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Health States are a Game Mechanic exclusive to SurvivorsIconHelpLoading survivorIconHelpLoading survivorIconHelpLoading survivor in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo.


Survivors have 3 main Health States: Healthy State, Injured State, and Dying State.

There is a special fourth Health State: Deep WoundIconStatusEffects deepWoundIconStatusEffects deepWoundIconStatusEffects deepWound, which is also a Status EffectIconHelp statusEffectsIconHelp statusEffectsIconHelp statusEffects.

Health States may affect a Survivor's prowess at surviving and also inhibit certain interactions.

Healthy State[]

IconHelp healthy

This is the default Health State of Survivors, they start the Trial in this Health State, with the exception of Survivors using the Perk No MitherIconPerks noMitherIconPerks noMitherIconPerks noMither.

Healthy Survivors can perform all interactions and move at their default Movement Speed. They don't make excessive noises other than heavy breathing after running.


Receiving damage from a Killer's Weapon puts Healthy Survivors into the Injured State.

Receiving damage while already in the Injured or in the Deep Wound State puts them into the Dying State.

Double Damage[]

Receiving double damage from a Killer's Power, or a Killer's Weapon puts Healthy Survivors directly into the Dying State.

Injured State[]

IconHelp injured

This is the default Health State of Survivors using the Perk No MitherIconPerks noMitherIconPerks noMitherIconPerks noMither.

While Injured, Survivors will bleed and grunt in pain, making them easier to track. Though an injured Survivor limps, their Movement Speed is unaffected and the same as when Healthy.

Receiving damage from a Killer's Power or Weapon puts Injured Survivors into the Dying State.

Survivors that were grabbed during an interaction with a Prop are also put into the Dying State.

Survivors can reduce or stop the grunting by using No MitherIconPerks noMitherIconPerks noMitherIconPerks noMither, Iron WillIconPerks ironWillIconPerks ironWillIconPerks ironWill, Off the RecordIconPerks offTheRecordIconPerks offTheRecordIconPerks offTheRecord, Parental GuidanceIconPerks parentalGuidanceIconPerks parentalGuidanceIconPerks parentalGuidance, Self-PreservationIconPerks self-PreservationIconPerks self-PreservationIconPerks self-Preservation, Low ProfileIconPerks lowProfileIconPerks lowProfileIconPerks lowProfile, Bite the BulletIconPerks biteTheBulletIconPerks biteTheBulletIconPerks biteTheBullet, or Lucky StarIconPerks luckyStarIconPerks luckyStarIconPerks luckyStar.

Killers can improve their ability to hear grunting by using StridorIconPerks stridorIconPerks stridorIconPerks stridor.

Survivors can also ignore being put from the Injured State into the Dying State once should Mettle of ManIconPerks mettleOfManIconPerks mettleOfManIconPerks mettleOfMan activate.

Deep Wound State[]

Main article: Deep Wound

This Health State is also a Status Effect inflicted by various Unlockables and some Powers.

While Deep Wounded, Survivors are on a bleed-out timer (shown as a yellow bar on the HUD) until they either Mend themselves, are Mended by other Survivors, or the timer runs out.

The bleed-out timer is paused whenever the affected Survivor is either running or Mending.
Partial Mending progress is saved, if the interaction is interrupted.

If the bleed-out timer runs out, the Survivor will fall into the Dying State.

As a unique side-effect of MadnessIconStatusEffects madnessIconStatusEffects madnessIconStatusEffects madness, Survivors cannot Mend themselves, if they are on Madness Tier III, but can still be Mended by other Survivors that are not on that Tier.

Dying State[]

IconHelp dying

In the Dying State, a Survivor's Movement speed is limited to a slow crawl and they are unable to use any of their ItemsIconHelp itemsIconHelp itemsIconHelp items.

A crawling Survivor has two options: recover as much health as they can (at maximum 95 % at a rate of 50 % of the normal Healing speed, which equates to recovery taking 30.4 seconds), or crawl away to find help. Without the aid of certain PerksIconHelp perksIconHelp perksIconHelp perks, a Survivor cannot fully recover by themselves; they will need another Survivor to finish healing them. A crawling Survivor can be picked up by the Killer and brought to sacrificial HooksIconHelpLoading hookIconHelpLoading hookIconHelpLoading hook.

While in the Dying State, Survivors slowly bleed out till death (after 240 seconds). The bleed-out progress can be seen below the Survivor's Status Icon in the HUD.

Healing from the Dying State puts a Survivor into the Injured State.

Dying Survivors can see the AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of their teammates and vice versa. Dying Survivors can use their teammates' locations to determine whether they should move or attempt to recover.

  • It takes 240 seconds (4 minutes) for a Dying Survivor to bleed out and die.
    • This is a fixed value and there are to date no mechanics or Unlockables that can influence it.
      Contrary to some popular believes in the community, moving around while bleeding out does not accelerate one's death.
  • A Killer can see the Aura of a nearby Dying Survivor if they have the Perk DeerstalkerIconPerks deerstalkerIconPerks deerstalkerIconPerks deerstalker.
  • TenacityIconPerks tenacityIconPerks tenacityIconPerks tenacity allows Survivors in the Dying State, to recover and crawl at the same time.
  • UnbreakableIconPerks unbreakableIconPerks unbreakableIconPerks unbreakable, No MitherIconPerks noMitherIconPerks noMitherIconPerks noMither, Soul GuardIconPerks soulGuardIconPerks soulGuardIconPerks soulGuard, Boon: ExponentialIconPerks boonExponentialIconPerks boonExponentialIconPerks boonExponential and Plot TwistIconPerks plotTwistIconPerks plotTwistIconPerks plotTwist allow a Survivor to fully recover from the Dying State.
  • AdrenalineIconPerks adrenalineIconPerks adrenalineIconPerks adrenaline instantly recovers a Survivor one full Health State when the Exit Gates become powered.
  • A Killer using Knock OutIconPerks knockOutIconPerks knockOutIconPerks knockOut will prevent the other Survivors from seeing the Dying Survivor's Aura outside of a certain range, similar to a reverse DeerstalkerIconPerks deerstalkerIconPerks deerstalkerIconPerks deerstalker.
  • Survivors can reduce the grunting by using No MitherIconPerks noMitherIconPerks noMitherIconPerks noMither or TenacityIconPerks tenacityIconPerks tenacityIconPerks tenacity.


Healing can put Survivors back into higher Health States.
It is considered a Healing action and affected by various Unlockables.

It takes 16 Charges to heal a Survivors for the equivalent of 1 Health State.

There are 2 types of Healing amongst Survivors:

Altruistic Healing[]

Altruistic Healing occurs when a Survivor is being healed by one or two other Survivors:

Altruistic Healing does not require the use of Med-KitsIconItems firstAidKitIconItems firstAidKitIconItems firstAidKit and is a default ability of all Survivors.
However, using a Med-Kit greatly increases the Healing speed.

Survivors have an individual default Healing speed of +1 c/s, which is doubled to a combined +2 c/s if two Survivors heal a third Survivor together, halving the Healing time.

Personal Healing[]

Personal Healing occurs when a Survivor is healing themselves without the help of other Survivors.

Personal Healing requires the use of Med-KitsIconItems firstAidKitIconItems firstAidKitIconItems firstAidKit or PerksIconHelp perksIconHelp perksIconHelp perks that provide the Self-Care ability.

Personal Healing, with few exceptions, usually comes at the cost of a reduced Healing speed, which depends on the type of Unlockable used to heal one's self.


Mending will put Survivors afflicted by Deep WoundIconStatusEffects deepWoundIconStatusEffects deepWoundIconStatusEffects deepWound back into the Injured State.
It is not considered a Healing action and therefore remains unaffected by Unlockables, with the exception of Killer Power Add-ons that affect its duration.
Should the bleed-out timer run out or the affected Survivor receive damage by the Killer, they will be put into the Dying State.

  • Self-Mending takes 12 seconds to complete.
  • Altruistic Mending takes 8 seconds to complete.
    • Up to two Survivors may Mend a third Survivor.
      However, this incurs a Mending Speed penalty of -25 %
  • Partial Mending progress is saved.

Change Log[]

Patch 2.3.0[]

  • Survivor Nerf: increased the Health State capacity from 12 Charges to 16 Charges.

Patch 3.4.0[]

  • Survivor Buff: reduced the Mending times of Survivors from an unknown amount (~15 seconds) to 12 seconds for Self-Mending and 8 seconds for Altruistic Mending.