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Iridescent Queen is an Ultra Rare Carter's Spark IconPowers cartersSpark.png Add-on IconHelp addons.png.

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Icon Description Cost
Iridescent Queen A glass-like queen chess piece moulded from The Fog itself.
It cannot be touched without receiving a considerable jolt of electricity.

Any Survivor struck by the Shock Therapy or Static Blast Attack acquires a lingering Static Charge.

  • The Static Charge remains with the Survivor until it is discharged.
  • Any time a Survivor is within 4 metres of a Survivor carrying a Static Charge, both receive a shock identical to a Shock Therapy Attack and the Static Charge is discharged immediately.
  • If Survivors are within 4 metres of one another when being struck by the same Shock Therapy or Static Blast Attack, they do not acquire a Static Charge.

"Once we have established an effective method of treatment, we can focus on its efficient means of delivery." — Herman Carter


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