Jake Park is a character from a horror video game called Dead by Daylight.

Jake Park is one of the original survivors.


Jake’s destiny was set even inside his mother’s womb. Heir to wealth, noble manners and caretaker of the family reputation and legacy. During torture it’s not pain that breaks a man, it’s immense pressure. And Jake couldn’t handle any more pressure. Instead he sought the opposite of fine dining and maids. He left the grid and ended up with a forest as closest neighbor. A self made outsider, Jake understands nature. He’s not there to tame something - rather him becoming feral. Remove the brutal killers that seek out blood to drain and Jake would feel just at home. No wi-fi. No Fortune 500 companies. No father nor mother. Years away from modern life has given Jake a new feel for problems. Pain is just an obstacle that hinders you from getting fed. No matter what is hunting you, you need to stay one step ahead. Struggle, blend in, adapt. Just don’t make it easy for others to erase you from the earth’s surface.


Perk ironwill

Iron Will

You're able to concentrate and numb some pain. Grunts of pain caused by injuries are reduced when you don't move.

Perk calmwill

Calm Spirit

Animals stay calm in your presence. Reduces chances of alerting woodland creatures.

Perk saboteur


Unlocks the ability to sabotage without a toolkit. Skill Checks triggered in this situation have a reduced Success Zone. Increases efficiency of toolbox sabotage.


"This is nothing!" - Jake

"Come here little friend, I won't hurt you." - Jake

"Hopefully this'll buy me some time." - Jake


Concept Art

Character Model

Extra Information

  • There's a meme of Jake called "Sabo Jake" where he is using Saboteur, while carrying a Toolbox and sabotaging Hooks.
  • Jake was the first character to wear gloves.
  • Jake may have been modeled after a Behaviour employee and Product Manager Alex Lin, whom also voices the killer, commonly known as The Doctor or his real name, Herman Carter.