The Harvester, also known as the "Combine Harvester", is a Structure featured throughout the Coldwind Farm Realm.

Nearby Props

The following Props may spawn around the Harvester.

  • A Chest IconHelp chests.png, often spawning to the side of the Harvester's head or at its side.
  • A Generator IconHelpLoading generators.png, often spawning to the side of the Harvester's head.
  • A Totem IconHelpLoading totem.png, often spawning in the crook between the Harvester's head and the ramp.


Characters can access the top of the Harvester by walking up its head and the attached ramp.

At the top, there is a vault to the left and one to the right:

  • The left vault drops the Character onto a side panel, from which one cannot vault back.
  • The right vault drops the Character onto a hay-bale on the hay-bale ramp, from which one can vault back and forth.


  • The layout of the Harvester's right vault changed several times in Dead by Daylight's history, due to it originally having been a safe spot for Survivors.
    • The hay-bale ramp used to be full of hay-bales, allowing Survivors to run up that ramp and vault the right vault from the outside, allowing them to use the Harvester as a quasi-infinite loop.
    • Eventually, all hay-bales were removed and Survivors would drop down onto the ramp without the ability to back-vault. This was eventually changed to the current single top hay-bale, allowing for a back-vault if one stays atop the hay-bale.
    • If a Killer used the left vault, stayed atop the side-panel, and performed a lunge attack towards the back end of the Harvester, they would be propelled up into the air and onto the very top of the Harvester, allowing them to effortlessly reach a Survivor that would loop the Harvester.
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