Dead by Daylight Wiki

This article aims to provide a comprehensive style guide for all Dead by Daylight Wiki articles to follow.

Although Wikipedia already provides a more general style guide, a more specific one is necessary for Dead by Daylight-specific guidelines. As such, only guidelines pertaining to the Dead by Daylight Wiki and its basic formatting rules are included here.


Articles are only allowed in the main namespace if they fit the following criteria. Articles which do not fit the criteria may be deleted without notice.


  • Articles must contain enough information to warrant a full page. If they do not have enough content, they should be merged with other similar articles.
  • Articles must pertain directly to Dead by Daylight in some way.
  • Articles in the "User:" namespace are exempt from the notability guidelines.


Redirects are exempt from the normal notability, but must redirect to an article that fits the notability guidelines. Redirects can be created if they fit one of the following:

  • Alternate spelling of the title, such as "Carburetor Tuning Guide" for "Carburettor Tuning Guide".
    • Incorrect spelling, typos, and irregular formatting are not allowed.
  • Alternate or shortened name, provided the name is common usage, such as "DS" for "Decisive Strike". Previous in-game names or WIP names are also allowed, such as "Chuckles" for "The Trapper".
  • Alternate capitalisation or form, including changing the title to plural case.

Article Titles

  • Article titles should be in the plural form to maintain consistency.
  • Articles should follow a general naming format based on the type.


As this wiki's purpose is to document facts, you should always avoid speculative and unsourced information. Generally speaking, information does not require sources if they can directly be seen in-game or are otherwise obvious. Other information however, such as quotes from BHVR employees and information that is not widely known, could be sourced with a proper reference.

Articles can be written both in the third-person perspective or with terms referential to the reader, although the third-person perspective is more proper in some cases. Try not to use abbreviations of words either. For instance, sentences like "You shouldn't place Bear Traps out in the open." should be written as "The player should not place Bear Traps out in the open."

To emphasise points, italics and bold should be used, not ALL CAPS.


Pages on the wiki should use British English unless the in-game name is American English. For instance, "color" should be "colour" and "center" should be "centre".

It also uses the original Latin spellings for some words, such as Haemorrhage instead of Hemorrhage. We ask you not to mistake them for typos.


Adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and nouns should not be capitalised, unless they start a new sentence. Nouns that represent Unlockables, in-game features, Characters, however, such as Iridescent Head, A Nurse's Calling and Shrine of Secrets should always be capitalised. The same is true for the articles accompanying a Killer's in-game name, such as The Wraith.


Any instance of "Dead by Daylight" should be in italics and the IconLink Template should be used. Any instance of the name of a videogame should also be in italics. For instance: "Dungeons & Dragons".

Section Headings

Article main sections should start with Level 2 Headers, two equals signs, and increase by one sign for subsections. Never use Level 1 Headers (one equals sign).

Follow sentence style capitalisation, not title style, so only the first letter of the heading and proper nouns are capitalised.

Headings should not have links in them; links should be placed underneath, such as in a "Main article:" template.

There should be 2 carriage returns between Level 2 Section Headers and 1 carriage return between Level 3/4 Section Headers.
Additionally, there should be one space between the equals sign and the section name.

If any "main article" links or thumb images are used, place them immediately under the section header, and then a space after those before the section content.

Do not add blank sections.

For information on which sections should be in which order, see the Article layout section of this style guide.

Date Formatting

To represent dates on the Wiki, please use the DD/MM/YY format. Example: 14 June 2016.

Article Layout

For the sake of consistency, all articles of a specific type should follow a general layout.

  • Templates at the top should go in the order of info boxes, then hatnotes, and then message boxes.
  • Introduction with a general description and brief overview of the article in question.
  • Article body, starting with first header.

Be smart when adding a message box: too many boxes at the top of a page or a section is not useful and could affect legibility. If there is already one, move the ones that are not necessary for the reader lower on the page, for example in a relevant section or at the very end.

Useful Templates

In order to use templates, use two curly brackets before and two after the template's name and its parameters
  • Clr:
    will return Test.
    • The number codes can be seen here
  • IconLink:
    will return Bond IconPerks bond.png.