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Mystery Boxes are a type of Node that can spawn in the BloodwebIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodweb during the Game's major Seasonal Events.

Mystery Boxes contain an unknown Unlockable that will be revealed upon purchase.


Mystery Boxes are in the game since its original release.

They spawned regularly in the BloodwebIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodweb until the Great Bloodweb Rework in Patch 6.2.0 relegated them to only spawn during the major Seasonal Events, often in special variations.

Regular Mystery Boxes[]

Regular Mystery Boxes can spawn at any level of the Bloodweb (even multiple ones per level) in any of the 5 main Rarities.

Upon purchasing them, they will transform into a random Unlockable from any other Node-type (i.e. Add-ons, Items, Offerings), except for Perks.

The new Node-type is guaranteed to be of at least the same Rarity, but has a chance to be of any higher Rarity, but always only costing the price of the original Rarity of the Mystery Box.

The regular Mystery Boxes were on hiatus between Patch 6.2.0 and Patch 7.6.0, enabled again for the first time during the Blood Moon 2024 Spring Event.

Event-Rarity Mystery Boxes[]

Between the aforementioned Patches, the major seasonal Events only featured Mystery Boxes of the Event Rarity, which would also only spawn Unlockables of that same Rarity, working a bit differently to the regular Mystery Boxes.

They also only spawn at Levels 3, and 5, and then only every fifth level of the Bloodweb.

Each Event in that time featured its own special icon for the Mystery Boxes:

Winter Gifts[]

For the very first Winter Solstice Event in 2017, the Developers had temporarily added special Mystery Boxes to the Bloodweb, that spawned in every single Level, and twice every five levels, and contained a new Reward each time.

They are called Winter Gifts and the icon looks like a gift-wrapped present with a red bow and wrapping, and is generally reused each year with the Winter Events.

Anniversary Gifts[]

For the Twisted Masquerade Events, which were the main events for the Sixth Year Anniversary and Seventh Year Anniversary, the Developers had created yet another iteration of Mystery Boxes, the very first Event-Rarity ones.

They were not officially called Anniversary Gifts, but their icon was similar to that of the Winter Gifts, with the bow being blue.

Halloween Treats[]

The Halloween Treats were a special Event-Rarity Mystery Box that the Developers added for the duration of the Haunted by Daylight 2022 and Haunted by Daylight 2023 Halloween Events (with a different icon for each Event, first a pumpkin, then a coffin).

They worked like any other Event-Rarity Mystery Box, but was unique in being the first Mystery Box to only ever spawn in the Event Rarity, marking the change to Mystery Boxes in Patch 6.2.0.

With their removal from the Bloodweb in the great Bloodweb-Rework, they are now only temporarily re-enabled for those aforementioned Events and generally spawn in those specific variations of the Event Rarity, providing Event-Rarity Unlockables.

Change Log[]

Patch 1.8.2[]

  • Changed the spawn routine:
    • instead of spawning in every single Bloodweb, Mystery Boxes now only spawn at Levels 3 and 5, then every 5 Levels.

Patch 1.8.3[]

  • First introduced the Winter Gifts variation.

Patch 1.9.0[]

  • Mystery Boxes' Rarity can now range up to Ultra Rare.

Patch 6.0.1[]

  • First introduced the Anniversary Gifts variation.

Patch 6.3.0[]

  • First introduced the Halloween Treats variation.
  • Removed the ability for Mystery Boxes to spawn in the BloodwebIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodweb outside of special Events.
    • During those Events, Mystery Boxes now only spawn in the Event Rarity and only give Event Unlockables.

Patch 7.3.0[]

  • Modified the icon of the Halloween Treats variation to be a coffin, used during the Haunted by Daylight 2023 Halloween Event.

Patch 7.5.0[]

  • Reintroduced the Winter Gifts variation, used during the Bone Chill 2023 Winter Event.

Patch 7.6.0[]

  • Reintroduced the non-Event version of Mystery Boxes for the Blood Moon 2024 Spring Event, which can once again spawn in all of the regular Rarities.
    • These will spawn an Unlockable of equal or any rarer Rarity.


  • The Game code refers to Mystery Boxes as "Bloodweb Chests".
  • On Dead by Daylight Mobile, Mystery Boxes used to have a chance to spawn a pack of Auric CellsIconCurrency auricCellsIconCurrency auricCellsIconCurrency auricCells.


Mystery Boxes[]

Winter Gifts[]

Anniversary Gifts[]

Halloween Treats[]

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