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This is the documentation page for Module:Datatable/SoS

Template-info.png Documentation

This documentation explains how the Shrine of Secrets Module works and is to be used:


{ID#1, ID#2, ID#3, ID#4},


Each Teachable Perk has a unique numerical ID, which can be looked up in the Documentation.

  • ID#1: 1st Teachable Perk
  • ID#2: 2nd Teachable Perk
  • ID#3: 3rd Teachable Perk
  • ID#4: 4th Teachable Perk


Adding new like with current perk IDs like this:

sos = {
	{33, 36, 39, 42},
	{58, 75, 82, 103},
	{46, 62, 73, 84},
	{34, 52, 90, 91},

Attention! Do not remove any already existing row of previous weeks!

will update the current Shrine of Secrets table like this:

Teachable Perks Cost Perk Owners
Teachable bond.png
IconHelp iridescentShards.png
Dwight Fairfield
S01 charSelect portrait.png
Teachable botanyKnowledge.png
Botany Knowledge
IconHelp iridescentShards.png
Claudette Morel
S03 charSelect portrait.png
Teachable saboteur.png
IconHelp iridescentShards.png
Jake Park
S04 charSelect portrait.png
Teachable adrenaline.png
IconHelp iridescentShards.png
Meg Thomas
S02 charSelect portrait.png

Editing the Interwiki Shrines[]

If you are about to update the weekly Shrine, please consider doing so also for the other languages this wiki exists in. Here's how to go about that. If the wiki is using the old Template system then the logic is pretty same - you write appropriate IDs
in the format {{sos|33|36|39|42}} on the page you get redirected to:

German Wiki[]

  1. Go to the German Shrine of Secrets
  2. Insert the correct IDs into the Template.

Spanish Wiki[]

  1. Go to the Spanish Shrine of Secrets
  2. Insert the correct IDs into the Template and change the next update date in the siguiente field (next in spanish).

Italian Wiki[]

  1. Go to the Italian Shrine of Secrets
  2. Add a new line of correct IDs into the Module.

Polish Wiki[]

  1. Go to Polish version of Module (Left sidebar - In Other Languages)
  2. Add a new line of correct IDs into the Module.

Portuguese Wiki[]

  1. Go to the Portuguese Shrine of Secrets
  2. Insert the correct IDs into the Template.

Chinese Wiki[]

  1. Go to the Chinese Shrine of Secrets
  2. Insert the correct IDs into the Template.

Optional Parameters[]

There are several optional parameters that can be added after a quartet of perk IDs:

  • offset [-1 - -∞] - is moving the Shrine of Secrets to the previous week if needed. Theoretically moving backward should work that far as the inception of SoS, however, It's not tested for more than -2.
  • color [clr values] - is determining which color is used in Shrine of Secrets calendar table at Shrines of Secrets Archive.
  • notice ["string"] - is a title for a week at SoS calendar table.
  • header ["string"] - is a title for a week at Archived years pages 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
  • text ["string"] - is text appearing under a header at archives pages of that week
  • cost [number] / [table] - Can be keyed either as an offset (cost = -500 = cost of perk is going down by 500) or manually for all perks cost = {1500, 2000, 2500, 3000}
  • timer [number] - Hours to countdown instead of usual 7 days (currently working only with 24hrs)
  • hideVersion [true/false] - is a flag whether the v.# should be hidden or not. It's used in combination of custom header and offset so the next week won't have suffix v.2

This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Doc for more information.