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The Fragment Feast is a mini-Event during which the amount of Rift FragmentsRiftFragmentsRiftFragmentsRiftFragments obtained by gaining Experience Points in ranked Trials is boosted.



The Rift Widget during the Event.

Fragment Feasts will grant 3 RF every 500 XP, tripling the default amount of 1 RF.


  • RiftFragments Fragment Feast (Fragment Feast

    EventBanner beforeTheMasquerade2024 week2
    21.05.2024 - 27.05.2024 (6 days)


  • The Fragment Feast fills the niche of an x3 modifier between its related Events: the Fragment Frenzy (x2) and the Fragment Fury (x4).
  • The name is inspired by the Blood Feast Event, which also triples the default amount, though in its case for BloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpoints.

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