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Perk IDs[]

ID Information
220 Next free ID
ID Numbers Associated Character Nothing.png ID Numbers Associated Character
1-6 Unused Perks 7-32 General Perks
33/34/35 Dwight Fairfield 36/37/38 Claudette Morel
39/40/41 Jake Park 42/43/44 Meg Thomas
45/46/47 Nea Karlsson 48/49/50 Laurie Strode
51/52/53 The Trapper 54/55/56 The Wraith
57/58/59 The Hillbilly 60/61/62 The Nurse
63/64/65 The Shape 66/67/68 Ace Visconti
69/70/71 The Hag 72/73/74 Bill Overbeck
75/76/77 Feng Min 78/79/80 The Doctor
81/82/83 David King 84/85/86 The Huntress
87/88/89 The Cannibal 90/91/92 The Nightmare
93/94/95 Quentin Smith 96/97/98 The Pig
99/100/101 David Tapp 102/103/104 The Clown
105/106/107 Kate Denson 108/109/110 The Spirit
111/112/113 Adam Francis 114/115/116 The Legion
117/118/119 Jeff Johansen 120/121/122 The Plague
123/124/125 Jane Romero 126/127/128 Ash Williams
129/130/131 The Ghost Face 132/133/134 The Demogorgon
135/136/137 Nancy Wheeler 138/139/140 Steve Harrington
141/142/143 The Oni 144/145/146 Yui Kimura
147/148/149 The Deathslinger 150/151/152 Zarina Kassir
153/154/155 The Executioner 156/157/158 Cheryl Mason
159/160/161 The Blight 162/163/164 Felix Richter
165/166/167 The Twins 168/169/170 Élodie Rakoto
171/172/173 The Trickster 174/175/176 Yun-Jin Lee
177/178/179 The Nemesis 180/181/182 Jill Valentine
183/184/185 Leon Scott Kennedy 186/187/188 The Cenobite
189/190/191 Mikaela Reid 192-200 General Perks: Stranger Things
201/202/203 The Artist 204/205/206 Jonah Vasquez
207/208/209 The Onryo 210/211/212 Yoichi Asakawa
213/214/215 The Dredge 216 General Perk: Shattered Hope
217/218/219 Haddie Kaur

Perk Tags[]

Tags are part of a Perk's properties:

Tag Name Use
ActionNoise Increases or reduces the volume level of noises created by interactions
ActionSpeed Affects action speeds
Altruism Has interactions in the Altruism Category
AttackCooldown Affects the Attack Cool-down
Auras Generates Auras
AuraFlareUp Causes an Aura flare-up, revealing a Survivor's location
Basement Has the Basement as a trigger condition
Blinding Interacts with the Blinding Mechanic used by Flashlights and Firecrackers
BlindingResistance Allows the Killer to resist getting blinded
Blindness Interacts with or causes the Status Effect
Blocking Allows to block further interactions with a Prop
Bloodlust Interacts with or causes the Status Effect
BonusBloodpoints Grants bonus Bloodpoints
Boon Boon perks
BreakableWalls Interacts with Breakable Walls
Broken Interacts with or causes the Status Effect
Chance Interacts with or causes the Proficiency Indicator
Chase Interacts with the Chase Mechanic
Chests Interacts with or affects Chests
Conversion Applies a conversion effect
Cursed Interacts with or causes the Status Effect
Deception Is used to deceive/fool the opposing party.
DeepWound Interacts with or causes the Status Effect
Deviousness Has interactions in the Deviousness Category
Efficiency Interacts with or causes the Proficiency Indicator
Endurance Interacts with or causes the Status Effect
EscapeAttempts Changes the behaviour of the Escape Attempts on is granted on the first Hook Phase
Exhaustion Interacts with or causes the Status Effect
ExitGates Interacts with the Exit Gates
Exposed Interacts with or causes the Status Effect
FOV Affects the Killer's FOV
Generators Interacts with or affects Generators
GruntsOfPain Interacts with Grunts of Pain
Haemorrhage Interacts with or causes the Status Effect
Haste Interacts with or causes the Status Effect
Hatch Interacts with the Hatch
Healing Affects the Healing action
Hex Hex Perk
Hooks Interacts with or changes the behaviour of Hooks
Items Interacts with or affects Items
KillerTraps Changes the behaviour of an action when affected by Killer Traps in the environment
Killing Enables the kill prompt
Lockers Interacts with or affects Lockers
LoudNoise Suppresses or causes Loud Noise notifications
Luck Interacts with or causes the Status Effect
Lunge Interacts with the Lunge Mechanic
Mangled Interacts with or causes the Status Effect
Maps Interacts with Maps
MovementSpeed Affects the Movement speed of a Character without using the Haste Status Effect
Oblivious Interacts with or causes the Status Effect
Obsession Triggers the Obsession Mechanic
Pallets Interacts with Pallets
Pause Pauses progression
PoolsOfBlood Interacts with Pools of Blood left by injured Survivors
ProtectionHits Interacts with Protection Hits
Recovering Allows the self-Recovery action
RecoverySpeed Affects the Recovery speed both in the Dying State or from Status Effect timers
Regression Causes Generator regression
RegressionPenalty Applies an immediate loss of progression
Sabotage Allows the Sabotage action
ScourgeHooks Interacts with Scourge Hooks
ScratchMarks Changes the behaviour of or cloaks Scratch Marks
SkillChecks Interacts with or causes/affects Skill Checks
Stealth Hides information that betrays one's location or presence in the environment
Struggling Changes the behaviour of the Struggle Phase
Stun Causes or affects a Killer Stun
StunRecovery Affects the Killer Stun recovery
TerrorRadius Interacts with or affects the Terror Radius
Tokens Uses a Token-system
Totems Interacts with totems
Undetectable Interacts with or causes the Status Effect
Vaulting Interacts with the Vaulting action
VaultLocations Shows the Aura of Vault Locations
Warning Triggers a Warning sound without revealing an Aura
Wiggling Changes the behaviour of the Wiggle action

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