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The Golden Toolbox on the Lampkin Lane Map

The Golden Toolbox is a recurring Easter egg of Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.


The Golden Toolbox is present on some Realms added to Dead by Daylight since the release of Haddonfield.

It is an Easter Egg, hidden in specific inaccessible locations on the maps in which it appears. As such, it cannot be obtained or interacted with in any way, serving instead as an intrinsic goal for observant, dedicated players.

The existence of the Golden Toolbox was originally discovered at its Haddonfield location, where it is relatively easy to spot.

Since then, subsequent toolbox appearances have become increasingly more well-hidden, and its location in The Underground Complex incorporates new functionality tied to the Endgame Collapse.


The MacMillan Estate - Groaning Storehouse[]

The Golden Toolbox is located behind a large, wrapped pallet of boxes on one of the Storehouse's shelves.

GT Groaning Storehouse.png

Autohaven Wreckers - Gas Heaven[]

The Golden Toolbox is located on the floor between two car piles.

GT Gas Heaven.png

Coldwind Farm - Fractured Cowshed[]

The Golden Toolbox is located in the rafters of the cowshed in an upper corner, on the side with a covered window.

GT Fractured Cowshed.png

Crotus Prenn Asylum - Father Campbell's Chapel[]

The Golden Toolbox is located underneath the Clown's Caravan, behind one of the wheels.

GT Father Campbell's Chapel.png

Haddonfield - Lampkin Lane[]

The Golden Toolbox is located under a picnic table.

GT Lampkin Lane.png

Yamaoka Estate - Family Residence[]

The Golden Toolbox is located in the main building upstairs in the rafters. Before Golden Toolbox used to spawn under the building, and could be seen from outside.

GT Family Residence.png

Gideon Meat Plant - The Game[]

File:GT The Game Alt.png


The Golden Toolbox spawns under the table near TV Room location.

GT The Game.png

Backwater Swamp - Pale Rose[]

The Golden Toolbox is located underneath the floorboards of the Pale Rose, under one of the ramps to the second floor.

GT Pale Rose.png

Léry's Memorial Institute - Treatment Theatre[]

The Golden Toolbox is located outside of the hospital building, and can be seen through a hole in the wall behind a set of chairs.

GT Treatment Theatre.png

Red Forest - Mother's Dwelling[]

The Golden Toolbox is located buried in the floor, with only its right side visible. It is in the middle of a rock circle.

GT Mother's Dwelling.png

Springwood - Badham Preschool I

GT Badham Preschool I Alt.png

The Golden Toolbox is located inside of a phonebooth at one of the intersections of the roads. It should be noted that this only spawns on Badham Preschool I.

GT Badham Preschool I.png

Hawkins National Laboratory - The Underground Complex[]

GT The Underground Complex Alt.png

There are multiple possible locations for the Golden Toolbox on the Map. All of them require the Endgame Collapse to be triggered for the Golden Toolbox to become visible. The most famous location is inside a crate in the Rift Lab. However, it can also spawn inside crates located elsewhere on the Map.

GT The Underground Complex.png

Grave of Glenvale - Dead Dawg Saloon[]

The Golden Toolbox is located in the water tower. Currently there's no known way of seeing it in the trial, other than bugs/exploits.

GT Dead Dawg Saloon.png

Silent Hill - Midwich Elementary School[]

The Golden Toolbox is located in the chemistry lab in a mound of flesh on a desk. In order for it to be revealed, the Endgame Collapse must be triggered, and a survivor must be downed early on in order for the Endgame Collapse to last long enough. Toward the end of the collapse, the toolbox will reveal itself and protrude from the mound of flesh.

GT Midwich Elementary School.png

Ormond - Mount Ormond Resort[]

The Golden Toolbox originally was located in main building and could be seen through crack in a wall. Currently Golden Toolbox is entirely gone from the map and can't be found.


  • The Golden Toolbox on Midwich Elementary School is located in essentially the same spot as the golden medallion in the first Silent Hill.