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The Loud Noise Notifications are an integral core Game Mechanic in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.


Loud Noise Notifications are a mechanic unique to Killers, alerting them to Survivors rushing actions.

HUD Indicator[]

Whenever a Survivor triggers a Loud Noise Notification within 48 metres of the Killer, it will create an explosion sound effect for the Killer, alerting them to the event.

If the Killer is looking in the direction of the Loud Noise Notification, they will also see an explosion bubble at that location.
If the Killer is not looking in the direction of the Loud Noise Notification when it triggers, their HUD will display red arrows pointing in the direction of the event, indicating where the Killer needs to look.

For most actions that trigger a Loud Noise notification, the Killer will only be notified if they are within 48 metres of its origin.
Beyond that range, the Loud Noise Notification will not trigger.

The exceptions to this are failed Sabotage attempts, for which the Killer will be notified within 64 metres, and failed Generator IconHelpLoading generators.png Skill Checks IconHelp skillChecks.png, and Hook IconHelpLoading hook.png Rescues/Escapes, which are not capped in range.


Survivors trigger Loud Noise Notifications by rushing actions (holding the Sprint button while performing them) or by failing Skill Checks IconHelp skillChecks.png.
Examples for rushed actions are fast-vaulting Pallets IconHelp pullDown.png or Windows IconHelp window.png, and rushing in and out of Lockers IconHelp lockers.png.

Perks and Powers that induce Aura-Flare-ups are always accompanied with a Loud Noise Notification.


Perks (Killer)[]

Deathbound Deathbound
Those whose lives are intertwined in darkness are destined to suffer together.

When a Survivor heals another Survivor for the equivalent of 1 Health StateIconStatusEffects healing.png at least 32 metres away from you, that Survivor will scream, revealing their location and activating Deathbound:

  • For the next 60 seconds, that Survivor suffers from the ObliviousIconStatusEffects oblivious.png Status Effect when farther than 16/12/8 metres away from the healed Survivor.
Discordance Discordance
Any GeneratorIconHelpLoading generators.png within a range of 64/96/128 metres that is being repaired by 2 or more Survivors is marked by a yellow AuraIconHelp auras.png.
  • When the Generator is first highlighted, Discordance triggers a Loud Noise Notification on the Generator.
  • After the Generator is no long within range or is being repaired by just 1 Survivor, the highlighted Aura will linger for another 4 seconds.

"Smartasses get killed. We always see to that." — The Legion

Dragon's Grip Dragon's Grip
After kicking a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generators.png, for the next 30 seconds, the first Survivor interacting with it will scream, revealing their location for 4 seconds, and suffers from the ExposedIconStatusEffects exposed.png Status Effect for 60 seconds.

Dragon's Grip has a cool-down of 120/100/80 seconds.

"Such potential in this compound... even the slightest trace causes unnatural effects." — Journal of Talbot Grimes
Hangman's Trick Hangman's Trick
Unlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability and your ingenious modifications to HooksIconHelpLoading hook.png alert you of tampering.

"No excuses, no equivocations... No crying." — Amanda Young

Hoarder Hoarder
You protect what little you have and are perceptive to those rummaging through your stockpiles.

Hoarder triggers a Loud Noise Notification, whenever a Survivor performs any of the following actions within 32/48/64 metres of you:

  • Unlocks a ChestIconHelp chests.png.
  • Picks up any ItemIconHelp items.png, including Limited Items.

Hoarder spawns 2 additional chests in the Trial.

Infectious Fright Infectious Fright
The cries of the unfaithful make your heart leap.

Whenever a Survivor is put into the Dying StateIconHelp dying.png by any means, all other Survivors within your Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadius.png will scream and reveal their current location to you for 4/5/6 seconds.

"Horror overcomes the heart of infidels who cry at the feet of the fallen." — (Hymn of Praise, 11.4)
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden
You open LockersIconHelp lockers.png 30/40/50 % faster.

Survivor's who exit Lockers suffer from the ExposedIconStatusEffects exposed.png Status Effect for 30 seconds and their location is revealed to you for 4 seconds.

"This is no place for cowards." — The Legion
No Way Out No Way Out
You are not going to let just anyone into the VIP room.

For each Survivor you hook for the first time, No Way Out gains 1 Token.
Once the Exit GatesIconHelp exitGates.png have been powered, No Way Out activates:

  • When a Survivor interacts with an Exit Gate Switch, you receive a Loud Noise Notification and The EntityIconHelp entity.png blocks both Exit Gate SwitchesIconHelp exitGates.png for 12 seconds and an additional 6/9/12 seconds per Token in your possession, up to a combined maximum of 36/48/60 seconds.

"That sound when you bleed... let me hear it again." — Ji-Woon Hak

Rancor Rancor
You become obsessed with one Survivor.

Each time a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generators.png is completed:

  • Your AuraIconHelp auras.png is revealed to the ObsessionIconHelp obsession.png for 5/4/3 seconds.
  • All Survivors' locations are revealed to you for 3 seconds.

Once all Generators are completed:

  • The Obsession suffers from a permanent ExposedIconStatusEffects exposed.png Status Effect.
  • You are granted the ability to kill the Obsession by your own hand.

You can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

Spies from the Shadows Spies from the Shadows
The Crows found in the Trial Grounds can communicate with you directly.

Spies from the Shadows has a cool-down of 5 seconds between alerts.

"In the shadows they torment, scarring our minds with each scream."

Tinkerer Tinkerer
Whenever a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generators.png is repaired to 70 %, you benefit from the following effects:

Perks (Survivor)[]

Bite the Bullet Bite the Bullet
Pain hurts you as much as anyone, but you would prefer others do not know that.

When healing yourself or another SurvivorIconHelpLoading survivor.png, Grunts of Pain and all noises related to the Healing action are suppressed:

"I can do this." — Leon Scott Kennedy
Deception Deception
Your adventurous lifestyle requires moments of crafty misdirection.

Interact with a LockerIconHelp lockers.png while holding the Sprint button to trigger a Loud Noise Notification for the killer at your location instead of entering the Locker.

Deception can only be triggered once every 60/50/40 seconds.

Diversion Diversion
Activate-able perk.

Standing within the Killer's Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadius.png while not in a Chase for 40/35/30 seconds activates Diversion.
Once Diversion is activated, press the Active Ability button while crouched and motionless to throw a pebble, creating a distraction for the Killer at a distance of 20 metres.
The distraction consists of the following:

Diversion's timer resets once the ability has been activated.
"There's what is easy and then there's what is right. If you confuse the two, there's no telling what you become." — Adam Francis

Quick & Quiet Quick & Quiet
You do not make as much noise as others when quickly vaulting over obstacles or hiding in Lockers.

Quick & Quiet has a cool-down of 30/25/20 seconds.

Red Herring Red Herring
You have noticed that people pay attention to whatever makes the loudest noise.

After repairing a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generators.png for at least 3 seconds, its AuraIconHelp auras.png is highlighted to you in yellow.

  • The Generator stays highlighted until it is either fully repaired, you start repairing another Generator, or enter a LockerIconHelp lockers.png.
  • Entering a Locker will trigger a Loud Noise Notification for the Killer at the highlighted Generator's location.

Red Herring has a cool-down of 60/50/40 seconds.
"The news edit out what is burdensome and complex. which is the truth." — Zarina Kassir

Technician Technician
You are apt at handling machinery with the greatest care and precision.

Failing a Skill CheckIconHelp skillChecks.png while repairing:

  • Prevents the Generator Explosion.
  • Applies the default Regression penalty.
  • Applies an additional Regression penalty of 5/4/3 %.

Technician reduces the audible range of your Generator-repairing noises by 8 metres.
"I am gonna stealth this one." — Min Feng


  • Loud Noise notification have a cool-down of 1 second.
  • Before Chests IconHelp chests.png were reworked and had to be searched instead of being unlocked, Survivors had two animations for closing the Chest lid when interrupting the search action.
    The faster animation could be triggered by holding the Sprint button and would cause Survivors to snap the lid shut quickly, triggering a Loud Noise Notification.


Loud Noise notification and Aura-Flare-Up triggered by Madness IconStatusEffects madness.png