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Lurking Stripes was a Lunar New Year Event in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png that took place between 25 January and 8 February 2022.

It kicked off the in-game celebrations in honour of the Chinese Year of the Tiger.


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The Event allowed Players to unlock Cosmetic Rewards, as well as find the Chinese Firecracker FulliconItems chineseFirecracker.png and Festive Toolbox FulliconItems festiveToolbox.png Items in their Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.png and in Chests IconHelp chests.png.
There was also a daily Log-in Reward of 50,000 Bloodpoints each day.

In-game changes[]

LurkingStripes LoadingScreen.jpg
  • Added a Lunar-New-Year-themed Lobby.
  • Re-enabled the Moonrise Theme Music.
  • Re-enabled the Lunar Hook IconHelpLoading hook.png Model.
  • Re-enabled the Lunar Generator IconHelpLoading generators.png Model.
  • Re-enabled the Red Envelope FulliconFavors redEnvelope.png Offering.
    • Added a new Red Envelope object that acts as means to unlock the Cosmetics and behaves similarly to a Glyph QuestIcons glyph.png.
  • Re-enabled the Festive Toolbox FulliconItems festiveToolbox.png Item.

Lunar Bonus Bloodpoints[]

Since the Event replaced all Generators and Hooks with their Lunar Celebration counterparts, all Survivors would automatically receive bonus Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints.png for each repaired Generator and Killers would automatically receive bonus Bloodpoints for each Survivor they put on a Hook.

All instances of the Red Envelope FulliconFavors redEnvelope.png Offering would award additional bonus Bloodpoints on top of that.

Red Envelope[]

FulliconFavors redEnvelope.png NO LONGER AVAILABLE

A gesture of generosity to bring good fortune to the unfortunate.

  • Calls upon The Entity IconHelp entity.png to generate 1 Red Envelope per Player.
    • The Aura IconHelp auras.png of your Red Envelope is revealed to you at the start of the Trial.
    • Interacting with your Red Envelope reveals its Aura to all other Players in the Trial until it is claimed.
    • Opening another Player's Red Envelope awards you with a random amount of Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints.png.
    • When another Player opens your Red Envelope during the Trial, you are awarded Bloodpoints and a Cosmetic from the Lurking Stripes Collection.

Only playable during the Lurking Stripes Event.

Event Mechanics[]

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Event Rewards[]

In addition to the additional bonus Bloodpoints awarded for interacting with the Red Envelopes, Players could open another Player's Red Envelope during the Trial; doing so would reward them with one of the 10 Event Cosmetic Rewards and grant the owner of the Red Envelope bonus Bloodpoints:

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Icon Name Type Rarity Description Character
DK Legs007 01.png Striped Punk Pants CategoryIcon legs.png Event Stripped pair of pants cut tight to give the freedom to pogo or give someone a good shoeing. David King
MS Torso02 04.png Striped Top CategoryIcon torso.png Event A printed top that is comfortable and festive. Pair it with some well-chosen accessories for added sophistication. Jane Romero
GS Head007 01.png Claw-Marked Beanie CategoryIcon head.png Event Soft knitted beanie with a pattern of claw marks as if torn by a leaping tiger. Ideal to keep your head warm and face the worst of winter with flair. Kate Denson
TRW03 03.png Golden Stinger CategoryIcon weapons.png Event A metal blade welded with gold to create a striped pattern of pain. Evan MacMillan
GK Head006 01.png Savage Smile CategoryIcon head.png Event A dressy doll hat to match the dark stripes covering his face for a unique performance. Who could mistake that face lurking in the dark? Kenneth Chase alias Jeffrey Hawk
TN Body03 03.png Festive Gown CategoryIcon body.png Event A long lavish gown, lined with silky, golden fabric. Once worn to celebrate her wedding anniversary. Sally Smithson
K26 Head01 02.png Glaring Blood CategoryIcon head.png Event She painted her face to reflect the way she saw the world. Carmina Mora
K26 Body01 02.png Entrancing Gown CategoryIcon body.png Event A gown embellished with subtle, intricate stripes, displaying her festive mood. Carmina Mora
JU 034.png Courageous Tiger Charm Icon.png Event A statuette depicting the third animal of the Chinese zodiac. Universal
JU 033.png Lunar Tiger Charm Icon.png Event A brave predator with a ferocious bite. Universal


  • The physical manifestation of the Red Envelope shared the behaviour of a Glyph QuestIcons glyph.png.
  • The Red Envelope marked the first time an Event object rewarded its owner when others interacted with it, rather than when the owner did it themselves.



Revealing a Red Envelope Opening a Red Envelope


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