No One Escapes Death is a Killer Hex perk that is available to any Killer's Bloodweb. A perk mainly intended for the endgame, and to secure any potential downs, No One Escapes Death activates when the Exit Gates are powered, lighting up one Dull Totem on the map at random. Cleansing this Totem removes all effects of the perk completely. At tiers one and two, it merely increases moving speed and reduces penalties for missed swings by a small percentage. At tier three, the full effect of NOED is achieved, leaving the survivors under a continuous exposed state, with one hit effectively putting the Survivor into a Dying state.


  • No One Escapes Death cannot activate if there are no remaining Dull Totems on the map.
  • Before it was changed to a Hex Perk, No One escapes Death did not need a Totem to activate, and thus was unable to be deactivated.