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Moonrise is an Event in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png that took place between 30 January and 13 February 2019.


Moonrise OverlayIcon.png

Moonrise is a Lunar-Year-themed version of the Howling Grounds Event.

It was announced by a post on the official Forum and later by a Teaser Trailer on Twitter.

It kicked off the in-game celebrations in honour of the Chinese Year of the Hog.

In-game changes

  • Added new Menu Theme.
  • Added "Lunar Vessel".
  • Re-enabled "Golden Coins" EventObjective goldCoins.png as a new (temporary) Currency.
  • Re-enabled the Chinese Firecracker FulliconItems chineseFirecracker.png Item.
  • Re-enabled and adjusted the Red Envelope FulliconFavors redEnvelope.png Offering from Howling Grounds.
  • Re-enabled the Lunar Hook IconHelpLoading hook.png model from Howling Grounds.
  • Re-enabled the Lunar Generator IconHelpLoading generators.png model from Howling Grounds.
    • Added firework VFX to Lunar Hooks and Lunar Generators.

Moonrise Cosmetics


BE charSelect portrait.png

Ace Visconti

AV charSelect portrait.png

Feng Min

FM charSelect portrait.png

Golden Coins

During Moonrise Players could earn Golden Coins EventObjective goldCoins.png by completing Event Objectives. The Golden Coins could be spent on Moonrise Cosmetics in the in-game Store.

A maximum of 9 Golden Coins could be obtained during the Event. The first Coin cost 100 Points. The cost increased by 100 Points for each subsequent Coin.

Coin Point cost
1 100
2 200
3 300
4 400
5 500
6 600
7 700
8 800
9 900
Total 4,500



LunarVessel whiteTexture.png

Survivors gained 4 Points for each Generator they repaired and 25 Points for taking a Lunar Vessel and escaping the Trial with it.


LunarVessel redTexture.png

The Killer gained 3 Points for each Hook and 4 Points for destroying a Lunar Vessel after hooking a Survivor.


The Entity IconHelp entity.png added 2 Lunar Vessels to the Trials by default. Survivors could pick them up and escape the Trial with them to earn points towards Golden Coins. When a Killer hooked a Survivor, all remaining hanging Vessels became corrupted. If the hooked Survivor carried a Vessel, it would return to its spawn location and also become corrupted. While corrupted, the Killer could destroy the Vessels for points towards Golden Coins. The number of generated Vessels could be increased by using the Red Envelope FulliconFavors redEnvelope.png Offering that was already obtainable during the Howling Grounds Event of 2018.

As long as a Survivor carried a Vessel and wasn't caught, their Vessel was safe until they escaped. It would not become corrupted if another Survivor was hooked.

Players could find and burn the Red Envelope, calling upon The Entity IconHelp entity.png for additional Vessels, up to a total of 7 Lunar Vessels.

The gathered Points would be used to fill the Moon, which would then be turned into a Golden Coin, with which one could unlock the Moonrise Cosmetics for up to 9 outfit pieces.


  • Information and files about the Moonrise could already be found in the Public Test Build for Patch 2.5.0.
  • Nearly half-way through the Event, following a flood of negative feedback regarding long queue times for Survivor Lobbies due to an influx in Survivor Players during the Event, the Developers decided to slightly increase the Killer's point gain for completing Event-related activities and also increased the spawn rate of the Red Envelope Offering.
    • Increased Points for hooking a Survivor from 2 Points to 3 Points.
    • Increased Points for destroying a Lunar Vessel from 3 Points to 4 Points.
    • Increased the spawn rate of the Red Envelope FulliconFavors redEnvelope.png from 1 to 2 Offerings per Bloodweb.



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