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Eighth Year Anniversary is an Event in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo throughout May to early July 2024, with the main celebrations, the Twisted Masquerade 2024, starting in mid-June.

It kicked off the in-game celebrations for the Game's eighth Anniversary.

Anniversary Events[]

Before the Masquerade[]

Main article: Before the Masquerade 2024

Event Start: 14 May 2024

Before the Masquerade 2024 was the pre-event, starting four weeks before the main celebrations and featured a new mini-Event each week, with boosted currency and XP gains, Maps, log-in rewards, and cosmetic sales.

Twisted Masquerade[]

Main article: Twisted Masquerade 2024

Event Start: 13 June 2024

The Twisted Masquerade is the limited-time main event that accompanies the main celebrations of the Anniversary.
It is itself accompanied by an Event Tome, Event Tome 10 - Twisted Masquerade 2024.

Daily Log-in Rewards[]

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