Meat hooks are randomly generated in Dead by Daylight, in which the killer must sacrifice the survivor on to the Entity.

There are three different skins for the meat hook which corresponds with the killer currently playing on the map. The meat hook with rope tied around it indicates The Trapper, white bandages indicates The Wraith and a plain metal frame indicates The Hillbilly.


The killer can pick up a survivor and place them on a meat hook when they are in the dying state (crawling), or whilst catching them mid-action such as vaulting, powering a generator or hiding in a closet. Once placed on a meat hook, the survivor has the opportunity to escape and if doing so and fails, speeds up the time taken until they are sacrificed to the entity.

If the survivor is rescued or has successfully escaped, they can be placed on the hook again. They will be instantly sacrificed on their second hooking if they reached the second stage on their first time getting hooked. If not, they will start with stage 2, being forced to press the space-bar to prevent the entity from sacrificing them.

Hooks can be sabotaged by the survivors using the Toolkit, or having a perk. However, the meathooks that spawn in the basement cannot be destroyed.


These viscous hooks, strewn about this nightmarish world represent the true horror of the thing that rules this place - this Entity. Killers bring their prey to the hooks to torture them before that twisted mess of claws comes down for the finishing blow. There is still a chance of escape once hung from a hook. Either by enduring excruciating pain as you twist and turn to manage to escape with a shoulder in pieces. Sometimes you even might get help from others that also resides within this nightmare.

One of the most horrific scenes is not always to be the one on the hook. But rather a witness. To see fear as someone else struggles for freedom is something I wish I could unsee. Limbs moving in unnatural ways and also my own inside struggle. Sometimes I try to help. But many times my fear of the hooks grows too big. What is survival with blood on your hands?