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Release Date 08 January 2024 (Monday)
Category Chapter Pack DLC
Cost $19.99
1,750 Auric CellsIconCurrency auricCellsIconCurrency auricCellsIconCurrency auricCells
31,500 Iridescent ShardsIconCurrency iridescentShardsIconCurrency iridescentShardsIconCurrency iridescentShards
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The Macabre Tales Pack is the third Chapter Pack DLC for Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo, released on 8 January 2024.
The Pack is included in the Gold Edition of Dead by Daylight.

This DLC features the following content:

It replaced the following original Chapter DLCs, which are no longer purchasable separately outside of the in-game Store:


Tragedy strikes in the Macabre Tales Pack, which includes 7 playable Characters from four of Dead by Daylight's most experimental Chapters yet: Descend Beyond, A Binding of Kin, All-Kill, and Hour of The Witch.

Descend beyond the boundaries of science. Witness a bond thicker than blood itself. Lose yourself in a crescendo of cruelty. Take comfort in the moonlight of the witching hour. The ultimate multiplayer horror experience awaits in this incredible Pack, featuring three original Killers and four original Survivors to bring into The Fog.

Killer: The Blight[]

Main article: Talbot Grimes

The Blight's Info[]

YK charSelect portrait

A bright and ambitious chemist from Scotland, Talbot Grimes sought to enhance humanity through the use of his compounds. During his time at the British East India Company, he created a drug that increased workers’ productivity while reducing their need for rest. Despite the rewards he reaped, the drug had fatal side effects, putting workers’ lives in jeopardy for profit.

He amassed enemies, and one such man had him abducted, bound, beaten, and left for dead.

Barely clinging to life, Talbot was rescued and nursed back to health by the disciples of an ancient mystery school. There, monks studied forbidden texts, striving to expand the human mind in the search for other dimensions. In return for saving Talbot, they asked for his help, believing his knowledge could lead them to their goal. Yet, when he nearly reached his breakthrough, they had him drugged and dumped into an opium den.

Frantic to remember his research, a whisper reached out from the corner of his mind to help. He grabbed a stone and etched into the wall. When there was nowhere left to write, he carved the message into his chest. Stained with blood, he witnessed a miracle appear before him—a field of lush, orange flowers. The whispered voice urged him to enter the field and discover dimensions beyond human comprehension. As the orange flowers wilted around him, he descended further into darkness.

The Blight's Power[]

IconPowers blightedCorruption

"Pustula Serum courses through his veins, corrupting his mind and body, yet granting him unnatural physical abilities."

The Blight starts the Trial with 5 Tokens.

Using Blighted Corruption consumes -1 Token per Rush / Lethal Rush.

Press the Power button to initiate a Rush that lasts for up to 3 seconds:

  • Increases his Movement speed to 9.2 m/s.
  • Reduces his manoeuvrability.
  • Suppresses his ability to perform an attack.

Running into obstacles or walls during a Rush causes The Blight to perform a Slam and opens the Chain Rush Window.

Press the Power button during the Chain Rush Window to chain a Lethal Rush that lasts for up to 3 seconds:

  • Increases his Movement speed to 9.2 m/s.
  • Reduces his manoeuvrability.
  • Grants the ability to perform an attack by pressing the Attack button.

After either the Chain Rush Window closes, the final Lethal Rush elapses, or The Blight fails to perform a Slam, he enters a state of Fatigue for 2.5 seconds.

The Blight's Perks[]

IconPerks dragonsGrip
Dragon's Grip Performing the Damage Generator Action on a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generators activates Dragon's Grip for the next 30 seconds:
  • The first Survivor interacting with the damaged Generator will scream, revealing their location for 4 seconds, and suffer from the ExposedIconStatusEffects exposedIconStatusEffects exposedIconStatusEffects exposed Status Effect for 60 seconds.

Dragon's Grip has a cool-down of 60/50/40 seconds.

"Such potential in this compound... even the slightest trace causes unnatural effects." — Journal of Talbot Grimes

IconPerks hexBloodFavour
Hex: Blood Favour A Hex that gains the favour of The EntityIconHelp entityIconHelp entityIconHelp entity when blood is spilt.
  • Whenever a Survivor loses a Health StateIconStatusEffects healingIconStatusEffects healingIconStatusEffects healing by any means and thus enters the Injured StateIconHelp injuredIconHelp injuredIconHelp injured or the Dying StateIconHelp dyingIconHelp dyingIconHelp dying, Hex: Blood Favour calls upon The Entity to block all PalletsIconHelp pullDownIconHelp pullDownIconHelp pullDown within 24/28/32 metres of that Survivor's location from being pulled down for the next 15 seconds.

All effects of the Hex Perk persist until its Hex TotemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totem is cleansed or blessed.

"It would be no leap of the imagination to suggest that the Trials are a biological response of sorts." — Journal of Talbot Grimes

IconPerks hexUndying
Hex: Undying A Hex which maintains the vile powers that flow throughout the Trial.

The AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of Survivors within 2/3/4 metres of any Dull TotemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totem are revealed to you.

  • When another Perk's Hex TotemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totem is cleansed or blessed, its Hex is transferred to the Hex: Undying Totem, including any accumulated Tokens, disabling Hex: Undying instead.

All effects of the Hex Perk persist until its Hex TotemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totem is cleansed or blessed.

Killer: The Twins[]

The Twins' Info[]

K22 charSelect portrait

A pair of conjoined twins from 17th century France, Charlotte and Victor Deshayes formed an emotional bond like none other. Born into a life of persecution, they fled to the countryside with their mother, Madeleine, accused by witch hunters of birthing demons. When the trio was finally caught, the children were forced to watch their mother burn before being sold to a mysterious group clad in black cloaks. Prisoners to the cult, they took part in unusual experiments, their animosity towards humanity growing each day. The pair eventually fled, in the process burning the cult’s temple to the ground. Though Charlotte ran to the safety of a nearby forest, her brother — still affixed to her body—died in the escape.

For years to come, Charlotte skulked through the alleys and sewers of France, stealing and finding shelter where she could, avoiding the black cloaks at all cost. She made sure to tend to the corpse of her rotting brother, seeing him as her only remaining family. During a frigid winter, Charlotte, weakened and starving, realized her time was coming to an end. As she gave into the comfort of death, a vicious shriek pierced her ears. Impossibly, Victor spasmed and flailed from her chest, spilling to the ground in a bloody puddle. Before she could react, the boy skittered into a dense, unnatural fog that grew around the two. Stunned, yet horrified at the thought of losing Victor, she charged into the fog, determined to reunite with her only kin.

The Twins' Power[]

IconPowers bloodBond
IconPowers bloodBond victor

"Though forever bound through blood and trauma, The Twins have been granted the power to separate from their shared body.
Together they hunt as brother and sister, doubling the threat to Survivors."

Their shared bond allows The Twins to take control individually.

The Twins see the other sibling's AuraIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras at all times.

Press the Power button while controlling Charlotte to unbind Victor from her chest, granting him control while she enters a Dormant State.

While in the Dormant State, Charlotte experiences the following effects:

  • Suppresses her Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadiusIconHelp terrorRadiusIconHelp terrorRadius and the Red Stain.
  • Allows her to temporarily retain her collision with Survivors for 30 seconds.

Press the Secondary Power button to switch control between CharlotteAtl Hud PB SwitchToCharlotte and VictorAtl Hud PB SwitchToVictor at will.

Victor experiences the following effects while controlling him:

  • Hides the Status HUD and disables all active effects from Charlotte's PerksIconHelp perksIconHelp perksIconHelp perks and Add-onsIconHelp addonsIconHelp addonsIconHelp addons.
  • Suppresses the ability to see Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarksIconHelp scratchMarksIconHelp scratchMarks.
  • Increases his Movement speed to 6.0 m/s.
  • Pools of BloodIconStatusEffects bleedingIconStatusEffects bleedingIconStatusEffects bleeding appear to him in bright red.
  • Grants the ability to search LockersIconHelp lockersIconHelp lockersIconHelp lockers for Survivors.
    • If he finds one, control will automatically revert to Charlotte while Victor keeps the hiding Survivor trapped inside for 10 seconds.

When controlling Charlotte while Victor is unbound, she benefits from the following effect:

  • Survivors walking or running inside Victor's Shriek range trigger Killer Instinct.
    • This effect lingers for 1.5 seconds after leaving the Shriek range.
    • Crouching avoids triggering the effect altogether.

Press and hold the Power button while controlling Victor to charge a Pounce.
Press the Attack button to unleash it, causing him to leap forwardsAtl Hud ATK Pounce.

Hitting Survivors with a Pounce causes the following effects:

  • Victor latches onto healthy Survivors, causing control to automatically revert to Charlotte.
  • Victor downs already injured Survivors, instead of latching on, causing control to remain with him.

Missing a Pounce leaves Victor vulnerable for 3 seconds, giving nearby Survivors a chance to Crush him.

Pouncing onto obstacles taller than himself causes Victor to automatically dissolve and return to Charlotte.

The Survivor Victor has latched himself onto suffers permanently from the following effects until they either manage to remove him or they are downed by Charlotte:

  • Suffers from the BrokenIconStatusEffects brokenIconStatusEffects brokenIconStatusEffects broken, IncapacitatedIconStatusEffects incapacitatedIconStatusEffects incapacitatedIconStatusEffects incapacitated, and ObliviousIconStatusEffects obliviousIconStatusEffects obliviousIconStatusEffects oblivious Status Effects.
  • Suppresses their ability to enter Lockers.
  • Suppresses their ability to leave through the Exit GatesIconHelp exitGatesIconHelp exitGatesIconHelp exitGates.
    • This effect lingers for 5 seconds after removing Victor.
  • Triggers Killer Instinct on other nearby Survivors.

Survivors can counter Victor in two ways: Crushing or Removing:

  • Crushing is available whenever Victor is idling and control is with Charlotte, or for a short duration after a Pounce without him latching on, and takes 0.35 seconds to complete.
  • Removing is available whenever Victor is latched onto a Survivor and takes 8 seconds to complete.

Victor will automatically return to Charlotte after idling for 90 seconds.
Charlotte can recall him earlier whenever she desires.

The Twins' Perks[]

IconPerks coupDeGrâce
Coup de Grâce As the end nears, you go in for the kill.

Whenever a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generators is completed, Coup de Grâce gains 2 Tokens, up to a maximum of 10 Tokens:

  • Increases the distance of your next Lunge Attack by 70/75/80 %, while consuming 1 Token.
Coup de Grâce can only hold a maximum of 5 Tokens at a time.
IconPerks hoarder
Hoarder You protect what little you have and are perceptive to those rummaging through your stockpiles.

Hoarder triggers a Loud Noise Notification for 4 seconds, whenever a Survivor performs any of the following actions within 32/48/64 metres of your location:

Hoarder spawns 2 additional Chests in the Trial.

IconPerks oppression
Oppression Life has been difficult for you, so you will make it difficult for others.

Performing the Damage Generator Action on a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generators activates Oppression:

  • Causes up to 3 additional Generators to also start regressing.
  • Triggers a difficult Skill CheckIconHelp skillChecksIconHelp skillChecksIconHelp skillChecks for all Survivors currently repairing an affected Generator.
Oppression has a cool-down of 60/50/40 seconds.

"Damn them as they would damn us." — Charlotte Deshayes

Killer: The Trickster[]

Main article: Ji-Woon Hak

The Trickster's Info[]

K23 charSelect portrait

A vain and talented singer, Ji-Woon thrived under the attention of others. His talent caught the attention of Yun-Jin Lee, a producer with Mightee One Entertainment. She recruited him into the boy band, NO SPIN, kickstarting a lifestyle of fame and celebrity. Yet, over time, the thrill faded. He begrudged his bandmates for dividing the adoration deserved for himself. When a fire broke out in their studio, he left them to die, their pleas for salvation exciting him. Emerging from the inferno, he played the part of bereaved survivor, though he secretly harboured a newfound addiction in controlling the lives—and deaths—of others. He began abducting victims to torture and kill. Murder scenes became elaborate art pieces, and the screams of the dead were recorded and secretly woven into his tracks.

As murder became his artistic outlet, his music faltered. Mightee One's executives reacted by restricting his creative control. He considered this a grave insult. His revenge came three months later at a private show planned for the executive board. Nitrous oxide seeped into the hall, incapacitating each member. Ji-Woon bound and tortured them on-stage in an elaborate performance. Only Yun-Jin was given a stay of execution — his favourite allowed to be the sole audience member, eyes pried open. As the show ended, he bowed, and made his way to Yun-Jin, intent on tying up loose ends. But before he could strike — The Fog. Billowing in, it revealed a realm adorned with rusted hooks, sustained by a million eyes that would watch him, run from him, experience him. All he had to do was accept, become an implement of The Fog and, most importantly, make them scream.

The Trickster's Power[]

IconPowers showstopper
IconPowers showstopper mainEvent
IconPowers showstopper mainEventCooldown

"A mesmerising skill honed through a lifetime of practice, Ji-Woon Hak unleashes a flurry of knives with rapid-fire speed."

The Trickster stars the Trial with 44 Blades equipped.

Press and hold the Power button to enter the Throw State and wind up the Blades.
Release the Power button to exit the Throw State.

While in the Throw State, with a Blade at the ready, press the Attack button to throw a single one or press and hold it to unleash a flurry of them:

  • Blades are launched at a rate of 3⅓ Blades per second.
  • Blades are launched at a speed of 55 m/s for up to 128 metres.
  • Reduces his Movement speed to 3.86 m/s.

Blades can be replenished at LockersIconHelp lockersIconHelp lockersIconHelp lockers.
The AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of Blades inside Lockers are automatically revealed to The Trickster within 36 metres, when he is out of them.

Survivors hit with Blades accumulate +1 Charge of Laceration, filling their Laceration Meter.
Once the Laceration Meter is full at 8 Charges, the affected Survivor suffers from the following effects:

Laceration starts dissipating at a rate of -0.5 c/s, if a Survivor is not hit by a Blade for 15 seconds, and immediately loses -3 Charges, if they are hit with a Basic Attack.

In addition to filling the Laceration Meter, each successful hit with Blades simultaneously charges the Main Event Meter at the same rate.
Once the Main Event Meter is full at 8 Charges, press the Secondary Power button to activate Main Event for a minimum of 6 seconds, unless The Trickster cancels it prematurely by pressing the Secondary Power button again:

  • Grants the ability to throw an unlimited amount of Blades.
  • Increases the Throw rate of Blades by +66 %.
  • Increases the duration of Main Event by +0.5 seconds per obtained Combo Rank.

The Trickster's Perks[]

IconPerks hexCrowdControl
Hex: Crowd Control A Hex that ensures those lesser than you are properly herded.

Whenever a Survivor performs a Rush Vault action, Hex: Crowd Control triggers its effect:

  • Blocks the vaulted Window to every Survivor for the next 40/50/60 seconds.
All effects of the Hex Perk persist until its Hex TotemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totem is cleansed or blessed.

"You have no control. People like you never did." — Ji-Woon Hak

IconPerks noWayOut
No Way Out You are not going to let just anyone into the VIP room.

For each Survivor you hook for the first time, No Way Out gains 1 Token.
Once the Exit GatesIconHelp exitGatesIconHelp exitGatesIconHelp exitGates have been powered, No Way Out activates:

  • When a Survivor interacts with an Exit Gate Switch, you receive a Loud Noise Notification and The EntityIconHelp entityIconHelp entityIconHelp entity blocks both Exit Gate SwitchesIconHelp exitGatesIconHelp exitGatesIconHelp exitGates for 12 seconds and an additional 6/9/12 seconds per Token in your possession, up to a combined maximum of 36/48/60 seconds.

"That sound when you bleed... let me hear it again." — Ji-Woon Hak

IconPerks starstruck
Starstruck Your unmatched showmanship dazzles all.

When carrying a Survivor, Starstruck activates:

  • Survivors suffer from the ExposedIconStatusEffects exposedIconStatusEffects exposedIconStatusEffects exposed Status Effect while in your Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadiusIconHelp terrorRadiusIconHelp terrorRadius.
  • The Status Effect lingers for 26/28/30 seconds after leaving your Terror Radius.

After hooking or dropping the carried Survivor, Starstruck deactivates:

  • The Status Effect persists for 26/28/30 seconds for any Survivor inside your Terror Radius at that moment.

Starstruck has a cool-down of 60 seconds once the Survivor is no longer being carried.

"Enjoy this moment, few get so close." — Ji-Woon Hak

Survivor: Felix Richter[]

Main article: Felix Richter

Felix's Info[]

YS charSelect portrait

Creative, enterprising, and analytical, Felix Richter is an eccentric architect with a unique vision who won several designs awards, including but not limited to the Swiss Architect Medal and the German National Design Award. Turning away from a legacy of medicine, Felix carved his way in the world of design, establishing a name for himself as an architect while establishing the ‘Richter and Golder’ firm with his friend and colleague, Lauren Golder.

Despite his success, he was unable to shake the sense that he was a 'hack' and often distracted his anxious mind with booze and parties. When Felix discovered he was going to be a father, he quickly pulled his life together and focused on a project that he believed would prove his worth as an architect.

Returning to an island where his father and other members of his father’s secret society disappeared, Felix began extensive plans to restore and reinvent the old, crumbling Victorian buildings. As he surveyed the ruins of the island, he thought he saw his father beckoning him through a gathering fog below. Without hesitation, Felix descended into the darkness beyond and was never seen again.

Felix's Perks[]

IconPerks builtToLast
Built to Last You know how to get the most out of your tools.

Hiding inside a LockerIconHelp lockersIconHelp lockersIconHelp lockers for 14/13/12 seconds while carrying a depleted ItemIconHelp itemsIconHelp itemsIconHelp items will replenish its Charges to 99 %.
Each use of Built to Last reduces this percentage by -33 %.
"Architecture is the soul of civilisation." — Felix Richter

IconPerks desperateMeasures
Desperate Measures You refuse to fail, even during your darkest hour.
  • Increases your Action speeds in Healing and Unhooking by 10/12/14 % for each injured, hooked, or dying Survivor, up to a maximum of 40/48/56 %.

"When they come with a wrecking ball, build stronger walls." — Felix Richter

IconPerks visionary
Visionary You are remarkably focused on your means of escape.
  • The AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of GeneratorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generators are revealed to you within 32 metres.
  • Each time a Generator is completed, Visionary is deactivated for 20/18/16 seconds.

Felix's Cosmetic Piece[]

The World Class - An exceptional jacket and vest combo, worn during Felix's reception of the German National Design Award.

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Icon Name Body Rarity Description DLC
S23 Torso01 01 The World Class CategoryIcon torso Common An exceptional jacket and vest combo, worn during Felix's reception of the German National Design Award. CHAPTER 17: Descend Beyond

Survivor: Élodie Rakoto[]

Main article: Élodie Rakoto

Élodie's Info[]

S24 charSelect portrait

Cunning, smart, and defiant Élodie Rakoto was born into a lush Parisian household, miles away from her parents' birthplace, Madagascar. She was only fourteen when she lost her parents during a trip to Dyer island. No rational explanation was found to account for her parents' disappearance. Grief-stricken and guilt-ridden, Élodie descended into depression before she turned to the occult for answers.

Fourteen years later, Élodie was still searching for her missing parents. She’d compiled legends, gathered relics, and examined records from ancient civilizations who had sought the incomprehensible Thing that had taken her parents. She’d discovered various names for it: The Abyss, The Infinite, The Hole.

Élodie was about to recover a crucial relic when she was apprehended by the Black Vale, a ring of occult fanatics rumoured to perform human sacrifices. As she attempted to escape, she was hit by a faintly familiar scent of vanilla-spiked fruits and lychee nuts. Then a thin, tropical rain drizzled down her face. She'd stepped into a dreamlike place she'd envisioned so many times as a child.


The soft canopy soil under her feet suddenly turned ashen and collapsed. She sank into something dense and cold that swallowed her like quicksand. She screamed, before being smothered by... the abyss...the infinite... the hole...

Élodie's Perks[]

IconPerks appraisal
Appraisal You have a careful eye that notices what many overlook.

Start the Trial with 3 Tokens:

  • When a ChestIconHelp chestsIconHelp chestsIconHelp chests has already been opened, consume 1 Token to rummage through it for an ItemIconHelp itemsIconHelp itemsIconHelp items.
  • Rummage through Chests 40/60/80 % faster.

Rummaging is only available once per Chest.

IconPerks deception
Deception Your adventurous lifestyle requires moments of crafty misdirection.

Interacting with a LockerIconHelp lockersIconHelp lockersIconHelp lockers while holding the Sprint button has the following effects:

  • You do not enter the Locker.
  • The Locker's doors swing open and close swiftly, feining a Survivor entering it.
  • Triggers a Loud Noise Notification at the Locker's location, feining a Survivor rushing to enter it.
  • Suppresses the creation of Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarksIconHelp scratchMarksIconHelp scratchMarks and Pools of BloodIconStatusEffects bleedingIconStatusEffects bleedingIconStatusEffects bleeding for 3 seconds.
Deception has a cool-down of 60/50/40 seconds.
IconPerks powerStruggle
Power Struggle You have never given up and you are not about to start now.

While being carried by The Killer, reaching 25/20/15 % Wiggling progression activates Power Struggle:

  • You can drop a nearby, standing Pallet to stun the Killer and escape their grasp.

Power Struggle deactivates after triggering successfully.

"I relied on others to protect me once and I lost everything. Never again." — Élodie Rakoto

Élodie's Cosmetic Piece[]

Sunset Crop - A comfortable crop top that's shared many adventures with Élodie.

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Icon Name Body Rarity Description DLC
S24 Torso01 01 Sunset Crop CategoryIcon torso Common A comfortable crop top that's shared many adventures with Élodie. CHAPTER 18: A Binding of Kin

Survivor: Yun-Jin Lee[]

Main article: Yun-Jin Lee

Yun-Jin Lee's Info[]

S25 charSelect portrait

Resilient and ambitious, Yun-Jin Lee was born into a life of hardship finding success in the music industry after years of effort and self-sacrifice. At seventeen, she auditioned for renowned record label Mightee One Entertainment. While she was rejected as an idol trainee, she obtained an unpaid internship at the studio. For the following years, she created some of the studio's biggest hits, without any credit or recognition. To get her dues, she emerged in the public eye wearing flamboyant fashion and put soundbites into her songs that looped her artist name, Magnum Opus. Fans began to recognize her songs and she became the producer of NO SPIN, a poorly performing boy band that needed her special touch.

To make NO SPIN stand out, she added a fresh recruit to their rank: Ji-Woon Hak. Within hours their first video was a viral sensation. But their success took a tragic turn when a fire engulfed the recording studio. All members of NO SPIN perished except one: Ji-Woon. To save both of their careers, Yun-Jin created a new single that re-launched Ji-Woon as the Trickster. The new single broke records internationally, launching Trickster's global tour. While success greeted them on every shore, so did a series of disturbing murders.

Then pressure came from Mightee One Entertainment who disapproved the violent themes in the Trickster's music. Yun-Jin and Ji-Woon were given three months to create a commercial hit. When the time came, Yun-Jin took a seat next to the executives, confident that the Trickster's performance would impress them. What followed was a terrifying nightmare come to life.

Yun-Jin's Perks[]

IconPerks fastTrack
Fast Track Sometimes the sacrifice of others is necessary to get ahead.

Whenever another Survivor is hooked, Fast Track gains 1/2/3 Tokens, up to a maximum of 9/18/27 Token(s).

  • You consume all accumulated Tokens after a Great Skill CheckIconHelp skillChecksIconHelp skillChecksIconHelp skillChecks on a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generators.
  • Each Token grants a stack-able 1 % Progression bonus in addition to the default Progression bonus for succeeding a Great Skill Check.

"The weak are sacrificed first. It's nature, it's business... it's the truth most refuse to face." — Yun-Jin Lee

IconPerks self-Preservation
Self-Preservation Life is unforgiving.

The more confirmation you get of that, the more prepared you become.
Whenever another Survivor is hit with a Basic Attack or Special Attack within 16 metres of you, Self-Preservation activates:

"Something I learnt in the industry: when the axe is swinging, keep your head down." — Yun-Jin Lee

IconPerks smashHit
Smash Hit When your rival makes a mistake, you seize the opportunity.

Stunning the Killer with a PalletIconHelp pullDownIconHelp pullDownIconHelp pullDown triggers Smash Hit:

  • Grants a +50 % HasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects haste Status Effect for 4 seconds.
Smash Hit causes the ExhaustedIconStatusEffects exhaustedIconStatusEffects exhaustedIconStatusEffects exhausted Status Effect for 30/25/20 seconds.
Smash Hit cannot be used when Exhausted.

"I have dealt with psychopaths in suits. You're just uglier and worse dressed." — Yun-Jin Lee

Yun-Jin's Cosmetic Piece[]

Polka Dotted Blouse - A faux fur coat over a ruffled, polka dotted blouse tucked inside the skirt for a corporate and edgy look.

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Icon Name Body Rarity Description DLC
S25 Torso01 04 Polka Dotted Blouse CategoryIcon torso Uncommon A faux fur coat over a ruffled, polka dotted blouse tucked inside the skirt for a corporate and edgy look. CHAPTER 19: All-Kill

Survivor: Mikaela Reid[]

Main article: Mikaela Reid

Mikaela's Info[]

S28 charSelect portrait

Haunted by the passing of her father, new Survivor Mikaela Reid found comfort in the unlikeliest of sources: horror stories. The more she read, the more she also wrote, sharpening her own tales of horror while developing a keen interest in witchcraft. After receiving an invitation to read her work at the renown Endless Halloween Festival, Mikaela found herself plagued by a series of disturbing events. Recurring nightmares. Strange visions. The disappearance of a friend. When she finally took to the stage on All Hallow's Eve to tell her tale a thick black Fog engulfed her, to the audience’s amazement. Mikaela Reid was never seen again.

Mikaela's Perks[]

IconPerks boonCircleOfHealing
Boon: Circle of Healing A Boon that offers comfort amidst the terror.

Press and hold the Active Ability button on a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon TotemAtl Hud Icon BoonTotemAtl Hud Icon BoonTotemAtl Hud Icon BoonTotem.
Soft chimes ring out in a radius of 24 metres.

All Survivors benefit from the following effects when inside the Boon Totem's radius:

  • Increases Altruistic Healing speeds by 50/75/100 % when not using a Med-KitIconItems firstAidKitIconItems firstAidKitIconItems firstAidKit.
  • If a Survivor is injured, their AuraIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras will be revealed to all other Survivors.
Survivors can only be affected by one instance of Boon: Circle of Healing at a time.

Only one Totem can be blessed by your Boon Perks at a time and all of their effects are active on the same Boon Totem.

"Try this, it is better than anything you'll find in a pharmacy." — Mikaela Reid

IconPerks boonShadowStep
Boon: Shadow Step A Boon that conceals the truth.

Press and hold the Active Ability button on a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon TotemAtl Hud Icon BoonTotemAtl Hud Icon BoonTotemAtl Hud Icon BoonTotem.
Soft chimes ring out in a radius of 24 metres.

All Survivors benefit from the following effects when inside the Boon Totem's radius:

  • Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarksIconHelp scratchMarksIconHelp scratchMarks are suppressed.
  • AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras are hidden from The Killer.
    • Both effects linger for 2/3/4 seconds after leaving the Boon Totem's range.
Only one Totem can be blessed by your Boon Perks at a time and all of their effects are active on the same Boon Totem.

"Stick to the shadows and cover your tracks." — Mikaela Reid

IconPerks clairvoyance
Clairvoyance There is an intrinsic energy in you that sees beyond your vision.

Whenever you cleanse or bless a TotemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totem, Clairvoyance activates:

"Does anyone else see that? Just me?" — Mikaela Reid

Mikaela's Cosmetic Piece[]

Crescent Camisole - A cropped camisole with moon crescent patterns, matched with a long, cape-like coat.

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Icon Name Body Rarity Description DLC
S28 Torso01 04 Crescent Camisole CategoryIcon torso Uncommon A cropped camisole with moon crescent patterns, matched with a long, cape-like coat. CHAPTER 21.5: Hour of the Witch


  • The difference in this DLC's pricing for Auric Cells and Iridescent Shards compared to the Maddening Darkness Pack and the Old Wounds Pack comes from the fact that compared to those two, the Macabre Tales Pack has one fewer Character to purchase individually from the in-game Store, as those prices are just the tallied up prices of all associated Characters.
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