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Iridescent Shards (IS) are one of the 7 in-game currencies featured in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo, and were introduced with Patch 1.2.0.


Iridescent Shards are one of the Player Progression Currencies and can be used to unlock Unique Perks in the Shrine of SecretsIconHelp shrineOfSecretsIconHelp shrineOfSecretsIconHelp shrineOfSecrets, as well as higher Tiers of those Perks, and various Cosmetic pieces in the in-game StoreIconHelp storeIconHelp storeIconHelp store.
The former use case is an alternative to raising a Character's Prestige Level.


Originally, Iridescent Shards could only be used to purchase Teachable Perks from the Shrine of Secrets, which then allowed them to spawn in the Bloodwebs of all Characters.
This original use case was an alternative to raising a Character's Level to 30, 35, 40, where the Teachable Perks would spawn naturally, and was the original purpose for implementing the Shrine of Secrets.

Obtaining Shards

Iridescent Shards are earned by gaining Experience Points from playing Trials and thus progressing one's Player Account Level.

They are also a Currency Reward on the Free Track of The Rift as of Tome 20 - Mythic.
Collecting all Rewards adds up to a total of 2,500 IS.


The amount of Iridescent Shards obtained is determined by your Player Account Level. Levelling up the account will reward the Player with a certain amount of Shards.

Spending Shards

Shrine of Secrets

Iridescent Shards can be spent in the Shrine of SecretsIconHelp shrineOfSecretsIconHelp shrineOfSecretsIconHelp shrineOfSecrets to purchase and unlock Perk Tiers of Unique Character Perks as an alternative to (further) prestiging the Characters to whom they belong.

Purchasing a Perk Tier from the Shrine will replace it with the next-highest Tier.
The cost depends on the available Perk Tiers:

  • Tier I: 2,000 IS
  • Tier II: 4,000 IS
  • Tier III: 6,000 IS

If a specific Perk already has Tier I unlocked, the price for the higher Tiers is adjusted as follows:

  • Tier II: 2,000 IS
  • Tier III: 4,000 IS

If a specific Perk already has Tier II unlocked, the price for Tier III is adjusted to 2,000 IS.

If a specific Perk already has Tier III unlocked, purchasing it will instead grant 100,000 Bloodpoints.

In-game Store


Original Characters (meaning 'non-licensed') can be bought for 9,000 Iridescent Shards.

Older Original Characters (up to and including CHAPTER 21.5: Hour of the Witch) are discounted to 4,500 Iridescent Shards.


All Cosmetics available to Original Characters can be purchased for Iridescent Shards one month after they are added to the Store (exceptions are Cosmetics designed in collaboration with third party artists).
Their price depends on their Rarity.

Unlike with prices in Auric Cells, there is no discount for purchasing an entire Outfit over its individual parts with Iridescent Shards.


Up to Patch 2.0.0

  • The amount of obtained Shards was directly tied to the time a Player spent actively participating in a trial. 1 minute of active play would reward them with 1 Iridescent Shard. The maximum amount that could be obtained in a single trial was capped at 10 Iridescent Shards.
  • Iridescent Shards were capped at 1,000.
  • Teachable Perks generally cost 550 Iridescent Shards or 750 Iridescent Shards, if they were from a recent DLC.
  • Buying an already owned Teachable Perk would reward you with 200,000 Bloodpoints or 250,000 Bloodpoints, if they were from a recent DLC.

Fifth Year Anniversary

  • For the duration of the Anniversary Event, Teachable Perks cost were discounted to 1,500 Iridescent Shards, with the Shrine of Secrets being refreshed every 24 hours.

Old Shrine of Secrets

This information applied before Patch 6.1.0.

Iridescent Shards could be spent in the Shrine of Secrets in exchange for Teachable Character Perks.

Teachable Perks cost 2,000 Iridescent Shards or 2,700 Iridescent Shards, if the Perks were part of one of the most recent DLCs.

If a Player had already unlocked one of the Teachable Perks available for purchase, buying that Perk again from the Shrine of Secrets would instead grant 150,000 Bloodpoints, or, if that Perk was from a Character of a recent DLC, it would instead grant 250,000 Bloodpoints.


  • Iridescent Shards were the first new currency added to the Game.
  • Iridescent Shards and Rift FragmentsRiftFragmentsRiftFragmentsRiftFragments are the only currencies who are awarded based on the amount of obtained Experience Points from playing ranked Trials.


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