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This article is an overview of all Flashlights featured in Dead by Daylight.
For other uses, see Flashlight (disambiguation).

Flashlights are a type of Item IconHelp items.png The Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png can use in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.


The main use for Flashlights is to temporarily blind the Killer.
Blinding the Killer while they are carrying a Survivor will stun them for a few seconds and release the carried Survivor from their shoulder back to the Injured State.

The Flashlight Beam reaches 10 metres by default.
The Blind duration lasts for 2 seconds by default.

Killers are unable to perform a Lunge Attack while blinded.

In case of some Killers, Flashlights have special interactions:

  • Shining a Flashlight upon a cloaked Wraith will trigger the Lightburn effect after a few seconds, momentarily stunning him and forcing him out of his cloak.
  • Shining a Flashlight will reveal the Aura IconHelp auras.png of any Phantasm Traps IconPowers blackenedCatalyst.png The Hag might have placed in the vicinity. Aiming the Flashlight directly at a Trap Aura will destroy the Trap without triggering it after few seconds.
  • Shining a Flashlight upon The Nurse while she is charging her Blink (regardless of whether that is her initial or a Chain Blink) will trigger the Lightburn effect after a few seconds, causing her to go straight into the Fatigue state.
  • Shining a Flashlight upon The Spirit's Husk while she is phase-walking will cause the Husk to disappear after a few seconds and with it any potential effects induced by the Husk's Terror Radius.
  • Blinding The Legion mid-Frenzy will cancel Feral Frenzy IconPowers feralFrenzy.png without applying the associated cool-down, allowing The Legion to attack immediately, which despite being blinded can injure the Flashlight user.

Original Flashlight[]

The original and only Flashlight up to Patch 1.1.2.

Flashlight (Item)}}
Flashlight (Item) A standard Flashlight.

Can be used to light your way in the darkness.

The Flashlight lasts for 8 seconds.

"Most of the battery life was wastefully used by the previous owner."

New Flashlights[]

Patch 1.1.2 introduced 2 new Flashlights to the Game:

Sport Flashlight}}
Sport Flashlight A very portable Flashlight with a good grip.

Its efficient technology produces a powerful light while consuming less power.

  • Slightly increases Aim accuracy.
  • Slightly decreases Battery Consumption rate.

The Sport Flashlight lasts for 8 seconds.

Utility Flashlight}}
Utility Flashlight A sturdy but heavy Flashlight that packs a lot of power.
  • Moderately increases Visual brightness.
  • Moderately increases Blinded duration.
  • Slightly decreases Aim accuracy.

The Utility Flashlight lasts for 12 seconds.

Halloween Flashlight[]

Patch 1.7.3 introduced the Will O' Wisp, a special Halloween-themed Flashlight that is annually made available during Halloween Events.
It uniquely features an orange-tinted Flashlight Beam.

Will O' Wisp}}
Will O' Wisp A Flashlight equipped with a special lens cover that adds an orange tint and a little Ghost to the beam.
  • Considerably increases friendly Ghosts in your life.

The Will O' Wisp lasts for 8 seconds.

"Happy Trick or Treating!"

Anniversary Flashlight[]

Patch 4.0.0 introduced the Fourth Year Flashlight, a special Flashlight to celebrate the Game's Fourth Year Anniversary.
It uniquely emits confetti whenever it successfully blinds a Killer.

Fourth Year Flashlight}}
Fourth Year Flashlight Item description has not yet been added to Template:Item desc

Flashlight Add-ons[]

The following list features all available Add-ons IconHelp addons.png for the Flashlight:

Icon Name Description
Wide Lens}}
Wide Lens A thing wide lens in perfect condition. Designed to spread the Flashlight beam at the cost of reducing its range of effectiveness.
  • Moderately increases Flashlight Beam width.
  • Slightly decreases Flashlight Beam range.
Power Bulb}}
Power Bulb A tiny Flashlight bulb that packs more wattage for a brighter, more powerful light beam.
  • Slightly increases Flashlight Beam brightness.
  • Slightly increases Blindness duration.

"Even the most powerful light cannot pierce through the Black Fog's darkness."

Leather Grip}}
Leather Grip A leather strip wrapped around the Flashlight for more grip.
  • Slightly increases Flashlight Beam accuracy.

"Too many have fallen due to sweaty hands."

Battery A standard battery of unknown brand.
  • Adds 2 seconds of use to the Flashlight.

"Another nearly empty battery."

TIR Optic}}
TIR Optic A lens and reflector combo which can magnify a Flashlight's beam.
  • Moderately increases Flashlight Beam brightness.
  • Moderately increases Blindness duration.

"Let the light burn them out of their dark shroud."

Rubber Grip}}
Rubber Grip A rubber grip specifically fitting Flashlights for more grip.
  • Moderately increases Flashlight Beam accuracy.
Low Amp Filament}}
Low Amp Filament A filament bulb designed to extend a Flashlight battery's life.
  • Moderately decreases Flashlight Battery Depletion rate.
Heavy Duty Battery}}
Heavy Duty Battery A battery marked as "industrial strength".
  • Adds 4 seconds of use to the Flashlight.

"A battery advertised as lasting 8 hours lasts only a couple of seconds in The Black Fog."

Focus Lens}}
Focus Lens A thick glass lens that focuses the Flashlight beam to increase its intensity.
  • Slightly increases Flashlight Beam range.
  • Slightly increases Flashlight Beam brightness.
  • Slightly reduces Flashlight Beam width.
  • Slightly increases Blindness duration.
Long Life Battery}}
Long Life Battery A recent model of battery that lasts longer.
  • Adds 6 seconds of use to the Flashlight.
Intense Halogen}}
Intense Halogen A chemical bulb that generates an intensely clear light.
  • Considerably increases Flashlight Beam brightness.
  • Considerably increases Blindness duration.
High-End Sapphire Lens}}
High-End Sapphire Lens A wide lens made of unscratchable sapphire that optimises the power and range of the light beam.
  • Slightly increases Flashlight Beam range.
  • Moderately increases Flashlight Beam brightness.
  • Moderately increases Flashlight Beam width.
  • Moderately increases Blindness duration.
Odd Bulb}}
Odd Bulb A heavy and completely opaque bulb of unknown origin which emits a faint light even when turned off.
  • Tremendously increases Flashlight Beam brightness.
  • Tremendously increases Blindness duration.
  • Slightly increases Flashlight Battery Depletion rate.
Broken Bulb}}

A damaged bulb that causes a spooky flickering effect.

  • Causes the Flashlight to flicker.
  • Moderately increases Flashlight Beam brightness.
  • Moderately increases Blindness duration.
  • Moderately increases the spookiness.