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Dead by Daylight Wiki

In order to keep the Dead by Daylight Wiki free of spam and unnecessary items, there are a few rules we ask you to abide by when editing and creating pages:

§1 Dead by Daylight's EULA

§2 Editing Conduct

  • Vandalism, Spam, Advertising and disruptive editing are not allowed.
  • Avoid posting off-topic content.
  • Avoid misleading readers and other editors by making sure your contributions to articles are verifiable. Do not add parody content, or hoaxes to articles.
  • Do not link or embed external videos in articles, unless there is no other way to demonstrate the phenomenon, or the video is official.
  • Defamatory or false content is not tolerated on this Wiki.

§3 Blocking

  • A user can be blocked if they commit any of the following actions and do not comply after being asked to by a Wiki Administrator:
    • Vandalism, Spamming
    • Advertising
    • Harassment, Disrespect
    • Abusing alternate accounts
    • Violations of the herein described policies
  • Blocks may be appealed if their duration doesn't exceed one two months. This can be done in a few ways:
    • On their talk page if it is unlocked
    • By contacting an Administrator
    • On the Wiki's Discord Server

§4 Communication Standards

  • Be respectful to everyone.
  • Harassment, insults and personal attacks are not tolerated. Keep discussion as civil as possible.
  • Defamation can result in a block without warning.

§5 Speculative Content

  • Avoid posting speculative content on the Wiki. This includes leaked content.
  • The Wiki Administrators reserve the right to delete any content not confirmed by BHVR from the Wiki.

§6 Article and File Deletions

  • We are not a file-hosting service. If an image is uploaded and not integrated into a useful article soon after, we reserve the right to delete it without notice.
  • Articles that do not meet the standards described here may also be deleted.

§7 Edit Warring

  • A contributor must not perform more than three reversions, in whole or in part, to a single Dead by Daylight Wiki article within a 24 hour period.
    • This does not imply that reverting three times or fewer is acceptable.
  • For the purpose of counting reverts, these are excluded:
    • reverting your own changes
    • fixing simple vandalism
    • removing posts by a banned user
    • reverting edits clearly not adding anything to the article
    • reverting edits to your user pages
  • Using alternate accounts to bypass this rule is also a violation of policy.
  • In case users progressively revert changes from one another more than three times, the affected article will be locked until the users reach consensus.
  • The consequences of breaking this rule are decided on a case-by-case basis, but can result in a block if the Wiki Administrators deem it necessary.

§8 External Links

  • Links to other Wikis and to external websites not related to Dead by Daylight or BHVR are generally not allowed. Exceptions to this rule are decided on a case-by-case basis.

§9 Vandalism

  • Vandalism includes:
    • Removing valid content without explanation or an explanation that makes no sense.
    • Posting items strictly forbidden by these rules.
    • Adding any kind offensive words, terms or phrases to articles.
    • Adding gibberish/nonsense to articles.

§10 Copyrighted Material

  • Uploading copyrighted material which is in blatant violation of fair use is not permitted.
    • If you believe there is legitimate need to use some copyrighted image as a fair use file, mark it as such. Please note that the uploader of a copyrighted image automatically takes legal responsibility for it.
  • Wiki Material containing the Copyright:Wiki Template was made specifically to be used on the Wiki and people seeking to use it for other purposes must have explicit permission from the authors.

§11 Username Policy

  • Offensive, misleading, or otherwise unacceptable usernames are not allowed and will be blocked indefinitely until the username is changed.
    • For that matter, the user should appeal on their talk page after they changed their username.

§12 Alternate Accounts

  • Maintaining more than one account is generally discouraged.
  • Abusing alternate accounts will not be tolerated.

§13 New Policy Suggestions

  • New policies may be suggested by users by adding them to the talk page of this article.
  • Once a valid policy has been suggested, the Wiki Administrators will vote on it.
  • Policies may be vetoed by the Wiki Administrators.

Please note: Take a look at this style guide for more detailed guidelines on how articles should be formatted.

Thank you for following these rules.