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In Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png, there are several non-playable Characters that only exists in its Lore.
They can be mentioned in the Lore of Survivors or Killers, the descriptions and/or flavour texts of various Unlockables, and the Lore accompanying Tomes.


The following sections list all known Lore Characters and, if applicable, the Chapter or Paragraph DLC they are associated with.

General Lore[]

These are Characters featured in the general Lore of Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png and exist independently from the Lore of Killers or Survivors.

Assorted Characters | Various Descriptions
Various characters with little or no description. Characters in Yellow are former Moderators on the Steam Forums or Staff at Behaviour.
Some are marked as being a part of The Lost Tapes, the exact meaning of this is unknown.

Benedict Baker | Benedict's Journal
A survivor known for documenting his thoughts on various things in Dead by Daylight

The Entity IconHelp entity.png | Various Descriptions and Lore Entries
The Entity is an almighty malevolent being, travelling through the cosmos and slowly consuming worlds.

Vigo | Various Descriptions
A genius inventor and researcher who was a Survivor.

Tome Characters[]

These are General Lore Characters who appear exclusively in Tomes IconHelp archivesCollection.png

Candice Maddock | Universus Alveo
The youngest of the Maddock family, also known as The Maddy Hatter Gang, and twin to Coddy Maddock.
At her gang's secret distillery, she discovered her family slaughtered and a fog cloaked vampire wearing her father's hat. In a moment of vengeful wrath, she killed the vampire whose corpse disappeared into the fog. She was committed to an Asylum but a rich philanthropist took charge of her and she was never seen again.

Evil-Eyed Monster | In Search of Things Lost
A monster, from Tome VI, that appeared in the Valley of Evil Eyes in the Himalayas through an Overlap in realities. Described as a grotesque, chattering, hissing monster with needle teeth, long arms with knife-like claws and hundreds of glowing red eyes. It was responsible for massacring a troop of British Soldiers in the 1800's.

Haddie Kaur | In Search of Things Lost, Universus Alveo & Midnight in the Garden of Infinity
Haddie Kaur is an Indian psychic investigator who is focused on in various Tome entries.

Hell-Back Spider | Midnight in the Garden of Infinity
A poisonous species of spider from Tome VIII on Terra Arachna, aswell as issue 84 of Eternal Horror.
They are described as having bright orange spiral-like markings on its back. They come in a variety of size, some are the size of a fist, while others are as big as dogs. One spider was much larger then a human.
Their poison is slow and lethal, causing boils and puss. Their poison drives victims into murderous rages, combined with fevers, adrenaline rushes and a complete loss of sanity.
Their microscopic eggs are carried by a mysterious black fog. Their eggs infect hosts, growing the spiders underneath the skin.
They appear out of nowhere, terrorizing Falls City, Nea Karlsson's home city. They incinerated the electrical network and brought the city into chaos.

Jordan Rois | In Search of Things Lost, Universus Alveo & Midnight in the Garden of Infinity
A co-investigator for the Harbinger of Hell web series, alongside his step-sister; Haddie Kaur.

Pig-Farming Killer | Revelations
A black widow killer on Terra Dark. She would attract men with a newspaper ad, take their money and feed the men to her pigs.

Stefan Rois | In Search of Things Lost, Universus Alveo & Midnight in the Garden of Infinity
A producer for the web series, Harbinger of Hell, made by his nephew, Jordan Rois, and step-niece, Haddie Kaur. Instead of helping investigate, he instead focusses on writing his own horror novels.

Surin Rivera | Midnight in the Garden of Infinity
The mysterious financial benefactor for the Harbinger of Hell web series. He has a particular interest in The Entity IconHelp entity.png as a source of knowledge and energy.

Squid-like Creatures | Sanitas Alionis
Strange creatures that attacked The Observer and ransacked his tower, but mysteriously died, leaving behind black blood and the smell of decaying fish.

The Storyteller | Through_the_Looking_Glass
A radio announcer from Terra Dark, summoned by The Observer IconHelp archivesGeneral.png to tell horror stories, such as Nosferatu.

The Observer IconHelp archivesGeneral.png | Various Tomes IconHelp archivesCollection.png
A radio announcer from Terra Dark, summoned by The Observer IconHelp archivesGeneral.png to tell horror stories, such as Nosferatu.

Vampiric Fog | Universus Alveo
A fog, from Tome VII, that can posses a person and turn them into a vampire.
Vampires are initially mentioned when a woman kills her mother-in-law who became a vampire, then claimed that there was a vampire conspiracy drawing energy from another dimension.
It then appears later on when Haddie Kaur found it sealed in a coffin inscribed with a crest composed of three dots and half-crescent. Upon releasing it, it possessed a woman but was destroyed when the crest was cut into it's vessel.
The vampire appeared again, having slaughtered the Maddy Haddock Gang. It's foggy presence caused flesh-eating bats and and beetles to appear in it's lair. It was killed by Candice Haddock crushing it's brain, which caused it's vessel, bats and beetles to disappear with the fog.
In Universus Alveo's video, the vampire appeared again, appearing similar to Vlad the Impaler in a corpse-ridden castle designed similar to Corvin Castle.

Crossover Characters[]

These are characters who do not originate from Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png and are unconnected to any existing Chapter, but are represented in some form.

Naughty Bear | Naughty Bear & Naughty Piñata Charm
The protagonist of Naughty Bear. He is a living brown teddy bear who scares and defluffs the bears around him after being repeatedly ostracised.

Larry | For Honor & Knight's Helm Charm
A Warden that is used to showcase executions in For Honor.

Glitch |, Various Survivor Torso Cosmetics & Twitch Charm
A Character and Mascot for the American video live streaming service.

Base Game[]

The Trapper[]

Archie MacMillan | Blood, Brass and Grit & Trapper's Lore
Archie MacMillan was the owner of the MacMillan Estate Foundry and Mining business, from which The Entity ultimately created the The MacMillan Estate Realm and Evan's father.
He is described as a ruthless business man who enacted the MacMillan Estate Massacre, killing dozens of mining workers.
When Evan was a young boy and had a passion for sketching plans, Archie continually discouraged Evan from that activity, considering it one for weaklings and vagabonds.

Evan's Mother | Blood, Brass and Grit & Trapper's Lore
Not much is known about her other than she was likely killed by her husband, Archie.

The Hillbilly[]

Chief | A Man Named Boy
Chief was Chief of Police in the local town near Coldwind Farm.
He was a corrupt cop who laundered money with the help of Max Thompson Senior and took pleasure in the latter showcasing his disfigured son killing pigs.
When Max Junior fled after killing his parents, Chief headed the hunt for him, taunting Max with the knowledge of his real name.
Max managed to overpower Chief and killed him with his own knife.

Evelyn Thompson | A Man Named Boy & Hillbilly's Lore
Evelyn Thompson was Max Junior's mother and not much is known about her other than she was likely addicted to caffeine pills.
Shortly after her husband was killed by Junior, Junior also killed her, slamming her into the ground over and over again, while imploring her to tell him his real name.

Max Thompson Sr. | A Man Named Boy & Hillbilly's Lore
Max Thompson Sr. was the original owner of the Coldwind Farm, from which The Entity ultimately created the Realm of the same name.
He regarded his disfigured son as a mere 'killing tool' and showcased him to his friends, the Chief of Police and several Deputies, for whom he laundered money, while at the same time despising Max Junior's existence, only referring to him as "Boy".
When his son snapped during another 'show', Max Senior was killed instead of the pig Junior was supposed to kill.

The Wraith[]

A. Azarov | Wraith's Lore, Azarov's Resting Place & Azarov's Key FulliconFavors azarovsKey.png
A. Azarov was Philip's former employer at the Autohaven Wrecking business, from which The Entity ultimately created the Autohaven Wreckers Realm.
After Philip discovered the horrid truth of the business, he crushed Azarov in a car press and fashioned his gruesome weapon from Azarov's spine and skull.

Funanya | The Algebra of Infinite Night
Funanya 'adopted' Philip as well as other children when they were orphaned in the war.
She was a very motherly person and tried keep herself and the children alive, so they could tell their horrific story to the world.
Unfortunately, she and the other kids were killed by the killing crews when Philip failed to stay awake while standing guard.
Philip found her the next day while she was still alive, but dying an agonising death.

Grandmother Abigail | The Algebra of Infinite Night
Grandmother Abigail was Philip's grandmother, whom he loved dearly and the one to teach him Algebra and nurturing his intellect.
She was eventually killed in the same manner as Philip's parents, leaving Philip orphaned.

Nikki & Chika | The Algebra of Infinite Night
Nikki & Chika were the other children 'adopted' by Funanya.
They were killed by the same killing crew who killed Funanya.

Philip's Father | The Algebra of Infinite Night
Philip's Father.
When Philip was still very young, he gifted him with a cast iron bell that became Philip's lucky bell and which The Entity eventually imbued with ancient powers, turning it into the Wailing Bell.

Philip's Mother | The Algebra of Infinite Night
Philip's Mother.
Not much is known about her other than she was most likely killed at the same time as her husband, Philip's father.

Claudette Morel[]

Claudette's Father | Claudette's 8th Birthday
An understanding father, who wanted Claudette to grow in her own way.

Claudette's Mother | Claudette's 8th Birthday
A worried mother, who was concerned about her daughter because she faced the same difficulties Claudette faces.
Heavily implied to be autistic.

Dwight Fairfield[]

Lazar | A Story By Any Other Name
The narcissistic CEO of Peak 22.

Rose | A Story By Any Other Name
A single mother and manager at Peak 22.

Jake Park[]

Jake's Father | Exile of the Kingdom & Jake's Lore
A wealthy CEO who hid his Grandfather from Jake and focuses on his packaging company.

Jake's Grandfather | Exile of the Kingdom
A Korean hero who saved many people's lives before disappearing in a fog.

Jake's Mother | Exile of the Kingdom & Jake's Lore
A loving mother who stayed in contact with her son when he fled to the wilderness.

Meg Thomas[]

Coach Jenny | Eat Dust
Meg's racing coach who encouraged her

Dana | Eat Dust
Meg's racing rival who injured her leg


The Nurse[]

Andrew Smithson | The Nurse's Lore & Plaid Flannel FulliconAddon plaidFlannel.png
Andrew Smithson was Sally's husband before she worked as a Nurse at Crotus Prenn Asylum.
He was a logger and likely killed in a job-related accident as his Foreman was the one to inform Sally of his death, which broke her spirit.

The "Bad Man" | The Cleansing of Crotus Prenn, The Nurse's Lore, Metal Spoon FulliconAddon metalSpoon.png, Bad Man Keepsake FulliconAddon badManKeepsake.png, Spasmodic Breath FulliconAddon spasmodicBreath.png & "Bad Man's" Last Breath FulliconAddon badMansLastBreath.png
The "Bad Man" was an unruly patient at Crotus Prenn Asylum and not much is known about him other than he had a tendency to prowl for the weak if he was not restrained.

The "Broken Woman" | The Cleansing of Crotus Prenn
The "Broken Woman" was a patient at Crotus Prenn Asylum and often riled the other patients up with her shrieks.
She was the one imbuing Sally with ideas of eugenics, ultimately leading to the latter's cleansing spree through the Asylum.

The "Catatonic Boy" | The Cleansing of Crotus Prenn, The Nurse's Lore, Wooden Horse FulliconAddon woodenHorse.png, Catatonic Boy's Treasure FulliconAddon catatonicBoysTreasure.png & Ataxic Respiration FulliconAddon ataxicRespiration.png
The "Catatonic Boy" was a catatonic patient at Crotus Prenn Asylum and one of Sally's favourite patients there.
Not much is known about him other than that he was wheelchair-bound and, as the name implies, mostly absent-mindedly staring at the wall.

Father Campbell | The Nurse's Lore, Dark Cincture FulliconAddon darkCincture.png, Fragile Wheeze FulliconAddon fragileWheeze.png, Campbell's Last Breath FulliconAddon campbellsLastBreath.png & Father Campbell's Chapel
Father Campbell was the Priest at Crotus Prenn Asylum.
Not much is known about him, other than he might have been killed by The Nurse during her cleansing spree.

Harvey Kavanagh | The Cleansing of Crotus Prenn, The Nurse's Lore, Heavy Panting FulliconAddon heavyPanting.png & Kavanagh's Last Breath FulliconAddon kavanaghsLastBreath.png
Harvey Kavanagh was an orderly at Crotus Prenn Asylum known as the "Fat Orderly".
The Lore pointedly mentions his obesity and tendency to slam unruly patients to the floor, using his weight as means to restrain them.
He is generally described as vile and repulsive, with hairy arms and sweaty skin.
When he met Sally in the corridors, he often rested his gaze on her chest.

Mary Jenner | The Cleansing of Crotus Prenn, The Nurse's Lore, White Nit Comb FulliconAddon whiteNitComb.png, Dull Bracelet FulliconAddon dullBracelet.png & Anxious Gasp FulliconAddon anxiousGasp.png
Mary Jenner, also known as the "Anxious Girl", was an anxious patient at Crotus Prenn Asylum and one of Sally's favourite patients there.
Sally occasionally braided her hair in an attempt to calm her.

Nurse Moris | The Nurse's Lore & Pocket Watch FulliconAddon pocketWatch.png
Nurse Moris was a fellow Nurse at Crotus Prenn Asylum while Sally was working there.

Patrick Spencer | The Nurse's Lore & Spencer's Last Breath IconPowers breath.png
Patrick Spencer was the Warden at Crotus Prenn Asylum and namesake of Sally's power, Spencer's Last Breath IconPowers breath.png.
Not much is known about him, other than he might have been killed by The Nurse during her cleansing spree.

Philip Elliott | The Nurse's Lore & P. Elliott Lunacy Ticket FulliconFavors pElliottLunacyTicket.png
Philip Elliott was a new patient about to be transferred to Crotus Prenn Asylum before Sally went on her cleansing-spree.

The "Sweaty Codger" | The Cleansing of Crotus Prenn
Other than his name and the fact that he was a sweaty patient at Crotus Prenn Asylum, nothing is known about him.

Nea Karlsson[]

Casey | Rebel With a Cause & Midnight in the Garden of Infinity
Nea's best friend who teaches her about social issues and politics. A social activist who works as part of the grassroots organization "Life Drops" to take care of people. After the water in The Narrows was poisoned due to polluted water, she worked to provide people with bottled water.
On Terra Arachna, she inhales the fog, causing hell-back spider eggs to slowly grow under her skin. After they hatch, they burst out of her body and consume her corpse.

Falls City Mayor | Rebel With a Cause
A corrupt mayor who sold the city's water, which led to it being poisoned and polluted. After Nea tags his car, he chases her in a rage and crashes his car.


The Shape & Laurie Strode[]

Dr. Sam Loomis | Halloween, Dying Light IconPerks dyingLight.png, Play with Your Food IconPerks playWithYourFood.png & Save the Best for Last IconPerks saveTheBestForLast.png
Dr. Sam Loomis was Michael Myers's psychiatrist.

Judith M. Myers | Halloween, J. Myers Memorial FulliconAddon jMyersMemorial.png, Judith's Journal FulliconAddon judithsJournal.png & Judith's Tombstone FulliconAddon judithsTombstone.png
Judith M. Myers was Michael Myers's older sister, who was murdered by him.

Daniel Hodges | Halloween & Boyfriend's Memo FulliconAddon boyfriendsMemo.png
Daniel Hodges was the boyfriend of Judith Myers.


The Hag[]

Deaf Boy | The Hag's Lore & Disfigured Ear FulliconAddon disfiguredEar.png
A memeber of the cannibal village, rendered deaf by deformed ears.

Grandma | The Hag's Lore & Grandma's Heart FulliconAddon granmasHeart.png
The cold cannibalistic village elder.

Lander Milliard | Backwater Swamp's Lore
The only identifiable and burial-able body recovered from "The Pale Rose"

Lisa's Grandmother | Stroke of Luck
Lisa's magical grandmother who warns Lisa to avoid the symbols in her books, and tells her stories of magic and it's dangers.

Pam | Stroke of Luck
Lisa's callous and disrespectful friend, who becomes obsessed with her lucky symbols.

The Butcher | The Hag's Lore & Scarred Hand FulliconAddon scarredHand.png
The cannibalistic butcher.

Ace Visconti[]

Mika James | Go For Broke
A lightweight MMA champion who Ace fights to win a bet.

Wallace | Go For Broke
Ace's friend and fellow gambler.


William "Bill" Overbeck[]

Coach | Left 4 Dead 2 & Infected - Black
a P.E. teacher and survivor in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Ellis | Left 4 Dead 2 & Cosmetics for Dwight
A mechanic and survivor in a zombie apocalypse.

Francis | Left 4 Dead & The Long Way Home & Cosmetics for Jake
A tough biker and survivor in a zombie apocalypse.

Louis | Left 4 Dead & The Long Way Home
A Junior Systems Analyst and survivor in a zombie apocalypse.

Rochelle | Left 4 Dead 2 & Cosmetics for Claudette
A minor associate producer and survivor in a zombie apocalypse.

The Boomer | Left 4 Dead & The Boomer Charm
An extremely bloated Special Infected Zombie.
Their mutation has caused them to produce immense quantities of bile which they attempt to vomit on the Survivors, temporarily blinding them and summoning a small Horde.
Though fragile and slow, the Boomer can be dangerous to a Survivor team whose health or combat abilities are compromised.

Zoey | Left 4 Dead & The Long Way Home & Cosmetics for Meg
A college student and survivor in a zombie apocalypse.

Soldiers | The Long Way Home
A Group of Soldiers that served in Vietnam with Bill.

The Tank | The Long Way Home
The Tank is a Special Infected that is arguably the most powerful among the Infected in the Left 4 Dead Series, along with the Witch. Unless the team works together to take the Tank down, it can wipe out entire squads, with or without any help.

Common Infected | The Long Way Home
Common Infected are the most frequently faced members of the Infected, and the easiest to defeat. Their strength lies in the fact that they attack in groups, more commonly referred to as a Horde, sometimes as large as several dozen.


The Doctor[]

Otto Stamper | The Doctor's Lore
Herman's mentor at Léry's Memorial Institute.

Dr. Blanchard | Ascendance
A professor who oversaw The Doctor's education at Yale and recruited him to the Léry's Memorial Institute.

Feng Min[]

Lazer Bears | Feng's Lore
An E-sports team Feng was a member of.


The Huntress[]

Anna's Mother | The Huntress's Lore
The mother of The Huntress, who taught her how to hunt before she passed.

Little Bushkas | The Huntress's Lore, A Lovely War & Flower Babushka FulliconAddon flowerBabushka.png
Small girls she would kidnap to care for and give gifts of toys, dolls and books.
Her rough protection and poor medical knowledge was the death of many of them.

Soldiers | The Huntress's Lore, A Lovely War, Infantry Belt FulliconAddon infantryBelt.png & Soldier's Puttee FulliconAddon soldiersPuttee.png
German Soldiers who went through Red Forest on their way to attack Russia, and Russian soldiers who came to meet them.
Many of them died to axe wounds or disappeared mysteriously.
Her father was killed and butchered by soldiers.
She may have possibly died from fighting a soldier with a flamethrower.

David King[]

King's Parents | Manchester Mash-Up
A wealthy couple, an abusive father and a terrorized mother.

Donnie | Manchester Mash-Up
King's only genuine friend since childhood. He gives King a place to sleep when his parents kick him out.
His gambling addiction and financial troubles leads King to working as a debt collector.

Ghetto Masher | Manchester Mash-Up
A massive fighter who works for Uncle Brass. He beat King in a fight, once.

Uncle Brass | Manchester Mash-Up
A loan shark that hires King after seeing his destructive skills.

Chapter 5.5[]

The Cannibal[]

Drayton Sawyer | Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Barbecue & Chilli IconPerks barbecueAndChilli.png, Chilli FulliconAddon chilli.png & Award-winning Chilli FulliconAddon award-winningChilli.png
Bubba's eldest brother, also known as The Cook.

Franklin Hardesty | Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Franklin's Demise IconPerks franklinsDemise.png
Sally Hardesty's disabled brother and Bubba's fourth victim.

Nubbins Sawyer | Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Knock Out IconPerks knockOut.png
Bubba's other brother, also known as The Hitchhiker.

Sally Hardesty | Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Franklin's Demise IconPerks franklinsDemise.png
Franklin's sister and sole survivor of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Pam Jones | Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Iridescent Flesh FulliconAddon iridescentFlesh.png
A victim of Leatherface.


The Nightmare & Quentin Smith[]

Jesse Braun | A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) & Wool Shirt FulliconAddon woolShirt.png
a childhood classmate of Quentin and victim of Freddy Krueger.

Nancy Holbrook | A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), Nancy's Sketch FulliconAddon nancysSketch.png & Nancy's Masterpiece FulliconAddon nancysMasterpiece.png
Quentin's love interest and Freddy's obsession/antagonist.


The Pig & David Tapp[]

John Kramer | Saw Franchise, John's Medical File FulliconAddon johnsMedicalFile.png, Video Tape FulliconAddon videoTape.png, Jigsaw's Annotated Plan FulliconAddon jigsawsAnnotatedPlan.png, Jigsaw's Sketch FulliconAddon jigsawsSketch.png & Rules Set No.2 FulliconAddon rulesSetNo.2.png
Amanda's mentor, also known as Jigsaw.
A serial killer known for targeting victims he believed to not be valuing their lives. He put victims in death traps where they would be forced to sacrifice in order to live, removing a jigsaw shaped piece of skin of those who failed.
His actions brought about many tragedies and irrevocably changed the life of Amanda and Tapp

The Pig[]

Billy the Puppet | Saw Franchise & Jigsaw Boxes IconHelp jigsawBoxes.png
A malevolent looking puppet who appears as the messenger of Jigsaw.
He appears in-game on the TVs in the Gideon Meat Plant.

Cecil Adams | Saw 4 & Amanda's Letter FulliconAddon amandasLetter.png
Amanda's boyfriend.

Gideon John Kramer | Saw Franchise & Gideon Meat Plant
John and Jill Kramer's unborn late son.

Jill Tuck | Saw Franchise
John's wife.

Danica Scott | Saw 3
A victim of Jigsaw's games, appears in The Game's Freezer room.

David Tapp[]

Adam Stanheight | Saw
A freelance photographer hired by Tapp to follow Lawrence Gordon but became involved in a deadly game.
His body is potentially in the Bathroom of the Gideon Meat Plant.

Detective Stephen Sing | Saw
Tapp's partner who was killed by Jigsaw's booby trap.
His death inspired a desperate obsession.

Lawrence Gordon | Saw
A Jigsaw suspect, who Tapp became obsessed with but became involved in a deadly game.
His body is potentially in the Bathroom of the Gideon Meat Plant.

Zepp Hindle | Saw
An orderly.


The Clown[]

Kenneth's Parents | The Clown's Lore & Finger of Chaos
A dead mother and an alcoholic, aggressive father.

Maurice | Father Campbell's Chapel
A "psychich" horse who pulls the clown's caravan. The Entity has warped and burned his body but opened his third eye.

Moustache | Finger of Chaos
A victim of the clown and bearer of a finger like his father's

Kate Denson[]



The Spirit[]

Due to overlap in lore, for more characters see The Oni Characters

Rin's Parents | The Spirit's Lore, Father's Glasses FulliconAddon fathersGlasses.png & Mother-Daughter Ring FulliconAddon mother-DaughterRing.png
Rin's parents, an ill mother and a father who struggled to find money.
After being fired, the entity pushed her father into a murderous rage.

Adam Francis[]

Adam's Uncle | Adam's Lore
A strict but fair man.


The Legion[]

Clive Andrews | The Legion's Lore
Frank Morrison's foster dad.

Janitor | The Legion's Lore & Cold Dirt FulliconAddon coldDirt.png
The Legion's first victim.

Jeffrey "Jeff" Johansen[]



The Plague[]

Habon | The Maiden Guard
High priest of Babylon before Adiris.
He lost faith and sought to rewrite the rules of Ur, but was killed for blasphemy.

Sea-Goat | The Plague's Lore
God of water and creation and apex of Babylonian religion. Alternatively written as sea goat.
The Babylonian religion was formed by Assyrian and Sumerian exiles who believed other religions were too political, and all other gods were unified under the sea-goat, the great creator.

Jane Romero[]

Dwayne | All the World a Stage
Jane's friend and writer, who pushed Jane to audition for Quick Talk, her break out tv show.

Loretta Lawrence | Jane's Lore
Jane's celebrity mother.

Chapter 11.5[]

Ash J. Williams[]

Ashy Slashy | Ash vs. Evil Dead
A cursed Puppet

Brandy Barr | Ash vs. the Evil Dead
Ash's long lost daughter.

Kelly Maxwell | Ash vs. the Evil Dead
Ash's co-worker.

Linda Emery | Ash vs. the Evil Dead
Ash's former girlfriend and high-school sweetheart.

Pablo Simon Bolivar | Ash vs. the Evil Dead
Ash's friend, co-worker, and the creator of his hand.

Deadites | Evil Dead
Deadites are a species of parasitic demons that seek to possess the bodies of mortals and feast on the souls of living creatures.


The Ghost Face[]

Carl | Reveal Trailer
The Ghost Face's victim in his reveal trailer.

The Roseville Gazette | The Ghost Face's Lore & "Ghost Face Caught on Tape" FulliconAddon caughtOnTape.png
A newspaper that reported the killing spree of a masked serial killer, unaware of his true identity.

Frat Boy | Viper Ghost Outfit
A university student and headline victim of The Ghost Face, an onyx knife plunged into his eye socket. As fear spread in Roseville, university students launched a masked party to lighten the mood, unaware that The Ghost Face attended the event.


The Demogorgon & Nancy Wheeler & Steve Harrington[]

Mews | Stranger Things & Mews' Guts FulliconAddon mewsGuts.png
A cat that was owned by the Henderson family.

D'Artagnan "Dart" | Stranger Things
A Demogorgon that was owned by Dustin Henderson.

Barbara "Barb" Holland | Stranger Things & Barb's Glasses FulliconAddon barbsGlasses.png
A recurring character in Stranger Things - Season 1.

Jane "Eleven" "El" Hopper (née Ives). | Stranger Things & Eleven's Soda FulliconAddon elevensSoda.png
A main protagonist in Stranger Things.

Dustin Henderson | Stranger Things
A main protagonist in Stranger Things.


The Oni[]

Due to overlap in lore, for more characters, see The Spirit Characters

Akito Yamaoka | Blackened Toenail FulliconAddon blackenedToenail.png, Child's Wooden Sword FulliconAddon childsWoodenSword.png & Akito's Crutch FulliconAddon akitosCrutch.png
Kazan's son whose leg broke after falling from a tree.
Despite Kazan's pilgrimages, he never recovered.

Lord | The Oni's Lore
A Lord who nicknamed Kazan, "Oni-Yamaoka" and died by his wrath.

Farmers | The Oni's Lore
Various members of the farming class.
Some tried to imitate samurais, inciting Kazan's rage.
After the death of their lord, they fought Kazan with improvised weapons and left him for dead, bound inside a mill.

Renjiro Yamaoka | The Oni's Lore & Many Yamaoka's Wrath Add-ons
Kazan's father and a renowned noble Samurai.
He died by Kazan's hand when attempting to stop Kazan's bloody pilgrimage across Japan.
After his death, his body was stolen by thieves, and his armour stripped.

Sean Dint | In Search of Things Lost
A teenager whose friends found hidden co-ordinates to a haunted location, encoded in a podcast. After arriving at the abandoned asylum, an unnatural black fog appeared, and The Oni appeared from the fog and killed his friends, leaving him the sole survivor.

Yui Kimura[]

Yui's Father | Yui's Lore
A traditional father, who disliked his daughter's racing career.

Yui's Grandmother | Yui's Lore & Crash and Burn
A supportive grandmother, who encouraged Yui to become a racer and gave her advice.

Yui's Grandfather | Yui's Lore
A racing and engineering enthusiast.

Hiro | Crash and Burn
Yui's friend and fellow racer who ends up hospitalized after crashing.

Misato | Crash and Burn
Yui's friend and confidant.

Sakura 7 | Yui's Lore
An all female biker gang, originally composed of 7 friends, who supported female empowerment and safety from abusers.

Shinji | Crash and Burn
An asshole competitor in Nagoya, the favorite to win.
He inadvertently hospitalizes Hiro, and causes Yui to lose when he crashes.

Stalker | Yui's Lore
An obsessed fan, who stole her grandfather's lucky hachimaki.

Yoho Mono | Crash and Burn
A victorious racer, who won when Yui stopped racing.


The Deathslinger[]

Henry Bayshore | The Deathslinger's Lore, Death to Bayshore, Bayshore's Gold Tooth FulliconAddon bayshoresGoldTooth.png & Bayshore's Cigar FulliconAddon bayshoresCigar.png
Caleb's employer at United West Rail who stole his patents.

Prison Warden | The Deathslinger's Lore, Gearhead IconPerks gearhead.png & Warden's Keys FulliconAddon wardensKeys.png
The warden at Hellshire Penitentiary in Nebraska that freed Caleb to fill his prison with inmates.

Zarina Kassir[]

Clark Stevenson | Zarina's Lore
A gang member that killed Zarina's father and got off lightly, kickstarting an obsession for revenge.

Zarina's Father | Zarina's Lore
Her father whose camera Zarina used to start her filmmaking career.



Vic Viper | Gradius & Vic Viper Charm
The protagonist spaceship of the Gradius series. A white-and-blue star fighter tasked with saving the galaxy from an evil Bacterian Empire.
A special Easter Egg that only appears when the Konami Code is entered.

The Executioner[]

Maria | Silent Hill 2, Leopard-Print Fabric FulliconAddon leopardprintFabric.png & Scarlet Egg FulliconAddon scarletEgg.png
A mysterious woman resembling James Sunderland's late wife, Mary.

Mary Shepherd-Sunderland | Silent Hill 2, Rust-Coloured Egg FulliconAddon rustColoredEgg.png & Mary's Letter FulliconFavors marysLetter.png
James Sunderland's wife.

Cheryl Mason[]

Alessa Gillespie | Silent Hill
Another poor soul who suffered from other's desire to rebirth their god. Cheryl can dress up as her, in her memeory.

Claudia Wolfe | Silent Hill 3
A high priestess of The Order who impregnated Cheryl with their God.

Harry Mason | Silent Hill
Cheryl's father and protagonist of Silent Hill 1 and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

Robbie the Rabbit | Silent Hill 3 & Lost Mascot Sets
A Lost Mascot of the Lakeside Amusement Park.


The Blight[]

British East India Company | The Blight's Lore & Doors Unknown
A company that funded Talbot's experiments into a new, more powerful drug for British soldiers.
They stopped funding him after he created a mass grave of dead factory works and many insane soldiers.

Nine Mystics | The Blight's Lore, Doors Unknown & Soul Chemical FulliconAddon soulChemical.png
Nine hooded figures in thick, dark robes.
Monks of an ancient mystery school posing as a monastery that nursed him back to life.
They were devoted to their research into the Soul Chemical FulliconAddon soulChemical.png and the vibrations of dimensions.
They later abandoned him to an opium den when his research grew close to actualization.

Felix Richter[]

Felix's Girlfriend | Felix's Lore
His love, who became pregnant.

Janos & Ursula Richter | Felix's Lore
Felix's parents and members of the Imperiatti, a group that fights the entity.

Lauren Golder | Felix's Lore
One of Felix's colleagues.

The Pariahs | Felix's Lore
His childhood friends, united in the loss of their parents at Dyer island.


The Twins & Élodie Rakoto[]

The Black Vale | The Twins' Lore & Élodie's Lore
A cult who performed cruel experiments on The Twins and a group that Élodie Rakoto spent a lifetime avoiding.

The Twins[]

Madeleine Deshayes | The Twins' Lore, Madeleine's Glove FulliconAddon madeleinesGlove.png, Stale Biscuit FulliconAddon staleBiscuit.png, Rusted Needle FulliconAddon rustedNeedle.png, Madeleine's Scarf FulliconAddon madeleinesScarf.png, Forest Stew FulliconAddon forestStew.png, Drop of Perfume FulliconAddon dropOfPerfume.png & Iridescent Pendant FulliconAddon iridescentPendant.png
Charlotte and Victor's mother who was persecuted and executed for accusations of being a witch.

Élodie Rakoto[]

Élodie's Parents | Élodie's Lore
Her parents who dissapeared fighting The Entity IconHelp entity.png and started a lifelong obsession.

Hazra Shah | Élodie's Lore
Also known as The Collector, an occult specialist who archived rare artefacts.

The Pariahs | Élodie's Lore
Her childhood friends, united in the loss of their parents at Dyer island.


The Trickster & Yun-Jin Lee[]

NO SPIN | The Trickster's Lore, Yun-Jin Lee's Lore, Inferno Wires FulliconAddon infernoWires.png, On Target Single FulliconAddon onTargetSingle.png, Waiting For You Watch FulliconAddon waitingForYouWatch.png, Fizz-Spin Soda FulliconAddon fizz-SpinSoda.png & Cut Thru U Single FulliconAddon cutThruUSingle.png
The band Ji-Woon Hak was a part of and whose other members were killed by a fire at Mightee One Entertainment Headquarters.

Mightee One Entertainment Executives | The Trickster's Lore & Yun-Jin's Lore
Executives of the record label which Yun-Jin Lee worked for who, at last, were disapproving of the violent theme of the The Trickster's music and it not generating revenue for the company. A few months later, a private show was held where they were killed off by Ji-Woon Hak.

Yumi | Melodious Murder FulliconAddon melodiousMurder.png A victim of The Trickster


The Nemesis & Jill Valentine & Leon Scott Kennedy[]

Robert Kendo | Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 & Hysteria IconPerks hysteria.png
The owner of Gun Shop Kendo.

Carlos Oliveira | Resident Evil 3 & Lethal Pursuer IconPerks lethalPursuer.png
A mercenary working with the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.C.B.S.).

Brian Irons | Resident Evil 2 & Brian's Intestine FulliconAddon briansIntestine.png
The corrupt chief of the Raccoon City Police Department.

Licker | Resident Evil 2 & Licker Tongue FulliconAddon lickerTongue.png
A mutated zombie with an exposed brain and a long prehensile tongue.

Dr. Matt Gorkis | Resident Evil & Iridescent Umbrella Badge FulliconAddon iridescentUmbrellaBadge.png
A spokesperson for the Umbrella Corporation.

Mikhail Viktor | Resident Evil 3 & Mikhail's Eye FulliconAddon mikhailsEye.png
A mercenary and captain of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.C.B.S.), who sacrificed himself to try to kill the Nemesis T-Type.

Marvin Branagh | Resident Evil 2 & Marvin's Blood FulliconAddon marvinsBlood.png
An officer in Leon Scott Kennedy's chain of command.

Mr. X | Resident Evil 2 & Shredded Fedora FulliconAddon shreddedFedora.png
A tyrant who pursued Leon and Claire through Racoon City.

Plant 43 | Resident Evil 2 & Plant 43 Vines FulliconAddon plant43Vines.png
A plant mutated by the T-Virus that created plant/zombie hybrids.

S.T.A.R.S. | Resident Evil Franchise, S.T.A.R.S. Field Combat Manual & Shattered S.T.A.R.S. Badge
The Special Tactics and Rescue Service was an elite special forces division under the jurisdiction of the Raccoon City Police Department, though privately funded and able to operate independently. They operated out of an office in the Raccoon City Police Station. After the Arklay Mansion incident, they were disbanded.
Members of the organization include Leon Scott Kennedy/Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine.

Tyrant-002 | Resident Evil & Tyrant Gore FulliconAddon tyrantGore.png
A Tyrant that was killed by Chris and Jill at the Arlkay Mansion.

Umbrella Corporation | Resident Evil Franchise, A Charm & Multiple Add-ons
A British multinational conglomerate with influence in various industries. They are most well known for Umbrella Pharmaceuticals and their development of Bio Organic Weapons, or B.O.W.s, such as the T-Virus and Tyrants, like the Nemesis T-Type.
They own a private military force called the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service or U.B.C.S, which worked to rescue survivors from biohazard outbreaks and provide humanitarian relief.
Known members of the U.B.C.S. include Carlos Oliveira and Mikhail Viktor.


The Cenobite[]

Butterball | Hellraiser & Greasy Black Lens FulliconAddon greasyBlackLens.png
An obese Cenobite wearing sunglasses who follows Pinhead. In the novel he leads the Cenobites but due to technical issues with his prosthetics, he was demoted.

Deep Throat | Hellraiser & Impaling Wire FulliconAddon impalingWire.png
A female cenobite with a nail through her nose, and who has a metal half circle piercing her cheeks. From the half-circle comes wire hooks which open the wound on her neck.

Frank Cotton | Hellraiser, Slice of Frank FulliconAddon sliceOfFrank.png & Frank's Heart FulliconAddon franksHeart.png
A pleasure-seeking hedonist who escaped the Cenobites.

Larry Cotton | Hellraiser, Larry's Blood FulliconAddon larrysBlood.png & Larry's Remains FulliconAddon larrysRemains.png
A good, loving father and husband who hates the sight of blood. His blood is accidentally used to revive Frank.

The Engineer | Hellraiser & Engineer's Fang FulliconAddon engineersFang.png
A fleshy, scorpion-like creature, that accompanies Cenobites upon their grim undertakings.

CHAPTER 21.5: Hour of the Witch[]

Mikaela Reid[]

Julian | Mikaela's Lore
Mikaela's best friend and roommate, who supported her throughout her life.
He recorded a variety of her storytelling performances, posting them online, and entered her into a storytelling festival.
After Mikaela accidentally summoned The Entity, he recorded every sound and uploaded it online, but disappeared the next day.

Lucian | Teaser Image
A fictional character who roots through a dead body in a moment of desperation.
Written about to try to and win the Endless Halloween Festival grand final.

Mikaela's Father | Mikaela's Lore
Her father who dissapeared when Mikaela was sixteen.
A sailor, terrible taco chef and a laughing, loving father.

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