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Inner Healing is a General Perk IconHelp perks.png available to all SurvivorsIconHelpLoading survivor.png.

Icon Cost
4,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png
5,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png
6,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png
You look inwards and trust your instincts when you feel lost and alone.

Each time you cleanse a TotemIconHelpLoading totem.png, Inner Healing activates:

  • You are automatically healed 1 Health State when hiding inside a LockerIconHelp lockers.png for 10/9/8 seconds while injured or suffering from the Deep WoundIconStatusEffects deepWound.png Status Effect.
Inner Healing does not activate if you currently suffer from the BrokenIconStatusEffects broken.png Status Effect.


  • Up to Patch 5.3.0, Inner Healing was known as Inner Strength IconPerks innerStrength.png, a Teachable Perk IconHelp teachables.png unique to Nancy Wheeler.
  • During development, Inner Healing was originally called Survival Instincts.
  • When in the Injured State IconHelp injured.png, Inner Healing will heal you back to Healthy IconHelp healthy.png.
  • When afflicted by the Deep Wound IconStatusEffects deepWound.png Status Effect, Inner Healing will heal you to the Injured State IconHelp injured.png.
  • Inner Healing will display how far along the Healing process is by means of a red indicator on top of the Perk's icon in the HUD.
  • Inner Healing begins counting down from the character's model is fully in the Locker IconHelp lockers.png.
  • Healing with Inner Healing will not deactivate Decisive Strike IconPerks decisiveStrike.png.


Ash cleansing a Totem and then using Inner Healing