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Leon Scott Kennedy
S27 LeonScottKennedy Portrait
Gender Man
Role Rookie Police Officer
Origin American
DLC CHAPTER 20: Resident Evil™
Voice Actor Riley McShane (The Monster Factory)
Cost 500 Auric CellsIconCurrency auricCellsIconCurrency auricCellsIconCurrency auricCells
Menu Music

Leon Scott Kennedy is one of 43 SurvivorsIconHelpLoading survivorIconHelpLoading survivorIconHelpLoading survivor currently featured in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo.

He was introduced as one of two Survivors of CHAPTER 20: Resident Evil™, a Chapter DLC released on 15 June 2021.

He originates from the video game franchise Resident Evil, specifically the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2.

Quick Answers

What is Leon Scott Kennedy's ability in Dead by Daylight? toggle section
His ability, called "Flashbang," allows him to craft a Flash Grenade by entering a locker and pressing the Ability button.
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What is the name of Leon Scott Kennedy's perk in Dead by Daylight? toggle section
His perk is called "Rookie Spirit," which allows him to keep a careful eye on objectives when they are slipping away.
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How can Leon Scott Kennedy activate his perk, Rookie Spirit? toggle section
To activate Rookie Spirit, he needs to complete 5/4/3 Good or Great Skill Checks while repairing generators.
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What happens once Leon Scott Kennedy's perk, Rookie Spirit, is active? toggle section
Once active, the auras of any regressing generators are revealed to him.
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What's the achievement for escaping with Leon S. Kennedy using only his Unique Perks called? toggle section
The achievement is called "Adept Leon."
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New Store Leon
Quotes left Leon Kennedy might be a Rookie, but during that one fateful night, he faced an entire lifetime of horror and brutality. At once resilient and resourceful, Leon is adaptable above all, whether crafting makeshift weaponry or retracing his steps through labyrinthine hallways. Quotes right

Leon Scott Kennedy is a rookie police officer who went beyond the call of duty during the outbreak in Raccoon City.

His personal Perks, Bite the BulletIconPerks biteTheBulletIconPerks biteTheBulletIconPerks biteTheBullet, FlashbangIconPerks flashbangIconPerks flashbangIconPerks flashbang, and Rookie SpiritIconPerks rookieSpiritIconPerks rookieSpiritIconPerks rookieSpirit, allow him to ignore pain, disorient the Killer, and track objectives being lost.


Leon Lore1

Having faced hordes of zombies on his first day as a police officer, Leon S. Kennedy had to learn the job quickly.
Investigating the biohazard that had ravaged Raccoon City, Leon infiltrated an abandoned Umbrella Corporation laboratory where a sudden and unexpected black fog led him astray.


Unique Perks

Leon comes with 3 PerksIconHelp perksIconHelp perksIconHelp perks that are unique to him:

IconPerks biteTheBullet
Bite the Bullet Pain hurts you as much as anyone, but you would prefer others do not know that.

When healing yourself or another SurvivorIconHelpLoading survivorIconHelpLoading survivorIconHelpLoading survivor, Grunts of Pain and all noises related to the Healing action are suppressed:

"I can do this." — Leon Scott Kennedy

IconPerks flashbang
Flashbang You have adapted to a world in chaos and making what you can from the debris.

After repairing GeneratorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generators for a total of 70/60/50 %, Flashbang activates:

The Flashbang is left behind when escaping the Trial.

"Get outta my face!" — Leon Scott Kennedy

IconPerks rookieSpirit
Rookie Spirit You keep a careful eye on objectives when they are slipping away.

While repairing GeneratorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generatorsIconHelpLoading generators, succeed 5/4/3 Good or Great Skill ChecksIconHelp skillChecksIconHelp skillChecksIconHelp skillChecks to activate Rookie Spirit for the remainder of the Trial:

  • The AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of any regressing Generators are revealed to you until they stop regressing by any means.
"I'll stop this, lieutenant. I promise." — Leon Scott Kennedy


Prestiging Leon will automatically add Tier I of his Unique Perks to the inventories of all other Survivors and unlock the ability for their higher-tiered versions to spawn in their BloodwebIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodweb.

Prestige Leon twice more to automatically add Tier II and Tier III respectively into the other Survivors' inventories.


Main article: Achievements

There is 1 Achievement related to Leon:

Icon Name Description
Ach adeptLeon Adept Leon Playing as Leon Scott Kennedy, escape a Trial using only his 3 Unique Perks: Bite the Bullet, Flashbang, and Rookie Spirit

Cosmetic Options

Players can choose from a variety of Cosmetic options to customise Leon:

Base Cosmetics


Icon Name Body Rarity Description
S27 Head01 Leon Scott Kennedy CategoryIcon head Common Seeking those responsible for the destruction of Raccoon City, he traveled to Europe to find the Umbrella Corporation's Headquarters.
S27 Torso01 R.P.D. Uniform CategoryIcon torso Common Ballistic vest and undershirt with the initials of the city he vowed to serve and protect.
S27 Legs01 Armored Cargo Pants CategoryIcon legs Common A flexible pair of cargo pants that remain dependable even under extreme conditions.


Icon Name Body Rarity Description Additional Notes
S27 Head01 P01 After-Battle Leon S. Kennedy CategoryIcon head Rare To find answers for the bloodbath that occurred in Raccoon City, he traveled to Europe to find the Umbrella Corporation's Headquarters. Prestige Level 6 Reward
S27 Torso01 P01 Carnage R.P.D. Uniform CategoryIcon torso Rare Blood-sprayed vest and undershirt with the initials of the city he vowed to serve and protect. Prestige Level 4 Reward
S27 Legs01 P01 Gory Cargo Pants CategoryIcon legs Rare Blood-soaked pair of cargo pants that remain dependable even under extreme carnage. Prestige Level 5 Reward
Charm Icon Perk Charms
Prestige Level 7 Reward Prestige Level 8 Reward Prestige Level 9 Reward
S27 PCharm001 S27 PCharm002 S27 PCharm003
A keepsake gained upon mastery of a particular skill.

IconHelp store In-Game Store

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Collection Name
Release Date
S27 Outfit 009
IconHelp cosmetic sets
CategoryIcon head
CategoryIcon torso
CategoryIcon legs
Detective Noir
30 August 2022 (Tuesday)
An outfit that looks like it came right out of a 1940s mystery novel.
1080IconHelp auricCells
⇓ Expand ⇓
S27 Head009
CategoryIcon head
Slicked-Back Coif
A cleaned-up hairstyle that exudes confidence and professionalism.
S27 Torso009
CategoryIcon torso
Hardboiled Vest
Shaking down perps had never looked this classy.
S27 Legs009
CategoryIcon legs
Sleuthing Slacks
He can stay hot on the trail of a big case in these.
Collection Name
Release Date
S27 Outfit 006
IconHelp cosmetic sets
CategoryIcon head
CategoryIcon torso
CategoryIcon legs
Persistent Investigator
15 June 2021 (Tuesday)
Hellbent on finding those responsible for the destruction of Raccoon City, he put his life on the line to find Umbrella Corporation’s Headquarters.
1080IconHelp auricCells
⇓ Expand ⇓
S27 Head006
CategoryIcon head
Asymmetrical Fringe
Longer, lighter hair highlighting the grit he gained following the Incident.
S27 Torso006
CategoryIcon torso
Sheep Wool Jacket
Comfortable, moisture-controlled jacket to keep him warm and dry.
S27 Legs006
CategoryIcon legs
Water Resistant Pants
A tough-as-nails pair of cargo pants. Ideal for extreme weather conditions.
Collection Name
Release Date
S27 Outfit 008
IconHelp cosmetic sets
CategoryIcon head
CategoryIcon torso
CategoryIcon legs
Carlos Oliveira
30 August 2022 (Tuesday)
An Umbrella mercenary with a troubled past.
1485IconHelp auricCells
⇓ Expand ⇓
S27 Head008
CategoryIcon head
Roughneck Hair
He had a difficult childhood, living in poverty in South America.
S27 Torso008
He was recruited by Umbrella after taking part in armed revolution.
S27 Legs008
CategoryIcon legs
U.B.C.S. Standard Issue
Despite the devastation he observed, he maintained a wicked sense of humor.
Collection Name
Release Date
S27 Outfit 02
IconHelp cosmetic sets
CategoryIcon head
CategoryIcon torso
CategoryIcon legs
Chris Redfield
15 June 2021 (Tuesday)
Previously a gifted pilot in the Air Force, Chris Redfield joined the S.T.A.R.S.'s Alpha Team as a point man and found new challenges to overcome.
1485IconHelp auricCells
⇓ Expand ⇓
S27 Head02
CategoryIcon head
Cropped Hair
Along with the rest of the Alpha Team, he was tasked to investigate the loss of contact with the Bravo Team deployed to Raccoon City.
S27 Torso02
CategoryIcon torso
S.T.A.R.S. Uniform
His proficiency with a wide range of firearms distinguished him as a versatile and gifted sharpshooter.
S27 Legs02
CategoryIcon legs
Wide Ballistic Pants
An armored pair of cargo pants that are both flexible and durable.
S27 Torso007
CategoryIcon torso
Bad Tidings
Bleeding and struggling to remain conscious, Leon grabbed the first thing his hands landed on, a festive sweater.
250IconHelp auricCells

Alternate Character Models

Leon has 2 alternate Character models available in the in-game Store:


Main article: Downloadable Content

Leon is part of 1 DLC:

Change Log

Patch 6.2.0

  • Change: provided Leon with unique voice-lines.
  • Change: introduced new Lobby Music for Leon.


  • Leon and Jill Valentine are tied for the Survivor with the most in-game quotes by themselves, each having five in total.
  • Leon was the second blue-eyed male Survivor.
  • Similarly to the Resident Evil franchise, Leon's hair colour varies a lot in Dead by Daylight and official promotional material.
    In-game, his hair is gold-blond, whereas in promotional materials, he is shown to have light brown hair.
  • Leon's Persistent Investigator outfit is based on his appearance in Resident Evil 4.
  • Matthew Mercer, one of the English voice actors of an older Leon in Resident Evil, voices the LichIconHelpLoading lichIconHelpLoading lichIconHelpLoading lich in Dead by Daylight, though he does not reprise the role here.

Character Meme

  • Leon has been noted by the community to have rather questionable grunts of pain while injured, something that has been acknowledged by his voice actor, Riley McShane.
  • Due to Leon's popularity in Resident Evil, many new players to Dead by Daylight tend to flock to the character as their first pick for a Survivor. This has garnered a negative reputation for him, which sees his players stereotyped as utterly clueless at the game.


  • Leon retro-actively received unique voice-lines with the release of the second Resident Evil Chapter:
Voice Line Audio
"It's time to go."
"Count me in."
"It's gonna be a tough road."
"Claire! It's so nice to see you."
"You're stuck with me to the end."
"Compared to Raccoon City, this is a walk in the park, right?"
  • In Resident Evil 2 Remake, the fourth line of dialogue occurs when Leon and Claire meet up outside the Fire Escape, which is the first time they have seen each other after having been split up when entering the Police Station.



In-game assets

Old assets

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K01 TheTrapper Portrait
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HuntressIconHelpLoading huntressIconHelpLoading huntressIconHelpLoading huntress
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CannibalIconHelpLoading cannibalIconHelpLoading cannibalIconHelpLoading cannibal
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NightmareIconHelpLoading nightmareIconHelpLoading nightmareIconHelpLoading nightmare
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PigIconHelpLoading pigIconHelpLoading pigIconHelpLoading pig
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ClownIconHelpLoading clownIconHelpLoading clownIconHelpLoading clown
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SpiritIconHelpLoading spiritIconHelpLoading spiritIconHelpLoading spirit
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LegionIconHelpLoading legionIconHelpLoading legionIconHelpLoading legion
K15 ThePlague Portrait
PlagueIconHelpLoading plagueIconHelpLoading plagueIconHelpLoading plague
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Ghost FaceIconHelpLoading ghostIconHelpLoading ghostIconHelpLoading ghost
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DemogorgonIconHelpLoading demogorgonIconHelpLoading demogorgonIconHelpLoading demogorgon
K18 TheOni Portrait
OniIconHelpLoading oniIconHelpLoading oniIconHelpLoading oni
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K21 TheBlight Portrait
BlightIconHelpLoading blightIconHelpLoading blightIconHelpLoading blight
K22 TheTwins Portrait
TwinsIconHelpLoading twinsIconHelpLoading twinsIconHelpLoading twins
K23 TheTrickster Portrait
TricksterIconHelpLoading tricksterIconHelpLoading tricksterIconHelpLoading trickster
K24 TheNemesis Portrait
NemesisIconHelpLoading nemesisIconHelpLoading nemesisIconHelpLoading nemesis
CHAPTERS 21 — 26
K25 TheCenobite Portrait
CenobiteIconHelpLoading cenobiteIconHelpLoading cenobiteIconHelpLoading cenobite
K26 TheArtist Portrait
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K27 TheOnryo Portrait
OnryōIconHelpLoading onryoIconHelpLoading onryoIconHelpLoading onryo
K28 TheDredge Portrait
DredgeIconHelpLoading dredgeIconHelpLoading dredgeIconHelpLoading dredge
K29 TheMastermind Portrait
MastermindIconHelpLoading mastermindIconHelpLoading mastermindIconHelpLoading mastermind
K30 TheKnight Portrait
KnightIconHelpLoading knightIconHelpLoading knightIconHelpLoading knight
CHAPTERS 27 — 32
K31 TheSkullMerchant Portrait
Skull MerchantIconHelpLoading skullMerchantIconHelpLoading skullMerchantIconHelpLoading skullMerchant
K32 TheSingularity Portrait
SingularityIconHelpLoading singularityIconHelpLoading singularityIconHelpLoading singularity
K33 TheXenomorph Portrait
XenomorphIconHelpLoading xenomorphIconHelpLoading xenomorphIconHelpLoading xenomorph
K34 TheGoodGuy Portrait
Good GuyIconHelpLoading goodGuyIconHelpLoading goodGuyIconHelpLoading goodGuy
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UnknownIconHelpLoading unknownIconHelpLoading unknownIconHelpLoading unknown
K36 TheLich Portrait
LichIconHelpLoading lichIconHelpLoading lichIconHelpLoading lich
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