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Drop of Perfume is a Very Rare Blood Bond IconPowers bloodBond.png Add-on IconHelp addons.png.

Descriptions may vary from their in-game version for reasons explained here.
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Icon Description Cost
Drop of Perfume One of the few luxuries Madeleine escaped her past life with. It has a pleasant, disarming scent.
  • Survivors within Victor's Shriek radius suffer from the Oblivious IconStatusEffects oblivious.png Status Effect.

"Beware the deceit of witches, for they exploit the goodness in men's hearts." — A History of Witches and Demons (1602)


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  • While Patch 5.0.2 added the requirement for Victor to charge his Pounce in order to increase the Shriek radius in the in-game description, neither the Add-on's code nor its functionality changed.
    • Drop of Perfume still works as described above, tested by the Wiki Guardians.
    • It is possible that the new description was an accidental reveal of an upcoming rework, something that previously happened with Clown's Party Bottle FulliconAddon partyBottle.png.