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Characters from the lore of Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo; that are connected to characters released with CHAPTER 19: All-Kill.

The Trickster & Yun-Jin Lee[]

Lucas | Chorus of Lies & Dissonance for the Dead
A talented young singer from Rio de Janeiro and The Trickster's victim.

NO SPIN | The Trickster's Lore, Yun-Jin's Lore, Inferno WiresIconAddon infernoWiresIconAddon infernoWiresIconAddon infernoWires, On Target SingleIconAddon onTargetSingleIconAddon onTargetSingleIconAddon onTargetSingle, Waiting For You WatchIconAddon waitingForYouWatchIconAddon waitingForYouWatchIconAddon waitingForYouWatch, Fizz-Spin SodaIconAddon fizz-SpinSodaIconAddon fizz-SpinSodaIconAddon fizz-SpinSoda, Cut Thru U SingleIconAddon cutThruUSingleIconAddon cutThruUSingleIconAddon cutThruUSingle & various charms and cosmetics
The band Ji-Woon Hak was a part of and whose other members were killed by a fire at Mightee One Entertainment Headquarters.

Mightee One Entertainment Executives | The Trickster's Lore & Yun-Jin's Lore
Executives of the record label which Yun-Jin Lee worked for who, at last, were disapproving of the violent theme of the The Trickster's music and it not generating revenue for the company. A few months later, a private show was held where they were killed off by Ji-Woon Hak.

Yun-Jin Lee[]

This section contains characters relating only to Yun-Jin Lee.

Yun-Jin's Sister | Yun-Jin's Lore
The younger sibling of Yun-Jin who shared a troubled childhood.

Allano Muse | Chorus of Lies
A semi-famous producer from San Diego.