thickness FulliconFavors clearReagent.png Clear Reagent FulliconFavors faintReagent.png Faint Reagent FulliconFavors hazyReagent.png Hazy Reagent FulliconFavors murkyReagent.png Murky Reagent


These Offerings affect the spawn location of the Hatch IconHelp hatch.png.
Killer Shack Main Building
Modifier: 1 Modifier: 1
IconHelpLoading hatch.png Hatch FulliconFavors annotatedBlueprint.png Annotated Blueprint FulliconFavors vigosBlueprint.png Vigo's Blueprint


These Offerings affect the minimum spawn distance in-between the Hooks IconHelpLoading hook.png that will be spawned throughout the Map.
Slight increase Slight decrease Moderate decrease Considerable decrease
Modifier: +1 metre Modifier: -1.5 metres Modifier: -2.5 metres Modifier: -3.5 metres
IconHelpLoading hook.png Hooks FulliconFavors petrifiedOak.png Petrified Oak FulliconFavors moldyOak.png Mouldy Oak FulliconFavors rottenOak.png Rotten Oak FulliconFavors putridOak.png Putrid Oak


As of Patch 1.8.2, these Offerings could no longer be obtained from the Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.png, but were still available in Kill Your Friends.
Patch 2.3.0 ultimately retired them.
Darkest Dimmed Brighter Brightest
Modifier: -70 % Modifier: -35 % Modifier: 35 % Modifier: 70 %
IconFavors quarterMoonBouquet.png Brightness FulliconFavors newMoonBouquet.png New Moon Bouquet FulliconFavors crescentMoonBouquet.png Crescent Moon Bouquet FulliconFavors quarterMoonBouquet.png Quarter Moon Bouquet FulliconFavors fullMoonBouquet.png Full Moon Bouquet

Memento Moris

These Offerings are unique to Killers.

They allow a Killer to kill one or all Survivors by their own hands during the Trial when certain requirements are met.
In in-game files, they are often misspelt as "Momento Mori".

Click here for videos featuring each Killer's Memento Mori.
Last Survivor Any Survivor All Survivors
Memento Mori FulliconFavors cypressMementoMori.png Cypress Memento Mori FulliconFavors ivoryMementoMori.png Ivory Memento Mori FulliconFavors ebonyMementoMori.png Ebony Memento Mori

Realm Selections

These Offerings increase the chance to be sent to a specific Realm when burnt.

Their effects stacks and are usable by both Survivors and Killers together.

As of Patch 1.8.0, the Common and Uncommon Offerings for older Realms can no longer be obtained from the Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.png
Realm Slight increase Considerable increase Tremendous increase Realm Tremendous increase
Modifier: 2 Modifier: 5 Modifier: 9999 Modifier: 9999
MacMillan Estate FulliconFavors macMillanLedgerPage.png MacMillan Ledger Page FulliconFavors signedLedgerPage.png Signed Ledger Page FulliconFavors macMillansPhalanxBone.png MacMillan's Phalanx Bone Springwood FulliconFavors thePiedPiper.png The Pied Piper
Autohaven Wreckers FulliconFavors shreddedPlate.png Shredded Plate FulliconFavors virginiaPlate.png Virginia Plate FulliconFavors azarovsKey.png Azarov's Key Gideon Meat Plant FulliconFavors jigsawPiece.png Jigsaw Piece
Coldwind Farm FulliconFavors cattleTag28.png Cattle Tag 28 FulliconFavors cattleTag81.png Cattle Tag 81 FulliconFavors heartLocket.png Heart Locket Yamaoka Estate FulliconFavors yamaokaFamilyCrest.png Yamaoka Family Crest
Crotus Prenn Asylum FulliconFavors lunacyTicket.png Lunacy Ticket FulliconFavors pElliottLunacyTicket.png P. Elliott Lunacy Ticket FulliconFavors charredWeddingPhotograph.png Charred Wedding Photograph Ormond FulliconFavors damagedPhoto.png Damaged Photo
Haddonfield FulliconFavors harvestFestivalLeaflet.png Harvest Festival Leaflet FulliconFavors decrepitClapboard.png Decrepit Clapboard FulliconFavors strodeRealtyKey.png Strode Realty Key Hawkins National Laboratory FulliconFavors hawkinsNationalLaboratoryID.png Hawkins National Laboratory ID
Backwater Swamp FulliconFavors fumingCordage.png Fuming Cordage FulliconFavors fumingWelcomeSign.png Fuming Welcome Sign FulliconFavors granmasCookbook.png Grandma's Cookbook Grave of Glenvale FulliconFavors dustyNoose.png Dusty Noose
Léry's Memorial Institute FulliconFavors emergencyCertificate.png Emergency Certificate FulliconFavors psychiatricAssessmentReport.png Psychiatric Assessment Report FulliconFavors shatteredGlasses.png Shattered Glasses Silent Hill FulliconFavors marysLetter.png Mary's Letter
Red Forest FulliconFavors paintedRiverRock.png Painted River Rock FulliconFavors childrensBook.png Children's Book FulliconFavors theLastMask.png The Last Mask


These Offerings affect the spawn locations of the Survivors when loading into a Map.

They cannot stack and are not revealed when burnt as they all carry the Secret tag.

They are all exclusive to Survivors with the exception of the Shroud of Separation, which only the Killers can have.
Spawn with another Survivor Spawn farthest from the Killer
The Survivor FulliconFavors shroudOfUnion.png Shroud of Union FulliconFavors vigosShroud.png Vigo's Shroud
Spawn Together Spawn Separated
All Survivors FulliconFavors shroudOfBinding.png Shroud of Binding FulliconFavors shroudOfSeparation.png Shroud of Separation


These Offerings allow Players who do not own a paid DLC to play the associated Killer for one Trial.

As of Patch 2.0.0, this only applied to licensed Characters whose associated DLC cannot be purchased with Iridescent Shards IconHelp iridescentShard trimmed.png, which also disabled the Muddy Splinter and Shock Splinter from spawning in the Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.png.

As of Patch 3.6.0, all Splinter Offerings were disabled.
Unique to Splinter Killer DLC Description
Killers FulliconFavors blackSplinter.png Black Splinter K05 charSelect portrait.png Shape CHAPTER II: The HALLOWEEN® Chapter THIS OFFERING HAS BEEN RETIRED.

Allows you to take on the role of The Shape IconHelpLoading shape.png for the next Trial.

"He came home!" - Dr. Sam Loomis

Killers FulliconFavors muddySplinter.png Muddy Splinter K06 charSelect portrait.png Hag CHAPTER III: Of Flesh and Mud THIS OFFERING HAS BEEN RETIRED.

Allows you to take on the role of The Hag IconHelpLoading hag.png for the next Trial.

"Avoid walking in the mud or the Hag will eat your bones."

Killers FulliconFavors shockSplinter.png Shock Splinter K07 charSelect portrait.png Doctor CHAPTER IV: Spark of Madness THIS OFFERING HAS BEEN RETIRED.

Allows you to take on the role of The Doctor for the next Trial.

"Your secrets are safe with me."

Killers FulliconFavors boneSplinter.png Bone Splinter K09 charSelect portrait.png Cannibal PARAGRAPH II: LEATHERFACE™ THIS OFFERING HAS BEEN RETIRED.

Allows you to take on the role of The Cannibal IconHelpLoading cannibal.png for the next Trial.

"You like this face?" — Hitchhiker

Killers FulliconFavors smokingSplinter.png Smoking Splinter K10 charSelect portrait.png Nightmare CHAPTER VI: A Nightmare on Elm Street™ THIS OFFERING HAS BEEN RETIRED.

Allows you to take on the role of The Nightmare IconHelpLoading nightmare.png for the next Trial.

Killers FulliconFavors glassSplinter.png Glass Splinter K11 charSelect portrait.png Pig CHAPTER VII: The SAW™ Chapter THIS OFFERING HAS BEEN RETIRED.

Allows you to take on the role of The Pig IconHelpLoading pig.png for the next Trial.

"Amanda, do not be afraid. Your life has just begun." — Jigsaw


These Offerings call upon The Entity IconHelp entity.png to gain special favours.
Unique to Ward Description
Killers FulliconFavors blackWard.png Black Ward Burning this offering grants you protection against the loss of your Add-ons IconHelp addons.png at the end of the Trial.

"Hear my voice, spare my ways, protect me from the void."

Survivors & Killers FulliconFavors sacrificialWard.png Sacrificial Ward Calls upon The Entity IconHelp entity.png to reject all Offerings IconHelp offerings.png that alter the chance of being sent to a specific Realm.

Sacrificial Ward is cancelled if 4 identical Realm Selection Offerings are played.

"With blind eyes, we surrender our will and appeal to you for guidance."

Survivors FulliconFavors whiteWard.png White Ward Burning this Offering grants you protection against the loss of your Item IconHelp items.png and its Add-ons IconHelp addons.png.

"Keep me from evil, defend me, and pass away."


  • In the Game files, Offerings are referred to as "Favours", because they are supposed to elicit favourable outcomes from The Entity IconHelp entity.png when being burnt.
  • With the retirement of the New Moon Bouquet FulliconFavors newMoonBouquet.png, there are no Ultra Rare Offerings for Survivors.
  • There is an unused Offering in the Game files titled as "Graduation Cap". It is unknown what this Offering was used for.
  • There is an unused Spectral Rarity for Offerings, with a distinct blueish tint in the Game files.
IconFavors graduationCap.png
T CardOffering Front03 spectral.png


Stacking Offerings Conflicting Offerings, different Rarities Conflicting Offerings, same Rarity

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