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Characters from the lore of Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo; that are connected to characters released with CHAPTER 27: Tools of Torment.

The Skull Merchant[]

Fireworks Company Manager | The Skull Merchant's Lore
An unnamed aggressive man known for his survival tours, he managed a fireworks company. He was lured into a decommissioned airship hangar, where he managed to survive Adrianna's hunt for hours. He survived long enough to narrowly be rescued when kites destroyed the drone tracking him, unfortunately as he reached out to Thalita and Renato, he was biseced by Adrianna.

Belinda | The Skull Merchant's Lore
Adrianna Imai's mother, the owner of a local jazz club. A good mother, she tried to raise adrianna with love and affection. When her family struggled for money, they relied on her paycheck.

João | The Skull Merchant's Lore & Adriana Imai: Memory Fragments
A fellow student in Adrianna's class. When her father's series was cut and she was unable to pay tuition fees, he took over as the top of the class. Enraged by this Adrianna found his adress, stalked him for a month and lays a trap, but ultimately did not kill him.

Seita | The Skull Merchant's Lore
Adrianna Imai's father, a manga artist born in Hokkaido, Japan. He authored the works Adi Valente and Sonhadores Sombrios.
He originally worked long hours at a cannery and spent his free time sketching, but he left his job to focus on his first manga; Adi Valente. While he enjoyed his work and obsessed over it, his family struggled for money. This struggle only became worse after his series was cut. After the failure of his first work, he began to work on a darker series, Sonhadores Sombrios but couldn't find a published that would buy it.
Eventually, after failure after failure, he walked out on his family one morning.

Adi Valente | The Skull Merchant's Lore, Adi Valente Issue 1IconAddon adiValenteIssue1IconAddon adiValenteIssue1IconAddon adiValenteIssue1 & Iridescent Unpublished ManuscriptIconAddon iridescentUnpublishedManuscriptIconAddon iridescentUnpublishedManuscriptIconAddon iridescentUnpublishedManuscript
The main character of Adi Valente, a young girl who saves and protects the weak with her quirky robot companion.

The Skull Merchant (Fictional) | The Skull Merchant's Lore, Adriana Imai: Memory Fragments, THWACK!IconPerks thwackIconPerks thwackIconPerks thwack & Game AfootIconPerks gameAfootIconPerks gameAfootIconPerks gameAfoot
The main character of Sonhadores Sombrios. Inspired by Seita's nightmare, she hunts and guts the weak in the nightmarish realm of Neo De Janiero with drones made of salvaged skulls and bones. An intelligent huntress who stalks her prey, learning everything about them and lays a trap in their routine.

Former Soldier | The Skull Merchant's Lore
Former military turned private contractor, he retired from the battlefield and to a quiet hobby farm to the northwest. Some say he survived months alone in the forest with nothing but a combat knife. He’s owns the farm that lies in middle of the factory Adrianna is trying to build. She kidnaps and brings him to a unfinished skyscraper where she slowly hunts and murders him.

Thalita Lyra & Renato Lyra[]

Thalita and Renato's Parents | Thalita's Lore & Renato's Lore
A loving mother and father who did their best to raise their kids. Their father signed bands who sold out clubs, while their mother tourists. When Renato graduated two years early, they wanted him to do charitable work before building a career. Their mother taught Thalita Jiu-Jitsu incase anything happened.

Uncle Inacio | Thalita's Lore, Renato's Lore & Thalita & Renato Lyra: Memory Fragments
Their uncle who owned a beachfront kite shop, and taught them kite fighting.

Fun Kites Rio | Thalita's Lore & Renato's Lore
Thalita and Renato's kite shop. They built it together as business partners, and between Thalita's fame and Renato's analytical mind, it became the premiere destination for kite-fighting materials.

Thalita's Agent | Thalita's Lore
A modelling agent who discorvered and made Thalita famous. He found her work in print ads and commercials, and was was eager to make her an actress.

Angelo | Thalita & Renato Lyra: Memory Fragments
A club owner who hired their father's band.