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Killer Instinct is a Game Mechanic in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png that was introduced with Patch 2.4.0 alongside The Legion IconHelpLoading legion.png.


Killer Instinct is a mechanic that for its entire duration will reveal the location of Survivors via a pulsating orange spiderweb overlay, that will follow the Survivor if they are moving.
Additionally, the Survivor's outline is highlighted in orange.

Unlike Aura-reading, this effect is not blocked by Lockers IconHelp lockers.png or any Perks IconHelp perks.png that hide one's Aura.


The following Killer Add-ons make use of Killer Instinct:

  • Dried Cherry Blossom FulliconAddon driedCherryBlossom.png Killer Instinct will reveal any Survivor comes within 4 metres of The Spirit while she is phasing.
  • Mother's Glasses FulliconAddon mothersGlasses.png Killer Instinct will reveal any Survivor who comes within 2 metres of The Spirit's husk while she is phasing.


The following Killer Powers make use of Killer Instinct:

  • Feral Frenzy IconPowers feralFrenzy.png after hitting at least one Survivor not yet affected by Deep Wound IconStatusEffects deepWound.png: Killer Instinct will reveal all other Survivors not yet affected by the Status Effect who are within their Terror Radius IconHelp terrorRadius.png.
  • Night Shroud IconPowers nightShroud.png after getting revealed mid-stalk: Killer Instinct will reveal the Survivor who revealed him.
  • Of the Abyss IconPowers ofTheAbyss.png while using it: Killer Instinct will reveal all Survivors in close-proximity to an active Portal.
  • Rites of Judgement IconPowers ritesOfJudgement.png: Killer Instinct will reveal all Survivors walking or running on top of the Torment Trail.
  • Blood Bond IconPowers bloodBond.png: Killer Instinct will reveal all Survivors walking, running, or in the Dying State within Victor's Shriek range.
  • T-Virus IconPowers t-Virus.png: Killer Instinct will reveal all Survivors who use a Vaccine.
  • Summons of Pain IconPowers summonsOfPain.png: Killer Instinct will reveal any Survivor who is attempting to solve the Lament Configuration FulliconItems lamentConfiguration.png.
  • Birds of Torment IconPowers birdsOfTorment.png: Killer Instinct will reveal any Survivors in the vicinity of a Dire Crow that has left its Flight Path.


  • In case of Feral Frenzy IconPowers feralFrenzy.png, Killer Instinct will not trigger on Survivors who suffer from the Oblivious IconStatusEffects oblivious.png Status Effect, as they are technically no longer considered to be in The Legion's Terror Radius.
  • In case of Rites of Judgement IconPowers ritesOfJudgement.png and Blood Bond IconPowers bloodBond.png, Killer Instinct can be prevented from triggering by crouching.