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Haunted by Daylight is a recurring Halloween Event in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo, celebrating Halloween.

Haunted by Daylight 2022 was the first iteration of the Event and took place between 13 October and 3 November 2022.


Haunted By Daylight was a type of Halloween-themed in-game Event, which temporarily added new Objectives to the Gameplay of Killers and Survivors.

It opened a unique Event Tome in the Archives, with special Challenges to complete, unlocking unique Lore entries and Cosmetics.

In-Game Changes[]

HauntedByDaylight LoadingScreen

The Event Items and Add-ons can be found in newly generated BloodwebsIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodwebIconHelp bloodweb and the former also in ChestsIconHelp chestsIconHelp chestsIconHelp chests located throughout the Trial Grounds.

The Event Offering will grant Bonus BloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpoints for interacting with Esoteric Hooks and Generators, and Unstable Rifts.
Not burning the Offering will still grant Bonus Bloodpoints, but fewer.

The Pumpkins can be stomped on by the Survivors or the Killer, and will grant Bloodpoints and/or a Status Effect, based on what kind of Pumpkin it was.

Event Items[]

IconItems allHallowsEveLunchbox
All Hallows' Eve Lunchbox THIS ITEM CAN NO LONGER BE OBTAINED FROM THE BLOODWEB (This Unlockable no longer spawns in the Bloodweb, but stockpiles of it can still be used in Trials.)

A plastic lunchbox with phosphorescent Halloween Stickers that has been packed with First-Aid equipment.

  • Makes you considerably more visible.

Can be used to heal other Survivors:

  • Increased Altruistic Healing speed of +40 %.

Unlocks the Self-Heal action:

  • Reduced Personal Healing speed of -33 %.
  • Reduced Item efficiency of -33 %.

The All Hallows' Eve Lunchbox has a Capacity of 24 Charges.

The All Hallows' Eve Lunchbox is only available during Halloween Events.

"Safety first! Make sure you can be seen when trick or treating."

IconItems willOWisp
Will O' Wisp THIS ITEM CAN NO LONGER BE OBTAINED FROM THE BLOODWEB (This Unlockable no longer spawns in the Bloodweb, but stockpiles of it can still be used in Trials.)

A Flashlight equipped with a special lens cover that adds an orange tint and a little Ghost to the beam.

  • Press the Use Item button to light the Flashlight for up to 8 seconds.
  • Causes more friendly Ghosts in your life.

The Will O' Wisp is only available during Halloween Events.

"Happy Trick or Treating!"

Event Add-ons[]

IconAddon blightSerum
Blight Serum THIS ADD-ON IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE (This Unlockable no longer spawns in the Bloodweb and can no longer be used in Trials, being greyed-out in the inventory.
It may temporarily return during an Event.

A small amount of Compound Thirty-Four, the final serum The Blight had worked on before his transformation.
Causes extreme mutations in high doses.

Playing as The BlightIconHelpLoading blightIconHelpLoading blightIconHelpLoading blight, you benefit from the following effect:

  • Grants 1 additional Token towards his Power.

Playing as any other Killer, Blighted Serum temporarily replaces your Power with the Blighted Rush ability.

  • Press the Power button to dash forwards at 200 % of your default Movement speed for 2.5 seconds.
  • Start the Trial with 1 Token.
  • Receive 1 Token each time a Survivor is hooked.
IconAddon brokenBulb
Broken Bulb THIS ADD-ON IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE (This Unlockable no longer spawns in the Bloodweb and can no longer be used in Trials, being greyed-out in the inventory.
It may temporarily return during an Event.

A damaged bulb that causes a spooky flickering effect.

  • Causes the Flashlight to flicker.
  • Increases the brightness of the Beam by +15 %.
  • Increases the duration of a successful Blind by +30 %.
  • Increases the spookiness.

The Broken Bulb is only available during Halloween Events.

IconAddon refinedSerum
Refined Serum THIS ADD-ON IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE (This Unlockable no longer spawns in the Bloodweb and can no longer be used in Trials, being greyed-out in the inventory.
It may temporarily return during an Event.

A refined version of the Putrid Serum that is mostly safe for human consumption.

  • Press the Secondary Action button while healing yourself or another Survivor with a Med-Kit to use the Refined Serum to boost the Movement speed of the affected Survivor by +5 % for 16 seconds.
  • Creates a Blight trail behind the affected Survivor.

Refined Serum consumes the Med-Kit on use.

The Refined Serum is only available during Halloween Events.

Event Offering[]

Icon Description Cost
IconFavors arcaneDousingRod
THIS OFFERING IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE (This Unlockable no longer spawns in the Bloodweb and can no longer be used in Trials, being greyed-out in the inventory.
It may temporarily return during an Event.

Taps into the latent energy of The Entity's Realm to find even more concentrated pockets of power.

  • Personal Offering.
  • Provides a +100 % Bloodpoints bonus to hooking Survivors onto Esoteric Hooks, repairing Esoteric Generators, and transferring Void Energy into Unstable Rifts and Haunts.
  • Provides a directional cue when an Unstable Rift spawns within 24 metres.

Only playable during the Haunted by Daylight Event.


IconHelp bloodpoints

Event Mechanics[]

Void Energy[]

The ultimate goal of the Event Mechanics is for Killers and Survivor to collect Void Energy.

Void Energy can be gained in three different ways:

  • Repairing an Event Generator:
    • Repairing awards 3 Void Energy every 9 seconds.
    • A maximum of 75 Void Energy can be obtained from repairing Generators.
  • Hooking a Survivor on an Event Hook:
    • Hooking awards 5 Void Energy per Hook.
    • A maximum of 15 Void Energy from hooking Survivors.
  • Destroying a PumpkinIconHelp pumpkinIconHelp pumpkinIconHelp pumpkin:
    • Destroying a Treat Pumpkin awards 1 Void Energy
    • Destroying a Neutral Pumpkin awards 2 Void Energy
    • Destroying a Trick Pumpkin awards 3 Void Energy

Void Energy can be transferred between the Survivor and the Killer in two different ways:

  • Stunning the Killer:
    • Stunning transfers 3 Void Energy from the Killer to the Survivor that stunned them.
  • Downing Survivors:
    • Downing transfers 3 Void Energy to the Killer from the Survivor they downed.

Unstable Rifts[]


The Aura of an Unstable Rift

Players can hold a maximum of 15 Void Energy at a time, after which they will no longer gain any additional Void Energy and see the Aura of a nearby Unstable Rift.
At this point, Players are encouraged to bank their Void Energy at an Unstable Rift, after which they can once again gain new Void Energy from the aforementioned interactions.

This process is repeatable until a maximum of 30 Void Energy is banked into Unstable Rifts.

As a Killer, when the Trial ends, any Void Energy not yet deposited into an Unstable Rift would automatically be accounted for and deposited into the Sky Rift.

As a Survivor, the same would be true upon escaping the Trial.
If a Survivor dies, however, that energy would be lost.

Sky Rift[]

Each Map featured a so-called "Sky Rift", a large Rift Portal up in the sky of the Map, akin to the one shown in the main Lobby during the Event, only a lot smaller.
The Sky Rift was purely decorative in nature and had no other effect than to, lore-wise, collect any remaining Void Energy Players were holding in their inventory and had not managed to deposit into Unstable Rifts before escaping the Trial (Survivor) or ending it (Killer).

Unlocking Cosmetics[]

When a Player manages to transfer 30 Void Energy into Unstable Rifts, they trigger the Rift Satisfied Score Event, which grants them 10,000 Bloodpoints, and they are also granted the HasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects haste Status Effect for 15 seconds.
The strength of the Status Effect has a chance of 75 % to be +5 % Movement speed or a chance of 25 % to be +10 % Movement speed

Additionally, Players will be rewarded with a random piece from the 12 Event Cosmetics after the Trial concludes.

Event Rewards[]


The Event rewards Players participating in it with candied Weapons for 6 Killers and spooky shirts for 6 Survivors:

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Icon Name Type Rarity Description Character
DO W015 Glucose Injection CategoryIcon weapons Event The fastest way to a sugar rush. Herman Carter
TC W014 Honeycomb Hammer CategoryIcon weapons Event This hammer was thought to be lost to a beehive out back, but a few stings later, he had a terrifying weapon. Max Thompson Jr.
K22 W009 Sickle-y Sweet CategoryIcon weapons Event This scythe, hidden away for weeks with a stock of candy, ended up covered in foul larvae. Charlotte & Victor Deshayes
TN W015 Bonbon Bonesaw CategoryIcon weapons Event A spoonful of sugar won’t make this medicine go down any easier. Sally Smithson
MK W012 Gum Ball Vessel CategoryIcon weapons Event A vile, cloying scent disperses from the cracks in its glass. Adiris
TR W015 Rock Candy Cleaver CategoryIcon weapons Event This blade will break your teeth, one way or another. Evan MacMillan
CM Torso008 01 Botanical Ribcage CategoryIcon torso Event The bones of a green-thumbed scientist. Claudette Morel
DK Torso006 01 Powerhouse Ribcage CategoryIcon torso Event The bones of a brick house bruiser. David King
FM Torso01 06 Gaming Ribcage CategoryIcon torso Event The bones of a ferocious competitor. Feng Min
MS Torso007 01 Inquisitive Ribcage CategoryIcon torso Event The bones of an incisive interviewer. Jane Romero
S23 Torso009 01 Architectural Ribcage CategoryIcon torso Event The bones of a visionary creator. Felix Richter
S25 Torso012 01 Remixed Ribcage CategoryIcon torso Event The bones of a harmonic savant. Yun-Jin Lee

Log-in Currencies[]

Over the Haunted by Daylight Event, logging in will reward Players with a total of 700,000 Bloodpoints and 40 Rift Fragments:

  • 13 October: 20,000 Bloodpoints
  • 14 October: 5 Rift Fragments
  • 15 October: 50,000 Bloodpoints
  • 16 October: 20,000 Bloodpoints
  • 17 October: 75,000 Bloodpoints
  • 18 October: 10 Rift Fragments
  • 19 October: 75,000 Bloodpoints
  • 20 October: 20,000 Bloodpoints
  • 21 October: 5 Rift Fragments
  • 22 October: 50,000 Bloodpoints
  • 23 October: 20,000 Bloodpoints
  • 24 October: 75,000 Bloodpoints
  • 25 October: 10 Rift Fragments
  • 26 October: 75,000 Bloodpoints
  • 27 October: 20,000 Bloodpoints
  • 28 October: 5 Rift Fragments
  • 29 October: 50,000 Bloodpoints
  • 30 October: 5 Rift Fragments
  • 31 October: 100,000 Bloodpoints
  • 1 November: 25,000 Bloodpoints
  • 2 November: 25,000 Bloodpoints

Event Tome[]

HauntedByDaylight EventTome
Main Article: Event Tome 3 - Haunted by Daylight 2022

The Haunted by Daylight Event is accompanied by a special event-themed Tome, that is separate from the regular Tome, but also grants progress in The Rift.
Completing its Challenges rewards Players with special Cosmetics, as well as unique Lore entries.

Event Tome Cosmetics[]

The Event Tome features two unique Outfits earnable for Kate DensonSurvivorKateSurvivorKateSurvivorKate and The HagIconHelpLoading hagIconHelpLoading hagIconHelpLoading hag:

Icon Category Name Character Rarity Description Collection
EventTome3 Haunted by Daylight 2022 Banner
WI outfit 011 CategoryIcon outfits Swamp Creature The Hag Event She emerged from the foul dark marshes, stinking of algae and rot... something from a lost realm had changed her. Tricks and Treats
GS outfit 021 CategoryIcon outfits Cornfield Scarecrow Kate Denson Event For a Halloween barn party, she thought she might pull a little prank on her friends and jump out of the crops. Tricks and Treats

Event Tome Charms[]

The Event Tome features four unique CharmsIcon charmIcon charmIcon charm.

Charm Icon
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Icon Name Rarity Description Character Collection Tome Level
PL 042 Lil' Monster Event Where did they get the tiny body parts to build him? Survivors Haunted by Daylight 1
PL 043 Megcrow Event This is the longest she has ever stood still. Killers Haunted by Daylight 1
PL 044 Creepy Corn Event Take a bite of it before it takes a bite of you. Universal Haunted by Daylight 2
PL 050 Candy Spiders Event A delicious gummy layer surrounds what may or not be an actual spider. - Haunted by Daylight 2


The Event was accompanied by a global Intro and Outro Cinematic that would play at the beginning and towards the end of the Event respectively after getting past the game's title screen.

Intro Outro


Gameplay Footage[]

Yun-Jin transferring Void Energy Yun-Jin destroying a Pumpkin to gain Void Energy

Official Videos[]


HauntedByDaylight ClaudetteInteraction
HauntedByDaylight DavidClaudette
HauntedByDaylight FelixJane
HauntedByDaylight Trapper
HauntedByDaylight Plague

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