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Memory Shards, also known as "Memory Fragments", are special Props featured in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo.

Their first variation, Shattered Recollection, was introduced with Tome 15 - Ascension in Patch 6.7.0.
Since then, every new Tome introduced a new variation, each with new effects.


Memory Shards are special Props that are only generated when a Player has a Core Memory Challenge selected, which are available in various iterations from Tome 15 - Ascension onwards.

The following variations have been introduced so far (in order of release):

  • Shattered Recollection
  • Terrifying Anamnesis
  • Disturbing Notions

Please check below for more details.


Currently, there exist 4 variations of Memory Shards.
Each variation was introduced with a new Tome:

Core Memory Status Effect Introductory Tome Availability
Shattered Recollection ChallengeIcon memoryShard shatteredRecollection HasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects haste Tome 15 - Ascension IconHelpLoading killer IconHelpLoading survivor
Terrifying Anamnesis ChallengeIcon memoryShard terrifyingAnamnesis BlindnessIconStatusEffects visionIconStatusEffects visionIconStatusEffects vision Tome 16 - Existence IconHelpLoading survivor
Stray Thoughts ChallengeIcon memoryShard strayThoughts None Tome 17 - Commitment IconHelpLoading killer
Disturbing Notions ChallengeIcon memoryShard disturbingNotions None Tome 18 - Revision IconHelpLoading survivor


Shattered Recollection[]

Each Trial spawns a fixed number of 9 Memory Shards, which can be collected by any Player with the appropriate Core Memory Challenge equipped, akin to Green Glyphs ChallengeIcon greenGlyph.

These Memory Shards spawn in fixed locations throughout the environment and do not move, waiting for the Player to collect them.
When eligible Players come within 6.5 metres of a Memory Shard, it dissolves and moves towards the Players at a speed of 6.25 m/s, being automatically collected.

Terrifying Anamnesis[]

These Memory Shards behave similarly to those for Shattered Recollection, but cause Survivors to scream upon collection.

Stray Thoughts[]

These Memory Shards behave differently to the previous two, as these are only produced once a Survivor is hooked for the first time and move away from the Killer, gradually slowing down.

Disturbing Notions[]

These Memory Shards behave similarly to those for Stray Thoughts, but are produced near completed Generators, remaining stationary and waiting for a Survivor to collect them.


Players have 2 ways to synchronise their collected Memory Shards, but both require that all necessary shards to complete the Challenge have been collected already.
Synchronising the Memory Shards completes the Core Memory Challenge:

Archive Portal[]

An opened Archives Portal

The Archive Portal appears after collecting enough Memory Shards, its Aura is revealed to the Player in white.

After synchronisation with an Archive Portal, the Player is usually granted a beneficial effect, which depends on the variation of the Core Memory.

It takes Players 2 seconds to synchronise the collected Memory Shards with an Archive Portal.

Exiting the Trial[]

Exiting the Trial by escaping or dying (Survivor), or ending it (Killer) automatically synchronises the Memory Shards.


Shattered Recollection[]

ChallengeIcon memoryShard shatteredRecollection
  • Synchronising these Memory Shards with an Archive Portal grants a 3 % HasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects haste Status Effect for 15 seconds.

Terrifying Anamnesis[]

ChallengeIcon memoryShard terrifyingAnamnesis
  • Collecting the last Memory Shard inflicts the BlindnessIconStatusEffects visionIconStatusEffects visionIconStatusEffects vision Status Effect for 15/25/35/45 seconds (depending on the Tome Level).
  • Synchronising these Memory Shards with an Archive Portal removes the Blindness Status Effect.

Stray Thoughts[]

ChallengeIcon memoryShard strayThoughts
  • These Memory Shards are obtained by hooking Survivors for the first time, which produces a Memory Shard from their scream of pain, which must then be collected within 50/40/30/25 seconds (depending on the Tome Level).

Disturbing Notions[]

ChallengeIcon memoryShard disturbingNotions
  • These Memory Shards are obtained by completing Generators, which produces one or multiple Memory Shards nearby, which must then be collected within 40/35/30/25 seconds (depending on the Tome Level).

Tome Availability[]

The following table lists all TomesIconHelp archivesCollectionIconHelp archivesCollectionIconHelp archivesCollection that feature Core Memory Challenges and which variations they are:

Tome Featured Core Memories
ChallengeIcon memoryShard shatteredRecollection ChallengeIcon memoryShard terrifyingAnamnesis ChallengeIcon memoryShard strayThoughts ChallengeIcon memoryShard disturbingNotions
Tome 15 DBD UI Icon CheckMark NaN NaN NaN
Tome 16 DBD UI Icon X DBD UI Icon CheckMark NaN NaN
Tome 17 DBD UI Icon X DBD UI Icon X DBD UI Icon CheckMark NaN
Tome 18 DBD UI Icon X DBD UI Icon X DBD UI Icon CheckMark DBD UI Icon CheckMark
Tome 19 DBD UI Icon X DBD UI Icon CheckMark DBD UI Icon X DBD UI Icon CheckMark

Change Log[]

Tome 16 (7.1.0)[]

  • Introduced the Terrifying Anamnesis variant and renamed all Core Memory Challenges in Tome 15 to the variant Shattered Recollection.

Tome 17 (7.3.0)[]

  • Introduced the Stray Thoughts variants.

Tome 18 (7.5.0)[]

  • Introduced the Disturbing Notions variants.


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