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Maps Table[]

  • id - [Mandatory] ID of a map (carefully many functions refer to ID but most of the time it's an index. This should be renamed to an appropriate name. some work has been already done but this part needs revision)
  • name - [Mandartory] Name of map. Used for image name assembling.
  • altName - Alternative name used during development. If the name is identical with the name or is not present at all it should be treated as the map doesn't have such an alternative name. Used for image name assembling.
  • realm - [Mandatory] ID of realm. ATTENTION: in realms table this number is index!
  • ASTiles - [Mandatory] Area Square Tiles. Size of the map. Metres are evaluated based on the ASTiles variable. Can be stored as a plain number or a table like this:
ASTiles = {{76, "Upper Floor"}, {66, "Lower Floor"}}
  • minHooks - Minimum count of hooks appearing on the map.
  • maxHooks - [Optional] Maximum count of hooks appearing on map. By default, it's set +5 to minHooks as per the majority setting of the map. Basically, if the difference between minHooks and maxHooks is 5 there is no need to store maxHooks
  • minPallets - [Optional] Minimum pallets appearing on the map.
  • maxPallets - [Optional] Maximum pallets appearing on the map.
  • release - [Optional] Release date of map.


{id = 1, name = "Coal Tower", altName = "Warehouse", realm = 1, ASTiles = 132, minHooks = 6, maxHooks = 11, minPallets = 8, maxPallets = 20}
{id = 29, name = "The Game", altName = "Hideout", realm = 10, ASTiles = {{76, "Upper Floor"}, {66, "Lower Floor"}}, minHooks = 8, maxHooks = 13, minPallets = 15, maxPallets = 20, release = "1.9.0"},

MapImages Table[]

The table is completely optional. All images are automatically assembled based on convention and info. Assembling patterns are missing indexes to specific realms/maps as those are only for illustration not actual indexing.

Image: IconMap_{realm[2]}_{maps.altName}

realm[2] is expected to be a realm abbreviation.

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