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Quotes left.png “This place plays tricks on your mind…constantly I question whether I dream or if I am awake. This most recent horrid ghoul seems to bridge that gap – between the states of being awake or asleep. I saw him hunting another poor soul, someone who was not as lucky as me. A man with a hat and a claw clad hand, a scarred man of sorts. He spotted me and what actually happened next is still a mystery to me. Dreams took over, and I was sure to die. But I woke up. Not like in the manner where I awake at the campfire, but instead I just woke up…inside this wretched forest, with memories of nightmares within. I am now afraid to sleep, but also to stay awake.” Quotes right.png
~ Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)
The Nightmare
K10 charSelect portrait.png
Name Freddy Krueger
Game Alias(es) "The Sandman"
Gender Male
Nationality American
Realm Springwood
Power Dream Demon
Weapon Clawed Glove
Movement SpeedIconHelp movementSpeed.png 115 % | 4.6 m/s
Alternate Movement speed 100 % | 4 m/s

(placing Dream Snares)

Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadius.png 32 metres
Lullaby Radius 32 metres (Dream World)
Height IconHelp height.png Average
DLC CHAPTER 6: A Nightmare on Elm Street™
Voice Actor Filip Ivanovic (BHVR)

Freddy Krueger or "The Nightmare" is one of 29 Killers IconHelpLoading killer.png currently featured in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.

He was introduced as the Killer of CHAPTER 6: A Nightmare on Elm Street™, a Chapter DLC released on 26 October 2017.

He originates from the 2010 remake of the Horror Movie of the same name, A Nightmare on Elm Street.


New Store Nightmare.png
Quotes left.png Over time, The Nightmare forces Survivors into the Dream World. Once inside, Survivors will quickly realize the absence of a Terror Radius. With the ability to slow Survivors with Dream Snares, deceive with fake Dream Pallets, and pressure the map by teleporting directly to generators, The Nightmare lives up to his name. Quotes right.png

The Nightmare is a nightmare Killer, passively pulling Survivors into his Dream World where Survivors are vulnerable to his Dream Abilities. His Dream Projection ability allows him to quickly appear across the map and put pressure onto Survivors.

His personal Perks, Fire UpIconPerks fireUp.png, Remember MeIconPerks rememberMe.png, and Blood WardenIconPerks bloodWarden.png, improve his abilities over time and make him stronger as the trial reaches its climax.

His Perks revolve around stopping Survivors from fleeing. They will make surviving a real pain for all, and managing to escape the Hunting Ground won't be easy.

Difficulty Rating: Hard
(These Killers use mechanics that are specific to them and require more practice to be effective)


EK charPreview.png

Even while he lived, Freddy Krueger was a creature of nightmares for those who truly knew him. Hiding behind a mask of warmth and friendliness, Freddy's actual temperament was known only to his victims. When those victims were finally heard, the parents of Springwood tracked Freddy down and took the law into their own hands. They thought that fire had rid them of a monster that night, that their children were finally safe, but evil as strong as his has a way of surviving.

Years passed, the horror was buried, the victims mercifully forgot. Then, somehow, Freddy returned, and dreams became nightmares once again.

Freddy focused his anger on those he felt had wronged him, building up to his one true obsession, Nancy Holbrook. But he underestimated her strength and resourcefulness. Together with her friend Quentin Smith, she managed to weaken Freddy, mutilating him and leaving him for dead once more.

Death didn't want Freddy the first time he encountered it, why did they think it would take him now? He emerged once more, consumed with vengeance. Then he turned his sights on the boy who had blocked his path to Nancy, his number one.

Freddy invaded Quentin's dreams, terrorising him night after night, until his strength and defences would be at their lowest. When the time was right, he forced the boy to return to the dark reflection of Badham Preschool. Here he would have his final revenge.

Freddy stalked the boy through the school's halls. He took his time, savouring every moment of the hunt. This was what he enjoyed the most, the smell of their sweat in the air, the ragged gasps of their terrified breath. They were his to toy with.

There was the boy, at the end of a long corridor. Too tired and scared to run anymore? Resigned to his fate? Freddy closed in, arms wide, claws raking the wall. Their tips traced along a pipe, the metallic shrieking only adding to the boy’s apprehension.

A shower of sparks rained on the ground, and into the liquid that covered the tiled floor. A blue flame blossomed and quickly engulfed the room.

The boy took flight as Freddy burst from the flames in a fury. Rooms and walls raced past in a blur until they were in Freddy's basement. There would be no escape from here.

Slowly Freddy closed in on the boy. His fear was so strong now that Freddy could almost taste it, but his eyes burned with a defiant hatred that was almost admirable.

Freddy drew back his claws.

Then Freddy felt another presence with him; something old, powerful and dark. A miasma enveloped him and the only sensation was a sound like wooden beams flexing and creaking in the distance. The echoing groan of metal crushed against metal. Something arcane and unknowable, half-way between language and pure terror.

A moment of falling and spinning and then Freddy was back in the school. But not his school. It looked the same, but it felt different. His powers were tempered in some ways and focused in others. The boy had gone for now, but another prey walked the hallways. Some would be inconsequential; others would become his new favourites. All would fall before his claws.


Unique Perks

The Nightmare comes with 3 Perks IconHelp perks.png that are unique to him:

Fire Up Fire Up
The increased pressure of losing your preys fills you with anger and gives you unsuspected motivation.

Each time a Generator is completed, Fire Up grows in power.

  • Gain a stack-able 3/3.5/4 % Action Speed bonus to picking-up and dropping Survivors, breaking PalletsIconHelp pullDown.png and Breakable WallsIconHelp breakableDoors.png, damaging GeneratorsIconHelpLoading generators.png, and vaulting WindowsIconHelp window.png, up to a maximum of 15/17.5/20 %.
"Now why don't you just fucking die?" — Freddy Krueger
Remember Me Remember Me
You become obsessed with one Survivor.

Each time the ObsessionIconHelp obsession.png loses a Health StateIconStatusEffects healing.png, Remember Me gains 1 Token:

  • Increases the Opening time of both Exit GatesIconHelp exitGates.png by 4 seconds per Token, up to a maximum of 8/12/16 additional seconds.
  • The Obsession remains unaffected by this penalty.

You can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.
"You don't remember? You must. You're my number one, and you'll never wake up again." — Freddy Krueger

Blood Warden Blood Warden
As soon as one Exit GateIconHelp exitGates.png is opened, Blood Warden activates.
  • The AurasIconHelp auras.png of SurvivorsIconHelpLoading survivor.png standing within the Exit-Gate area are revealed to you.

Once per Trial, hooking a Survivor while Blood Warden is active calls upon The EntityIconHelp entity.png to block the exits for all Survivors for 30/40/60 seconds.
"This is my world. And you can't ever leave." — Freddy Krueger


Prestiging The Nightmare will automatically add Tier I of his Unique Perks to the inventories of all other Killers and unlock the ability for their higher-tiered versions to spawn in their BloodwebIconHelp bloodweb.png.

Prestige The Nightmare twice more to automatically add Tier II and Tier III respectively into the other Killers' inventories.

Weapon: Clawed Glove

SD W01.png

The Clawed Glove is the Primary Weapon of The Nightmare.
A homemade device, crafted to torture and kill.

Power: Dream Demon

FulliconPowers dreamDemon.png
Quotes left.png Death won't accept him and thus he remains, a calamity, indisputable master of his victims' nightmares. Quotes right.png

Dream Demon cloaks The Nightmare from awake Survivors, causing them to hear his Terror Radius IconHelp terrorRadius.png, but only seeing him fully when he is within 16 metres, and only intermittently from 16 to 32 metres.
The Nightmare is invisible to Survivors when he is farther than 32 metres away.

The Nightmare's presence in the Trial Grounds induces micro-sleep, passively causing Survivors to fall asleep over 60 seconds, after which they enter the Dream World.

Dream World:
Once inside the Dream World, Survivors suffer from the Oblivious IconStatusEffects oblivious.png Status Effect:

  • Survivors only hear The Nightmare's non-directional Lullaby.
  • Survivors can see and be affected by Dream Traps placed by The Nightmare.

Successful Basic Attacks immediately pull Survivors into the Dream World, unless they recently woke up using an Alarm Clock IconStatusEffects sleepPenalty.png.

Waking Up:
Survivors have several ways to wake up and leave the Dream World:

  • Failing Skill Checks IconHelp skillChecks.png
  • Have an awake Survivor perform the Wake Up action on them.
    Each successive Wake Up action will take twice as long to perform.
  • Find and use their personal Alarm Clock.

Using the Alarm Clock will give Survivors immunity from micro-sleep for 30 seconds.
This includes being pulled into the Dream World by successful Basic Attacks.

SPECIAL ABILITY: Dream Snare Atl Hud PB DreamSnare.png
Press and hold the Power button to place a Dream Snare on the ground directly in front of The Nightmare.
Survivors that come in contact with a Dream Snare suffer from the Hindered IconStatusEffects hindered.png Status Effect, slowing them for as long as they remain within its Area of Effect and for a short duration after leaving it.

SPECIAL ABILITY: Dream Pallet Atl Hud PB DreamPalllet.png
Press and hold the Power button to place a Dream Pallet at an available location.
A Dream Pallet dropped by a Survivor will be destroyed immediately and not stun The Nightmare.

SPECIAL ABILITY: Dream Projection Atl Hud AB DreamProjection.png
Press and hold the Active Ability button to perform a Dream Projection and teleport to a Generator IconHelpLoading generators.png in view.
Releasing the button early will cancel the action.

For each Survivor in the Dream World, the cool-down of using Dream Projection is reduced by a stack-able 15 %.

"You have nothing to worry about. This won't hurt one... little... bit." — Freddy Krueger

Power Trivia

Movement Speeds:

  • Placing Dream Snares: 4.0 m/s

Waking Skill Checks:

  • It should be noted that it is the act of failing a Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png that wakes a Survivor from the Dream World and not the accompanying explosion and Loud Noise notification that does so.
    Failing Skill Checks while using Perks such as Technician IconPerks technician.png or Bite the Bullet IconPerks biteTheBullet.png, which suppress the explosion and Loud Noise notification, will therefore still wake Survivors up.
  • Failing a Skill Check while repairing a Generator will also wake up any other asleep Survivors that were repairing it at that moment.
    The same is true for asleep Survivors that are being healed by someone who fails a Healing Skill Check.

Awake Survivors only see glimpses of The Nightmare within a certain range:

  • Glimpse duration: 2 seconds
  • Glimpse cool-down: 2 seconds
  • Glimpse Minimum distance: 16 metres
  • Glimpse Maximum distance: 32 metres

Dream Projection:

  • Charge duration: 3 seconds
  • Cool-down duration: 45 seconds
  • Cancelling Cool-down duration: 10 seconds
  • Cool-down Reduction per asleep Survivor: -15 %

Dream Pallets:

  • Placement range: 12 metres
  • Placement angle: 40 °
  • Indicator range: 16 metres
  • Aura range: 24 metres
    • This refers to the maximum range within which The Nightmare will see the Auras of placed Dream Pallets.
    • Windows of Opportunity IconPerks windowsOfOpportunity.png shows Dream Pallets the same way as it would regular Pallets.

Dream Snares:

  • Minimum Charge time: 0.75 seconds
    • This refers to how long a Dream Snare must be charged for, before it can be placed.
  • Triggered duration: 5 seconds
    • This refers to how long a Dream Snare remains active after being triggered, before it will dissolve.
  • Hindered Linger duration: 3 seconds
  • Hindered strength: -15 %
  • Aura-Flare-up duration: 5 seconds
    • This refers to how long the visual indicator of a Survivor triggering a Dream Snare will be visible to The Nightmare for.

Survivors passively fall asleep when playing against The Nightmare:

  • Micro-Sleep duration: 60 seconds
  • Micro-Sleep protection: 30 seconds
    • This refers to how long a Survivor is protecting from falling asleep by any means after waking themselves with an Alarm Clock IconStatusEffects sleepPenalty.png
  • Wake-up action duration: 3 seconds
    • This refers to how long it takes to interact with an Alarm Clock IconStatusEffects sleepPenalty.png, as well as how long it takes to wake up another sleeping Survivor for the first time. Each successive co-operative Wake-up action on that survivor will double the time taken.

Add-ons for Dream Demon

Icon Name Description
Wool Shirt
Wool Shirt A small boy's orange and yellow striped shirt. Identified with a sewn name tag to "Jesse".

Survivors inside the Dream World suffer from the following effects:

  • Increases the Regression penalty of failed Repairing and Healing Skill Checks IconHelp skillChecks.png by +4 %.
Sheep Block
Sheep Block A white and blue wooden block depicting two woolly Lambs grazing and the letter "S".
  • Survivors interacting with a Dream Trap suffer from the Blindness IconStatusEffects vision.png Status Effect for 30 seconds.
Kid's Drawing
Kid's Drawing An unattributed drawing clearly crafted by a young child.
  • Gain an extra 200 Bloodpoints in the Deviousness DailyRitualIcon deviousness.png Category when a Survivor triggers a Dream Snare.
  • Reduces the Movement Speed penalty of triggered Dream Snares by -10 %.
Garden Rake
Garden Rake A small claw rake, a must have tool for any accomplished gardener.
  • Replaces Dream Snares with Dream Pallets.
  • Grants 7 Dream Tokens.
Prototype Claws
Prototype Claws A home-made tool to facilitate bush trimming.
  • Replaces Dream Snares with Dream Pallets.
  • Grants 7 Dream Tokens.
  • The Auras IconHelp auras.png of Survivors interacting with Dream Pallets are revealed for 4 seconds.
Outdoor Rope
Outdoor Rope Sturdy outdoor rope, handy to tie up anything.

Survivors inside the Dream World suffer from the following effects:

  • Increases the audible range of Generator-Repair noises by +8 metres.
Nancy's Sketch
Nancy's Sketch A crude and bold sketch made with Fusain, signed by Nancy H.
  • Reduces the Cool-down duration of Dream Projection by -2 % for each Survivor inside the Dream World.
Green Dress
Green Dress A little girl's green dress with a silky white ribbon.

Survivors inside the Dream World suffer from the following effects:

  • Increases the Regression penalty of failed Repairing and Healing Skill Checks IconHelp skillChecks.png by +4 %.
  • The Auras IconHelp auras.png of Survivors failing these Skill Checks are revealed for 3 seconds.
Cat Block
Cat Block A white and purple wooden block depicting a sleeping Cat and the letter "C".
  • Survivors interacting with a Dream Trap suffer from the Haemorrhage IconStatusEffects bleeding.png Status Effect for 60 seconds.
Unicorn Block
Unicorn Block A white and red wooden block depicting a prancing Unicorn and the letter "U".
  • Survivors interacting with a Dream Trap suffer from the Blindness IconStatusEffects vision.png Status Effect for 60 seconds.
Paint Thinner
Paint Thinner A tin of a highly volatile and inflammable material.
  • Replaces Dream Snares with Dream Pallets.
  • Grants 7 Dream Tokens.
  • The Auras IconHelp auras.png of Survivors interacting with Dream Pallets are revealed for 6 seconds.
Nancy's Masterpiece
Nancy's Masterpiece A painting of a Character, made by Nancy Holbrook at Badham and kept as a treasure memory.
  • Reduces the Cool-down duration of Dream Projection by -3 % for each Survivor inside the Dream World.
Jump Rope
Jump Rope A long Double-Dutch jump rope, stained with many years of use.
  • Increases the volume of Survivors' Grunts of Pain by +50 %, if they are the Dream World.
Blue Dress
Blue Dress A little girl's pale blue dress with white lace which's front is ruined by large cuts.

Survivors inside the Dream World suffer from the following effects:

  • Increases the Regression penalty of failed Repairing and Healing Skill Checks IconHelp skillChecks.png by +4 %.
  • The Auras IconHelp auras.png of Survivors failing these Skill Checks are revealed for 4 seconds.
Pill Bottle
Pill Bottle An empty pill bottle which once contained a medicine called "Zoneral".
  • Reduces the Distance range at which awake Survivors see The Nightmare intermittently to 12 to 24 metres.
  • The Nightmare is invisible to awake Survivors beyond 24 metres and when he is carrying another Survivor.
Swing Chains
Swing Chains Rusty, but sturdy chains used to securely attach a swing seat.

Survivors inside the Dream World suffer from the following effects:

  • The Footstep noises of Survivors are 50 % louder.
Class Photo
Class Photo A large photograph taken at Badham Preschool showing the cheerful class of '94-95.
  • Causes every Generator IconHelpLoading generators.png to spew blood while channelling Dream Projection and suppresses the Husk.
  • The Nightmare is unable to cancel Dream Projection once initiated.
"Z" Block
"Z" Block A deeply scratched and burnt wooden block which's only recognisable feature is the letter "Z".
  • Survivors interacting with a Dream Trap suffer from the Haemorrhage IconStatusEffects bleeding.png Status Effect for 90 seconds.
  • Healthy Survivors will leave Pools of Blood IconStatusEffects bleeding.png as if they were injured.
Red Paint Brush
Red Paint Brush A large paint brush, wet with crimson paint.
  • Causes all Survivors to start the Trial inside the Dream World.
  • Survivors are unable to wake themselves up by failing Skill Checks IconHelp skillChecks.png.
Black Box
Black Box A black cardboard box filled with photographs.

Survivors inside the Dream World suffer from the following effects:

  • Recently opened Exit Gates IconHelp exitGates.png are blocked for 15 seconds.


Main article: Achievements

There are 2 Achievements related to The Nightmare:

Icon Name Description
Adept Nightmare}}
Adept Nightmare Achieve a Merciless Victory with The Nightmare IconHelpLoading nightmare.png using only his Unique Perks: Fire Up IconPerks fireUp.png, Remember Me IconPerks rememberMe.png & Blood Warden IconPerks bloodWarden.png.
Dream Master}}
Dream Master With The Nightmare IconHelpLoading nightmare.png, pull 200 Survivors into the Dream World.

Cosmetic Options

Players can choose from a variety of Cosmetic options to customise The Nightmare:

Base Cosmetics


Icon Name Body Rarity Description
SD Head01.png Freddy Krueger CategoryIcon head.png Common The mottled and charred face of an odious man, topped with a fedora.
SD Body01.png Preschool Gardener CategoryIcon body.png Common A striped woolen shirt and sturdy gardener trousers, punctured with burn holes.
SD W01.png Clawed Glove CategoryIcon weapons.png Common A homemade device, crafted to torture and kill.


Icon Name Body Rarity Description Additional Notes
SD Head01 P01.png Bloody Freddy CategoryIcon head.png Rare The burnt and blood splattered face of an odious man, topped with a fedora. 6th Prestige Reward
SD Body01 P01.png Bloody Gardener CategoryIcon body.png Rare A striped woollen shirt and sturdy gardner trousers, dripping with his prey's blood. 5th Prestige Reward
SD W01 P01.png Bloody Clawed Glove CategoryIcon weapons.png Rare A bloody device of nightmares, crafted to torture and kill. 4th Prestige Reward


Main article: Downloadable Content

The Nightmare is part of 1 DLC:


Original Power

Quotes left.png Death won't accept him and thus he remains, a calamity, indisputable master of his victims' nightmares.
Dream Demon allows The Nightmare to pull Survivors into the Dream World.
Quotes right.png
  • Survivors who are awake do not see or hear The Nightmare.
  • Once targeted by The Nightmare's Power, Survivors enter the Dream Transition for 7 seconds.
  • During the Dream Transition they can see The Nightmare intermittently.
  • When the Dream Transition has elapsed, the Survivor is pulled into the Dream World.

Once in the Dream World:

  • Survivors' Auras are revealed to The Nightmare whenever they are outside of his Terror Radius.
  • Survivors suffer an Action speed penalty of -50 %.
  • To exit the Dream World, Survivors can find other non-sleeping Survivors to perform a Wake-up action.
  • Failed Skill Checks can wake up the Survivor.
  • Getting hooked wakes up the Survivor.

Original Power Trivia

  • Terror Radius: 24 metres
  • Dream Transition duration: 7 seconds
  • Power range: 10 metres
  • Dream World Action Speed penalty: -50 %.
  • Aura-Reveal delay: 1 second after leaving the Terror Radius
  • Glimpse Minimum distance: 6 metres
  • Glimpse Maximum distance: 24 metres

Change Log

Patch 1.8.1

  • Nerf: added a delay of 10 seconds after leaving The Nightmare's Terror Radius before a Survivor's Aura is revealed to him.
  • Nerf: increased The Nightmare's Terror Radius from 16 metres to 24 metres.
    • This change allows Survivors more room to manoeuvre around The Nightmare without having their Auras revealed for being outside his Terror Radius.
    • This change brings his Terror Radius to the same range as his Lullaby.
  • Nerf: increased the duration of The Nightmare's Movement Speed penalty for putting a Survivor into the Dream Transition from 1 second to 3 seconds.
    • This change allows Survivors to put more distance between themselves and The Nightmare before they fall asleep and become vulnerable to his attacks.
  • Nerf: dying Survivors who are healed to the Injured State are automatically woken up.

Patch 1.8.2

  • Quality of Life: reduced the Movement Speed penalty for continuously casting Dream Demon to 95 %.
    • This change was motivated by the Developers deeming the old penalty as too intense.
  • Quality of Life: reduced the Interaction and Attack cool-down when successfully putting a Survivor into the Dream Transition to 0.5 seconds.

Patch 1.9.2

  • Nerf: removed the (unintentional) ability to put Survivors inside Lockers into the Dream Transition.

Patch 2.0.0

  • Quality of Life: fixed an issue that caused The Nightmare to vault more slowly than other Killers.

Patch 2.3.0

  • Quality of Life: reduced the footstep audio.

Patch 3.1.0

  • Rework: extensively reworked The Nightmare's Power:
    • Awake Survivors see The Nightmare always within 16 metres, intermittently within 32 metres, and never when farther than 32 metres away.
    • Survivors experience Micro-Sleep, passively falling asleep within 60 seconds.
    • Asleep Survivors see the Aura of a Alarm Clock IconStatusEffects sleepPenalty.png on a dresser far away.
    • Asleep Survivors hear a 2-dimensional Lullaby instead of The Nightmare's Terror Radius.
    • Getting woken up by awake Survivors will increasingly take more time after each successful attempt.
    • The Nightmare received the ability to place either of two Dream Traps: Dream Snares or Dream Pallets.
    • The Nightmare received the ability to teleport between unrepaired Generators using Dream Projection.

Patch 3.2.0

  • Buff: added the Oblivious Status Effects to The Nightmare's Power.
    • Survivors are Oblivious whenever they are asleep and in the Dream World.

Patch 4.7.0

  • Quality of Life: increased the brightness of the Dream World indicator on the HUD.
  • Nerf: added a Movement Speed penalty while placing Dream Snares, slowing The Nightmare to 4.0 m/s or 100 %.
  • Nerf: reduced the maximum number of placed Dream Snares from 8 to 5.
  • Nerf: reduced the maximum number of placed Dream Pallets from 10 to 7.
  • Nerf: Survivors using Alarm Clocks are granted full immunity from falling asleep for 30 seconds, including when The Nightmare attacks them.
    • This is indicated on the HUD by a yellow sleep timer ticking down.
  • Revisited some Add-ons.


  • The full name of Freddy Krueger is "Frederick 'Freddy' Charles Krueger".
  • Though the character was popularised by Robert Englund in the original film series, his appearance in Dead by Daylight is based on that of the 2010 film reboot, where he was portrayed by Jackie Earle Haley.
    • The Nightmare's corresponding Survivor is Quentin Smith, a Character who was created specifically for the 2010 film.
  • The Nightmare's Memento Mori is a reference to the way he killed Jesse in the film.
  • The Nightmare's Memento Mori animation is the second one in which the Survivor attempts to get up on their own.
  • The Nightmare breathes the quietest out of all the Killers, with his breathing being similar in volume to that of Survivors.
  • Unlike other Killers, who simply step over Windows when vaulting, The Nightmare grabs the window ledge with both hands and lifts himself over, this is due to Freddy being much smaller in height than most other Killers in the Game.
    • The Pig IconHelpLoading pig.png and The Ghost Face IconHelpLoading ghost.png also have this same animation, for the same reason.
  • The Nightmare was the fifth licensed Character to be introduced to Dead by Daylight.
  • The Nightmare was the first Killer to receive a major rework to his Power.
  • The Nightmare is currently the only Killer, who can change one of their abilities completely with the use of an Add-on.

Voice Actor


For more go to the Nightmare's Gallery

Official art




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K18 Armoured Titan charSelect portrait.png The Armoured Titan K08 Baba Yaga charSelect portrait.png The Baba Yaga K21 Ferryman charSelect portrait.png The Ferryman K01 Krampus charSelect portrait.png The Krampus K18 Minotaur charSelect portrait.png The Minotaur K13 War Hammer Titan charSelect portrait.png The War Hammer Titan
S22 Alessa charSelect portrait.png Alessa Gillespie Annie Leonhart Armin Arlert K06 Birch charSelect portrait.png The Birch Eren Yeager K23 GodOfDesire charSelect portrait.png The God of Desire
Hange Zoë Historia Reiss Kenny Ackerman Levi Ackerman Mikasa Ackerman K27 RottenRemains charSelect portrait.png The Rotten Remains
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The Smasher The Teacher